Mommy's Little Boy

Yall ar so lucky I'm in love with this story! SMDH at the amount of feedback I get: NONE AT ALL. Ya'll gotta do better. Real talk!!!!!

Created by TBLAgurl on Saturday, May 21, 2011

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Drew woke up before his mother in the morning. “Mommy, mommy! Wake up,” he shook her. “What little boy?” Heaven asked. He leaned on her stomach. “Can we go to the park today?” Drew asked. “Maybe, if you get of off me so I can breathe.” “Sorry.” Drew sat beside her. “Go to the bathroom and get ready,” Heaven told him. Drew did as she said.

Heaven went to his room to pick out his clothes. She sat out a white v-neck, khaki shorts, and his white Chucks. After Heaven took a shower she put on the same outfit. She went to Drew’s room after she was dressed. “We match,” Drew said. “I know,” heaven smiled. “Get your basketball so we can go.” Drew grabbed his ball out of his closet. They walked to Carmen’s room.

“Aw! Don’t ya’ll look cute,” Carmen smiled. “We’re going to the park. We’ll be back later,” said Heaven. “Give me a kiss before you go,” she said to Drew. Drew kissed his auntie’s cheek. “Bye,” he said. “Have fun!”

At the park Heaven stood nearby as Drew dribbled his ball around the court. “Good job baby,” she encouraged him. Drew tried to make a shot but he missed. “I’m too little mommy,” he pouted. “Go get the ball,” she said. He ran to get it and went back to his mom. “You are not too little, okay?” He nodded. “I want you to try again, and I’m going to help you.” “Okay,” he nodded. Heaven followed behind him, while he dribbled the ball. He stopped in front of the basket and she picked him up to make the shot. She let him down and high fived him.

“Thanks mama,” Drew said. “You’re welcome baby.” A tall light-skinned man approached them with Drew’s ball in his hand. “Is this yours lil man?’ he asked Drew. “Yeah,” he nodded. He gave Drew the ball. “Say thank you,” heaven nudged him. “Thank you,” said Drew. “No problem,” He smiled. Drew started dribbling his ball again. “You have a handsome son,” he said. “Thanks,” Heaven smiled. “You don’t remember me do you?” the man asked. “”I’m sorry. I don’t.” “I go to your father’s church. We used to be in Sunday school together,” he said. “Oh. What’s your name?” she asked. “Malcolm.” “It’s nice to see you again,” Heaven said. “Same here,” he nodded. They watched Drew. “Can I ask you a question?” “Sure,” she said. “Why did you stop attending church?” Malcolm asked. “That’s a long story,” Heaven sighed.”

“Then how about you tell me about it over dinner tonight?” Malcolm grabbed her hand and kissed it. “I really don’t…” “Let go of my mommy’s hand,” Drew interrupted. Heaven was grateful. Malcolm dropped her hand. “He’s very protective of me,” she said. “I see.” “Let’s go ma,” Drew pulled her arm. “See you around,” said Malcolm. “Bye bye,” Heaven waved.

After Drew pulled Heaven away from Malcolm they went to the car. “I’m hungry,” Drew said. “I know. We’ll be home soon,” Heaven said. “Okay,” he said. She turned on the radio. “Mommy?” Drew asked. “Yeah,” she turned the radio down. “Why when we go out man always wanna talk to you?” That’s when she knew how smart her son was. “Mama?” Yes baby?’ “You heard me?” “Yeah. I guess men like to talk to girls they think are pretty. Just like you like talking to Kyra at school,” she explain. “Yeah, but you’re my mommy. I don’t want men talking to you,” he said. Heaven smiled.

Heaven parked the car in the driveway and let Drew out. She kneeled in front of him. “I understand Drew, but you can’t be mean to them. I can handle them,” she said. “But daddy said…” “I know daddy told you to take care of me but you are just a child. I am still in charge. Got it?” “Yes,” Drew nodded.

They went in the house Carmen was on the couch folding clothes and on the phone. “I love you so much Chris! I can’t wait,” she said. Heaven waved and Drew hugged his aunt. “I won’t. I promise. They walked in,” she said. Drew followed his mom to the kitchen. Heaven made two plates of food. “Thank you,” said Drew. “You’re welcome.”

Carmen walked in the kitchen. “Your daddy wants to talk to you,” she said. Drew took the phone. “Hello,” he said. “Hey son. How you been?” Chris asked. “Good,” Drew said. “How’s school?” “Good.” “What you been doing today?” “Me and mommy went to the park,” he said. “You have fun?” Chris asked. “Yeah. I practiced dribbling and I mama helped me dunk.” “I’m sorry I missed it,” he said. “I know daddy. There was this man trying to talk to mama too,” Drew said. “Oh really?” “Yep, he was holding and kissing her hand, and I told him not to touch her.” “ I can’t believe him,” Heaven said. “That’s my boy!” “But she told me not to be mean,” he said. “Give your mama the phone,” said Chris. Drew smiled.

“Daddy wanna talk to you,” he said. “I’m gonna get you when I get off this phone,” Heaven said. Carmen shook her head. Heaven went to the living room.

“Hello,” she said. “Heaven what happened with you and this dude at the park?” Chris asked. “His name is Malcolm and he’s a nice guy. He knew me from my father’s church,” she explained. “So why was he touching you?” ‘He wanted to take me out. He was just flirting.” “Are you going out with the dude?” he asked. “No. Drew wasn’t having it. And I didn’t want to go anyway,” said Heaven. “Why not,” he smiled.

‘I didn’t feel comfortable with him. I was glad Drew was with me.” “What’s his name again?” “What are you gonna do Chris? You’re already locked up!” she said. “I know some people,” he said. “Stop it. Drew is enough help.” Chris chuckled. “You pumped his head up so big, it’s ridiculous,” Heaven said. “He walks around here talking ‘bout, ‘I’m in charge’.” She said. “My man,” Chris smiled. Heaven smiled. “I gotta go babe,” he sighed. “Oh. Okay. Bye-bye.” “I’ll talk to you later Heaven,” he said. She hung up the phone.

“Drew,” Heaven called. “He peeked into the living room. “Yes mama,” he smiled. “Come here,” she said. “Why?” “Little boy, if you don’t bring your tail over here!” “Auntie Carmen wants my help,” he said. Heaven stood up and Drew ran around the coffee table to his room. She chased him. He tripped on a toy and she caught him. “I’m sorry mommy,” Drew said. “No you not,” she smiled. She started tickling him. Drew laughed and Heaven laughed at him. “Mommy stop it,” he giggled. She stopped. “I should get you for real but I won’t cause I ain’t even mad,” she said. Drew ran back to the kitchen.

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