You are My Everthing (Justin Combs/ Roshon Fegan story)

i am switch up the story main story line

Created by LOVExYOU on Sunday, May 15, 2011

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**************Jaye’s POV************

*****2 weeks later****

I woke up with this bad pain in my stomach it was around 2 in the morning. I got out of bad to walk to the bathroom the one in the bedroom was locked.

I guess Ro’s in there I thought to myself

I open the bedroom door slowly I walked down the hallway carefully. I stopped when I saw something in the distance. It came closer. I saw it was Justin.

“What are you doing here?” I said

“If I can’t have you no one else can,” he said pulling out a knife

I backed up he caught my arms and brought the knife up to my stomach. I looked down and…………………

***End of dream******

I popped out of bed sweating, and breathing hard. I looked down at Ro who was sleeping. I laid back on the headboard.

“What’s wrong” Ro said wiping away my tears

“Nothing just a bad dream” I said

“Come on let’s go back to sleep” Ro said pulling me into his arms

*******************Justin’s POV*******************

I laid down out of breath next to Olivia.

Why did I just sleep with her again now I’ll never get Jaye back I thought to myself?

I looked over at Olivia. Man she looks too much like Jaye that’s maybe why I keep fucking her. I looked down at her stomach to see the baby bump she had.

Its hard to I’m having a baby, and then with my girl I mean ex-girl’s sister I thought while putting on my boxers

****************Ro’s POV******************

I looked down at my girl. Man she is beautiful, and we are going to have a beautiful baby, I wonder why she hasn’t have any morning sickness or nothing. I’ll make a doctor’s app later on. But I believe I going to be a dad of a beautiful baby boy or girl.

*****************Jaye’s POV**************(Sorry for switching so much)

***Later on that day***

I sat in the doctor’s office Ro just tricked me into coming to.

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Fegan How are we doing today I’m Dr. Jones” She said as she walked in the room

“Hey Dr. Jones we are doing great” Ro said not correcting her on calling us Mr. And Mrs. Fegan

“What seems to be the problem?” Dr. Jones said

“Well she is two weeks pregnant and she hasn’t had any morning sickness or anything,” Ro said answering for me

“Well we are going to have you take another pregnancy test, and a blood test to see what the problem is” Dr. Jones said handing me a cup

I walked in to the bathroom, to take the pregnancy test. After taking the test and giving her the cup it comes out that……………..

**** 30 minutes later****

I sat on the bed crying. How could I not be pregnant? Ro came in with another box of tissues; I went through a whole box in less then 30 minutes

“I really wanted this baby,” I said pulling 2 tissues out the box

Ro pulled me into a tight hug “Me too baby, me too”

I popped up smiled at Ro “Really”

“Yeah I was getting use to the thought of being a dad” he said smiling back at me

“Let’s try again, well we didn’t plan the first time but lets try again,” I said

“You sure you want this Jaye” he said placing his hands on my hips

I nodded, smiling happy that he was willing to make a baby with me.

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