Pokémon Black and White: Abyssal Ruins Help (All Four Floors, With Maps)

Unlock the secrets to the Abyssal Ruins in Undella Bay. :) [Pokemon Black and White]

Created by xXNinetndoFreakXx on Thursday, May 12, 2011


Trust me, I know how you feel. It took me a few weeks to finally figure out how to get through this damn underwater maze. Need some help?

Well, you've come to the right place. :)

You'll need:

-a Pokémon that can use Surf

-a Pokémon that can use Dive

-a Pokémon that can use Strength

-a Pokémon that can use Flash

Items you can get:

-Relic Copper ($1,000) [x6]

-Relic Silver ($5,000) [x6]

-Relic Gold ($10,000) [x7]

-Relic Vase ($50,000) [x4]

-RelicBracelet ($100,000) [x5]

-Relic Statue ($200,000) [x3]

-Relic Crown ($300,000) [x1]

These are items that you can sell for big cash. Go to the Riches Mansion in Undella Town, find the karate dude, and he'll pay you big bucks for the items you find.

Plates you can get:

-Flame Plate (Fire)

-Meadow Plate (Grass)

-Zap Plate (Electric)

-Icicle Plate (Ice)

-Fist Plate (Fighting)

-Toxic Plate (Poison)

-Earth Plate (Ground)

-Sky Plate (Flying)

-Mind Plate (Psychic)

-Insect Plate (Bug)

-Stone Plate (Rock)

-Spooky Plate (Ghost)

-Dread Plate (Dark)

-Iron Plate (Steel)

There's really no use for these, unless you have Arceus, whom you can change the type of by making it hold the corresponding plate.

Abyssal Ruins, 1st Floor


If you look at that nice little map up there, you'll see every item on the first floor. Make sure you get all of the items first. And this will take a while; you can only proceed for 500 steps.

Once you have all of the items, proceed to the middle pillar ON YOUR NEXT TRIP. You can only proceed if you made it there in less than 190 steps, so follow that nice little red arrow on the map.

AHEM. So back to the middle pillar. Click on it, and the pillar will move. A message will appear saying that you can move up there. Proceed to the next floor.

Abyssal Ruins, 2nd Floor


Congrats, you've made it the 2nd floor. Now this is where it gets fun. >:D

But anyways, here's a map of the second floor. As you can probably tell, it downsized quite a bit. There's less items, and less, well... floor. On this floor, you'll start seeing the Relic Band. Once again, get all of the items before proceeding to the next floor. Right when I was walking up to the next pillar, I got kicked out. xD

But anyways, this is where you'll need your Flash pokémon. Go up to the pillar, and like in a cave, go to your Pokémon and click "Flash". The pillar will move, and you'll need to go up a few steps.

NOTE: There are two entrances to the next floor.

Abyssal Ruins, 3rd Floor


3rd floor FTW.

Anyways, as you've probably noticed, there's two entrances. DO NOT PANIC. Whichever one you picked, the other entrance is a whole five steps away or something like that.

But again, collect all of the items before proceeding to the next floor. When you are, you'll need your Pokémon that knows Strength.

The pillar should move if you followed the arrow, and you must now proceed to the fourth and final floor! :)

Abyssal Ruins, 4th and Final Floor

There's really nothing up here, explaining there's no picture of a map. But there is one item, and probably the most important and valuable in the Undella Bay.


The karate dude will pay 300 big ones for this thing. So DEFINETLY get this item before leaving.

And other than that, just kind of wander around on the fourth floor until you get kicked out. I mean, you can always read those pillars if you decided to de-code them, but who would want to do that?

But anyways, I hoped this helped. :3


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