New Beginning (a Bleach story)

Created by Rhythmi16 on Monday, May 23, 2011

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name: Juunji Suki(midnight bell)
gender: female
eye color; bright scarlet
height: 5' 6"
reaper status: isolated
rank: speacial reaper
personaliy:quiet,loner, can be friendly, mean when tired or angered,smart
famiy: big brother Renji, and father Ryou (disappeared when she was u)
gardian animal: white heaven dragon
likes: day dreaming, walking, readign writing, listenign to music, storms, night, the moon
dislikes: hollows, Kon
hobbies: killing hollows, skateboarding, daydreaming
crush; Zane
fav song: Never too Late: Three Days Grace
extra info: 4 pearcings, had a Hell Butterfly tattoo on the small of her back, reason for her isolation her father commited murder so they punished his daughter, and she's not a traditional soul reaper
2nd oc (my cousins character)
Name: Zane Knight
gender: male
hair color: brown with blonde tip (pics the best i could do.)
eyes: green
height; 5' 8"
personality; loyal, determined, Happy-Go- Lucky(except when with his family) smart when he wants to be
family: 1 sister, 2brothers, Dad left 6 years ago, Mom has a new husband. Sisters 8 years old, youngest brother is 6, oldest is 10, Step father is abusive.
Hobbies: skate boarding, reading, and hanging out with friends
crush: none
pet; german shepard (2 1/2 years old)
fav song: Never to Late; Three Dyas Grace
Story: I slowly opened my eyes as to the Soul Society Comander came in my isolation cell.
"What to you want?' I asked coldly. He said nothing as he came over and unlocked the cuff that was connected to the chain that bound me to this place. I watched him, my bright scarlet eyes glowing with hatred. He laid some cloths me beside me.
"Get changed. You have a mission." He left.
(her reaper cloths)
I put my artemis scythe it the scabbard (holder the sythes about the size of a pen right now) that was under my trench coat sleeve and left my cell.
(In human world)
I walked down the street of this town, my trench coat hood up, the bottom of my trench coat dragging the ground. Across the road as I watched as a taxi pulled away from the curb, a truck coming full speed the other way. I froze and raised my head watching a boy my age running toward the taxi yelling.The taxi stopped as the truck zoomedpast. Isaw a little boy in the carasking his mother what the monster down the road was.As it screachedI went wide-eyes ----- a hollow. Iran forward and grabbed the teenage boy's skateboard and grabbed the boy taking off to get him to safety.
I went to the park and stopped the skateboard adn got off. I sat the boy down and kneeled in front on him.
"I want my mommy," he sniffled wipping his tear brimmed eyes. I looked at him sadly.
"I'm sorry but you can't," I said softly.
"W-w-w-why not?"
"Because little're a ghost. And I'm here to help you."
"Help me how?"
"I'm gonna send you to the Soul Soceity."
"What's that?"
"A place where you'll be safe, you'll never be hungery. And a place where you'll feel nothing but happiness." He looked at me sniffling.
"Really?" I smiled some.
"Yep. Ready?" He nodded. I got my miniture scythe and put it against his forehead. As the gold mark (not sure what it's called) appeared onm his forehead he threw his arms around my neck.
"Thank you miss."
I smiled as he disappeared. I looked a up at the sky as a Hell Butterfly fluttered away. I stood and snapped my scythe so it was full sized with the blade out. I sighed and headed back to town to deal with the hollow.
When I was close to the hollow I slid to a stop, I looked at the rings I wore, one on my thumb the other on my pinter finger. My big brother Renji had given them to me on my 13th birthday, That was the 3 years ago and the lat time I've ever seen my brother, now I' free from isolation. The hollow screached again and shot a tenticle toward me. With one swift swing of my scythe I severed the tenticle.
(here's her scythe)

I jumped up and shoved the blade of my scythe in the eye of the hollow and drgged my scythe back cutting the monster in half. I pulled my scythe back and jumped back, landing on my feet.I watched the monster disinegrate as the rain dripped from my hood. My scythe retraced and I put it back in it's holder that was under my sleeve. I sighed and started walking.
(Zane this is the beginning of the story in his POV)
Raindrops fell from the blackened sky slapshing onve it hit pavement, buildigs and people. Cars slowly traveled the road then disappeared a few minutes later. Lightning streaked through the sky and thunder shook the ground. Little kids held their parent's hands as they walked along the streets or went into shops. The power started flickering inside the stores as customers took shelter inside. I took it all in as I walked amoung the confusion with my skateboard in one hand, and school bag in the other. Nobody was around except for the cars going by. A motor roared in the distance and a truck sped in the slick pavement. Nearly thirty feet away, a taxi started to pull away from the curb and the truck never slowed down. I started to run at the taxi, trying to tell him to stop the car. Thd driver stopped the car right when the truck zoomed past. I was close enough to hear a little boy asking his mommy what the monster down the road was, but she didn't answer him. Curious, I looked behind me and saw the ugliest thing in the world. A moment later, my skateboard was torn from my left hand. I turned and saw a girl going down the road on my board.
"Hey! Wait a minute! That's my skateboard!" I yelled, but the girl was soon out of sight,. "Dang it."
The rain started finally started falling harder and I decieded to just head on home to Hell.
A few minutes later, I arrived at my apartment and unlocked the door. I immediately regretted it once I heard glass shattering. That was when I heard my sister cry in pain and I ran into the living room where I saw my tro little brothers and my younger sister cowering on the floor while my stepdad, Hakura, threw vases and other glass objects My sister was gripping her arm, blood seeping through her fingers.
"Hakura! What the heck are you doing?" I asked enraged.
He was drunk, the smell was radiating off of him in waves. In his drunken slur, he said, "They turned off the TV off. Teaching them lesson." Hakura walked over to the kids, and grabbed my sister by her wounded arm. "She won't turn the TV off anymore. Stupid kid." My smallest brother, Kyoushira (Ky), grabbed the drunken man on the arm and bit him. Hakura cursed, dropped my sister, and raised his fist.... tried to any way I pulled back his arm, "Leave then alone!" he turned to face me and I felt his fist connect with my right eye. Then, he grabbed me by the throut and threw against a wall. Hakura looked around, decided he caused enough destruction, then went to his room and slammed the door.I muttered under my breath and got to my feet. M younger sister, and brothers were huddled against a wall crying in fear, My eye was throbbing and mu bac l was burning, but I didn't complain. Instead, I checked on the kids. Ky and his second oldestbrother, Akome, seemed okay. Their sister, Cross, was crying because of tehh long cut on her arm.
"Come one," I said picking her up. "Let'd get the cut cleaned up.'

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