Edward Elric x Reader: Lost and Stutters


Created by SionCloud on Saturday, May 21, 2011


[Before I start the story here's a pic of you if you want, use your own name in the blanks. If you don't like the pic than just imagine yourself oks? Thanks for taking your time to read this. And yes you look exactly like this.] bhfndmd.jpg[Please read message above pic, if you haven't. Ok so this would be you, including hair, ears, clothes, and whatever. If you don't like this, then just imagine yourself, but with neko ear! >.< ]

(Your POV)

"Hurry up ______! You're gonna be late! I told you to wake up early!" Naemi had yelled while running.

(Rewind a bit pwease! Here is some explanation!)

Naemi is my distant cousin, and I asked if I could stay at her place during the two weeks I had. My family at home had asked me if I could do some errands for them, and that's why I'm here. Yes, long distant errands... -___-

I have finished all the errands and jobs, they wanted me to do, and today was the twelth day... (you should know 14 days in 2 weeks...) It took 2 days for the train ride back.

(Back to the present time) X3

"I'm sorry! Hey, don't blame me for waking up late!" I yelled and panted at the same time. About 5 minutes later we finally made it to the train, with some time to spare."Hey pipsqueak, we made it here in record time, with some time to kill!" Naemi said patting my head.

"Shut-up I'm the taller one!" I said standing in front of her. I tried proving it but I was to her shoulder height.

"Sure... but maybe someday you will!" she said, but then mumbled something. Somewhere along the line ' I betcha never will...'

"Hey ______, you have your train ticket right?" Naemi asked a little while later. I wasn't really listening at first... and then I checked in my pocket, and it wasn’t there."AWW CRAP, I LOST IT!!" I said looking frantically around.

"Did you bring extra money?!?" Naemi asked helping me."Ye- no..." I said scratching my cheek, and a little embarrassed. It was a bad thing cause Naemi didn’t bring any money either.

"Do you think that I could run back to your house, grab some money, and come back before the train leaves?" I asked, trying to think of a plan.

"Ooook, there's something wrong with you kiwi, I mean seriously, if you could do that then you'd be one of the fastest runners I know." she replied back laughing. " Hey, at least I thought of something better than your plan... knocking out a random, stranger dude and steal their money..." I said eating some bread. 'actually that might work, if I was brave enough' I thought.


"Hey shorty need help?" some dude said behind us. "Honestly, there had been at least 7 people here who called you that." Naemi whispered looking at me. Then I turned around and said "WHAT THE HECK DID YOU SAY?! I'M NOT A SHOR-" before I could finish, he gave me a train ticket.

"You needed a one night ticket to the Central, right?" he asked, tilting his head to one side. To be honest I was staring at his eyes the whole time.

"T-thank y-you, but you really don't have to." I said, then I felt my face heat up. 'Gosh this dude is cute!' I thought. "Ehh no problem, ... umm is there something on my face?" he asked.

I figured he'd realized that I was staring. "N-no there isn't... oh and I'm __-______ and this is my c-cousin Naemi." I stuttered, eesh nice move... " I'm Edward Elric, and this is my brother Al." he replied.

"Hey, _____-chan, I'll be right back ok?" Naemi said giggling a little, walking the opposite way. I nodded my head, and started talking with Ed and Al. It was a little interesting cause he's 15 and is about half an inch shorter than Naemi. Heh lucky me I'm an INCH and a half shorter... "Is there any dude here, that's shorter than me besides kids?!?" I said.

Naemi finally came back from... wherever. Then some random guy came up and called Ed a 'miniature shrimp thing, smaller then a fluff of a dandelion and a speck of dust'."WHO THE HECK ARE YOU CALLING PIPSQUEAK, YOU FREAKEN IDIOT?!?" Ed yelled going all berserk.

"Seriously? That random doofus didn’t even say pipsqueak" I whispered to Al. "Don't worry, that's how brother always acts like whenever someone calls him short." Al replied.By then Ed looked like he was going to murder the dude. So both Naemi and I left to go to the train.

"....YEAH, AND DON'T COME BACK!!" Ed yelled, going back to where Al was. Al probably knew what Ed was going to ask, then said "Both _______ and Naemi left about 3 minutes ago".

They both ran for it. Running to catch up with the train that is...

You and Naemi said your goodbyes, until you heard someone call your name. It was Ed and Al running to catch up. "Hey guys, are you coming to the Central too?" you asked feeling a bit clueless.

They nodded back, and it was time to leave...


During the two days in the train, you, Ed, and Al were talking about random things. "Ummm, t-thanks, for everything guys." you said looking down."H-hey can I ask you t-two something?" I stuttered...again." Sure, what is it _______?" Al asked."Well..... p-promise me we'll meet again someday." I said holding out my pinky, also my face heating up... again.

They both smiled, and Ed came up and wrapped his pinky around mine. "We promise." he said, now noticing that I was blushing 2 shades of red.

Surprisingly he pulled me into a hug. That made me blush more. '-___-

"U-umm, I'll s-see you g-guys l-later..." I said about to leave.

Al then grabbed my wrist and said "You like brother right? I can tell by you stuttering, blushing, and shaking."


Then Al began to laugh a little. "Heh don't worry, brother likes you too! He just doesn't show it." Al reasurred.

I tilted my head a little, and laughed a little seeing Ed blush quite a bit.

'I bet he heard everything Al had said' I thought.

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