One Second I'm At A Black Veil Brides Concert Next I'm Andy Six's Slave! Wtf?! ((Chapter 1]]

For The Wonderful BillKaulitzsgirl!

Created by BrokenXxHeartXxLove on Sunday, May 15, 2011

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"Courtney! Get your fat lazy ass up!" My bestfriend Sammy yelled at me.

"Who let your crazy ass in my house?" I laughed while getting up.

"Your Mom." She laughed and hit me with a pillow.

I grabbed her leg and dropped her ass on the floor. I was laughing so hard i fell on my bed. Well that was one hell of a morning. Well Mine as well do the introduction thing...Im Courtney Black i'm 16 have an average body shoulder lengh brown hair and hazel eyes. I'm quiet and shy unless i'm with my friends i hate pink, katy pery, miley cyrus, and lady gaga. Anyway I bestfriend sam was staring at me smiling and i it was freaking me out!

"Why are you looking at me like that?!" I said slash yelled.

"I got tickets to a concert tonight!" She said happily jumping up and down.

"Ohh yay! What band?" I asked getting happy it better be a band i like.

"It's your favorite band ever!" She said getting even happier.

It took me a minute to think of all the bands i called my favorite band then it it be like a brick.

"Omg! You got BLACK VEIL BRIDES tickets!? I love you i love you i love youuuu!" I scream i was so happy i jumped on sammy and tackled her to the ground.

She started to laugh and i calmed myself down. I got up off of her and straightened up my shirt.

"How did you get the tickets?" I asked now curious

"I got them from a friend." She said and winked at me.

"That means you slept with the guy selling the tickets." I laughed.

"No! I just flirted and made out with him! But he was cute." She giggled.

"You are such a hoe i dont know why im friends with you..." I smirked.

"Because you love me!" She stuck her tounge out.

"Yeah i guess." I said giggling a little.

"Okayy enough with the chit chat the concert starts at seven and it is five now. So lets eat then you take a shower and get ready. While i go home and get ready then i come back and get you and we go to the concert?" She said and asked.

"Sure sounds great. Where do you want to eat at?" I asked

"Lets go out for pizza!" SHe yelled running down the stairs.

"Okay!" I yelled down after her.

I had to get ready real quick i brushed my hair and teased it a little. I put on my eyeliner on and changed my nose ring to a small ball. I kept my pajama pants on and changed my shirt to a purple cami tank top. I put on one purple flip flop and one light blue flip flop to match my pajama pants. I found my cell phone and my car keys and money and headed down stairs and out the door. I found sam waiting at my almost neon blue corvet. I unlocked the doors and sam hopped in the passanger seat.

I got in the car and started the engine. Right away my brokencyde CD starts to blast through the speakers. I didnt turn it down at all. I put the car in reverse and backed out of my driveway. Put the car in drive and headed down the road to "Itailano Pizzaria". We got in their in about ten minutes and got seated. I felt my phone vibrate in my bra. I took it out with a little caution so noone would see. I got a text for my friend bryce but i call him bree.

Message From Bree: Ayeee Sexyy Wazzup? *LaDyKiLlEr*

Message From Courtney: Heyy Handsome Eaten Dinner Wit Sam Hbu?? 'CaNdYgUrL'

Message From Bree: Chillin Wit Da Bros! Bout To Go To The Movies *LaDyKiLlEr*

Message From Courtney: Ohh Well Have Funn But I Gtg Food Got Here! Love yhu! Byee!<3 'CaNdYgUrL'

Message From Bree: Okayy Pig Out! Bye!<3 *LaDyKiLlEr*

I put my phone back in my bra and saw the two pizzas on the table. Mine being the pepperoni and sammy's being the cheese. I started to grubb out on my pizza and so did sam. We started to have a conversation about a sleepover at my house until the waiter came over. He looked 17 he had blonde hair and green eyes.

"Would you guys like a drink?" He asked bored.

"A coke and a.." Sammy broke off loking at me like i should say what i want to drink.

"Um..a-a ch-choloate milk would be f-fine." I stuttered out finally.

He smiled nad nodded not taking his eyes off of me which made me blush. I get nervous around everyone but my friends and family. He walked away to get are drinks. Thats when sam got all jittery,

"Boo-boo He totally likes you!" hse squealed when ever she got happy she would call me boo-boo but most of the time she just calls me court.

"No he doesnt he is laughting on the inside because of how i stuttered so much!" I yelled whispered.

"Yeah yeah yeah whatever you wanna believe well here he comes." She said smiling like an idoit.

"Here you go one coke and one chocolate milk." He said giving me a smile with his perfectly white teeth.

"I gave him a slight smile back and a took a sip of my drink and he left. Me and sammy finished are food and drinks. The boy came back with the bill i payed him and was about to leave until he stopped me.

"Uhmm I was wondering...Can i have your number?" He asked shyly.

"Uhmm Uhmmm Sure it's 508-277-7769." I smiled (I dont know if thats a real number! But you can try)

"Thanks i'll text you! By the way my name is drake. And yours is?" He asked happyly.

"Oh my name is courtney." I said.

"Oh i like it well i'll text you later?" He said.

"Hope so. Well Bye." I could feel my face burning it must have been tomato red!

"Yeah he likes you court." Sam said knowingly.

"Whatever. Lets go home!" i ran to my car and hopped in.

Sam got in the car i started it up and we were off to my house so i could get ready for the BLACK VEIL BRIDES CONCERT!!!!! Ahhhh!

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What Andy Six Looks Like:


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