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You felt like face palming yourself. You all had just run from the creepy house to the spooky cemetery. To make it seem more doom impending, the moon was full and shining brightly on the grass, wet from the storm before. The cemetery stones stood tall among the grass, each other frames wet with raindrops. Puddles of water were scattered across the stone pave path. This was clearly a horror movie death trap and the earlier events didn't help disprove that theory. All you wanted to do was get out of the cemetery before shit went done. You turned around and began to walk toward the entrance/exit gate with the others. You hadn't taken two steps before a deep and weary voice said,"Hello."at the entrance in the dark of night. It's bodiless voice echoed through the cemetery and echoed through your mind.
"Hello." This time it sounded strangely sweet. Just mere feet away from you, a yellow ball floated in the air. Air wildly whipped around the ball and it wasn't too long before it took the shape of a book. It then turned to a hot pink color and water drops rose from the wet grass and flew to the book to make a rainbow on its upper left corner. From the book emerged a chibi like with big, round black dots for eyes and a big opened mouth smile.
"Hello, I will be your entertainer tonight! No need to fear!" "I won’t,” you said, “Not with a face like that." You didn't even crack a smile, just a deadpan look. The book flew up higher into the air. "I'm suppose to make you all enjoy yourselves!" Its little chibi eyes got bigger and happier as the book floated happily in the moonlight. Your face changed form a deadpan to a shocked expression while your left eye uncontrollably twitched at the sight in front of you. You looked at Scotland behind you who had the same expression with his cigarette hanging out of his mouth. You looked back at the book, who had just came out of it's little moment, so you raised your hand to get its attention. "Hmmm, what do want to know?" "Uh, yeah I want to know how you're going to entertain us. You’re kind of just floating in the moonlight right now." It looked at you before suddenly realizing something.
"Your right! Everyone back to the house!," the book said enthusiastically. At that point, everyone just turned around and walked deeper into the cemetery.
'That's right, take your chances with the cemetery instead of the chibi rainbow book and creepy shaking house.' The book began to panic and twirl around in circles. Once it stopped, It flew in front of you making you and the others stop to see what it wanted. "Please don't go, we were just rearranging the house for the events tonight! Please come!" The little book gave you a puppy dog look and a quivering look. 'Well it looks sincere.' You took another look at the book. 'But just in case...'
"Okay, we’ll go." The book began to fly happily in circles at your response. You put out your arm to make it stop. It stopped and looked at you confused. "You didn't let me finish." You put your arm back down. You looked at the book with a soft and happy smile. "My countries are very important to me. They may not be perfect, but they don't have to be. I love each of them for who they are and I wouldn't change any of them. I really do care for them and no matter what they do I always will. I would gladly risk my safety and my life for them. Do you understand?" The book nodded with tears in its eyes. Hungary smiled gratefully while Ukraine and Liechtenstein wiped a single tear from each of their eyes. Belarus looked at you with a respectfully stern look. The males of the group shared a single emotion. Shock.
"So you can see why I’d be upset if they were injured, right?" The book nodded once again. "So if they get hurt..." Your kind expression turned serious and dangerous. "I will rip out your own pages and give you paper cuts on your own eyeballs. I will kick you repeatedly until your eyes burst and bleed on the pavement. I will not hesitate to hurt you if this is a trap. I will do horrible things to you. And believe me, I will not just break you," the aura with the glaring red eyes began to appear behind you, "I will break your
soul. "The book tried to curl into a ball and tried to back away from your threatening form. It tried not to cry in fear that you would punch in the face if it did...And you totally would have. "Capisce(do you understand)?,"you said in an Italian accent. The book quickly nodded in fear of its life. You smiled happily before turning around to go back to the house.
You looked up at what use to be a house. It was now a giant blue cube with one door and no windows. You looked at the book who in turn, panic and slowly began to cower into itself. "What happened?" "It was made like this for the events tonight. Don't hurt me." You put your hands on your hips and looked at house again. "I'm not, why didn't you just say so? So what do we have to do?" The book uncurled itself and flew around you, no longer been as afraid of you but you had a feeling that somewhere in its mind it still did. "First it's going to be a scavenger hunt! You have to get into groups of two or three and go through the door which will randomly transport you somewhere. If you have a group of two than you will have to look for something with a note attached to which will have what two items you need. If it's a group of three than that would be three items! It's really easy because once you find the note, your items will be right there with it!" You smiled and threw up your hand. "I want to go first!" You then turned around. "You and me Hungary!"
-(Name) & Hungary-

You and Hungary went through the door first. You both ended up in a room that you recognized as England's from your trip upstairs with Russia. Hungary looked around the desk while you dove under the bed. You looked and saw nothing. When you came from under the bed and looked at Hungary, she shook her head. You pouted,” I hope this is easy like he said and our items aren't taped to the back of the toilet or something." Hungary laughed,” Me too, maybe it's in the closet!" You both ran to the closed closet door. Hungary opened it and the closet was huge. You stuck your head in and looked to the left and looked to the right. "I'll take the right." Hungary walked to the right of the closet. "I'll take the left then." You walked to the left. You quickly looked went through everything trying to find something with a note on it.
It wasn't long before you and Hungary met each other at the point where both sides met. By the look on her face, you could tell that see couldn't find anything either. You both looked down in disappointment, but you saw a shoe. A shoe with a silk bag in it and said bag had a note on it. You and Hungary looked at each other before diving to get the bag. The first thing you saw in the bag was ice cubes. You repeatedly poked the ice cubes. "I don't think they're melting. It's probably because of that book." "Maybe we need it to make something!" You thought for a moment. "Maybe but still,” you took the bag and began to violently shake it, "Ice cubes, what the fuck are we going to do with ice cubes?!" Hungary smiled at your irritation before picking up the note. "It says ice cubes and a hair clip. Do you see one?" You looked back at the shoe and saw a hair clip right next to it. You picked it up and showed it to Hungary." Wonderful, I wonder what we are going to use them for." "I wonder if I can injury someone with these..." You were swinging the bag around, testing its weight, and checking to see if the hair clip was sharp enough to damage vulnerable areas. "It seems like you have the same talent as me except yours seems to go pass just using kitchen appliances." You turned to Hungary with multicolored eyes. "That's so nice..." You gave Hungary a hug before you walked to the door. "Are going to find the others?" "Yeah, with my weapon of choice being a bag of ice cubes and a hair clip. That's Left 4 Dead lethal."

-America & Canada-America and Canada ended up walking down a long and swirling hallway. There were random things standing of to the side such as a bookcase full of bottled milk and a refrigerator filled to the top with socks. Their items were most likely at the end and they weren't going to get there quickly. "America, can I ask you something?" America turned to his brother with his big hero grin. "Sure, shoot." Canada fiddled with his fingers without looking back at America. "Is...Isn’t this all really weird? I mean weirder than usually!" America laughed and roughly patted Canada on the back making Canada jerk forward. "Of course it is! Now, what is it you really wanted to ask me?" Canada looked down. "Is she,(Name) she with us. I mean I just would know..." America's smile dropped and his expression saddened.

"Yeah, of course she is. She's more than just happy. She's overjoyed but I think all of us have worries and questions that involve her and ourselves. Whether it's just a few or many I think we all do. Maybe it's because...we're worried of what she thinks of us and how she sees us. I think maybe we hope that we will get the answer we want. Like I kind of want to know if she's proud of me." America gave a sad laugh as he looked up at the ceiling while Canada look at him in shock. He didn't know that America felt that way. "Maybe...I’ll ask her one day." Canada nodded, satisfied by the answer he received. He felt understanding of America as he felt the same way. America sheepishly rubs the back of his head. "Dude, that kinda bummed me out. Let's just do this and find everyone else before I die from the gloomy atmosphere." Canada smiled and nodded in agreement as they went down the weird ass swirly hall. They saw a large black object in the distance. As they got closer, they saw that it was a piano with a note on it. The note: Piano and romantic novel.
"How are we going to get this back?" Canada picked up the novel and looked at the piano. "It looks really heavy so do-" Canada was cut off as he watched America pick up the piano and hold it above his head. "Got it, let's go!" America walked pass the shock Canadian.
-England, Scotland,& France-

England, Scotland, and France were going down, or around, a large and abnormal rectangle room that had random pieces of wall poking out from the sides, the ceiling, and the floor. England was blissfully walking, caught in his own thoughts. Unfortunately, he was thinking out loud. "I wonder if she likes magic like me or if she can see them. That would be just great if she could." France turned around. "England are you hallucinating back there? And who's her. Ohonhonhon it's (Name) isn't it?! Then why aren't you thinking about more important thinks about her like if she spreads her love like moi" France gestured to himself.
" Or if the lass finds smoking attractive." That not only killed England's mood but it spitted on it and called it stupid. But that reminded England of something. Something he was going to talk to you about at America's house. 'Ad. Flavorize your protection! Regulars taste like rubber.'
"How the hell does she know what a condom taste like," England muttered to himself. "England if you are finished talking to yourself, look at this." France gave England the note he found next to a pipe. The note: A pipe, a rifle with duck tape on it, and a condom. Cue England randomly punching France in the face.
-Estonia, Latvia,& Sealand-

These three were walking down a seemly endless hallway that neither could see the beginning nor the end. To make it worst, the hall was hardly wide enough for both Estonia and Latvia to walk comfortably side by side. Sealand was cowering behind Latvia and thought back to The Ring movie. Sealand hadn't come until later but he saw the movie from the window. So now Sealand was what can only be described as scared shitless. He was scared of their own shadows on the wall. It was that bad. "Why did it transport us here Latvia? Why does that book hate me," Sealand began to go limp and Latvia had to drag him along. "The book doesn't hate you, it was done randomly." "I want (Name),she said that she would beat up the book if anything happened to us! And I’m sure she would beat up anything else too." Estonia pushed his glasses up. "It's true. It seems that she tends to get angry when our safety is threatened. By a doe eyed book none of the less. "
Latvia patted Sealand on the head. "All we have to do is get the items and find everyone else. I'm sure if anything did happen someone would save us." Sealand wiped his teary eyes with his over sized sleeves. "Really?" Latvia nodded. "We might get back sooner than we thought, look." Estonia pointed to the end of the hallway. They walked over to the end and saw a red flower, a pirate hat, and a golden arch. The note: Red Carnation, pirate hat, and golden M.

-Romano & Italy-

"Damnit why are we going this anyway?!" Romano ranted. It was no secret that Romano cursed left and right. People would need soap bazookas to clean his dirty, dirty mouth. Romano and Italy were in a large room with thin sheets of cloth of all different colors hanging from the ceiling.”(Name) said it would be fun, but still…it’s scary.” “Shut up! It’s not scary. It’s…”Romano couldn’t think of anything that wouldn’t scare Italy half to death. He was kinda scared too. ”Romano, I don’t want to die.” “Shut up.” Italy began to shake uncontrollably. ”What if it’s the lady that comes out of the T.V. or the little boy that kills people.” “Shut up.” Italy shook violently in fear.”Roman-”
Romano turned around in anger and annoyance. ”Shut up! There’s nothing to be afraid of! Be a man damnit!” Italy lifted a shaky finger to point at something behind Romano. “Your pointing at someone, huh?! Well, they can suck my bal-” Romano turned around to see a figure, wrapped around in the cloth hanging from the ceiling, reaching out to Romano. It opened its and gave a ghostly gasp. ”Ahhhhhhhh!” “Oh shit!” Romano and Italy ran back to where they came from. Romano saw something in the distance so he slowed to a stop and grabbed Italy before he could zoom pass him. Romano bent down to pick up the thing he saw. A note. “Look Romano, a pretty flower.” Italy picked up a tulip and smiled at his brother. Romano looked back to the note. The note: A tulip and a cross barrette.
Sure enough, the last item was at his feet. ”We got what we need. Now let’s get the fuck out of here.”
-Lithuania & Poland-

“This is like, unbearable!” “Poland, it’s just stairs…” Poland and Lithuania were currently going up the stairs. ”I totally agree but you forgot something. Endless. Endless stairs!” Poland laid himself out on the stairs in pain and being the drama queen he is, he began to complain. “After this I’m never going to go upstairs again!” “What if there was chocolate up the stairs?” “No, never.” “What about a…sale?” Poland got up to his feet in the name of fashion. “Of course!” Lithuania put his small plan into motion. “(Name)’s your friend, right?” Poland nodded suspiciously, wondering where this was going.
“So let’s say (Name) is a very, very…,” Lithuania became caught in his thoughts. Lithuania stood in a daydream state until Poland coughed and snapped Lithuania out of it.” Very beautiful outfit, but it was expensive. $150. It went on sale for $60. Would you buy it?” “Well duh Lithuania! If it was her than it would make everyone jealous for like EVER!” Poland gasped. “That reminds me! We need to get our items before we can go back! Come on Lithuania you slacker!” Poland ran up the stairs leaving Lithuania standing shocked. “…At least it kinda worked…” Lithuania began to run up the stairs to catch up with this fashion obsessed friend. Lithuania saw Poland crouching down at the top of the endless stairs. “Liet I think I like found something. One of them looks weird.” Lithuania made it all the way to the top of the stairs and crouched down next to Poland. He picked up the note and read it. The note: Bagpipes and a Katana.
Lithuania picked up what he guessed to be a katana while Poland awkwardly held the bagpipes. “Why does it look like a giant whoopee cushion with…with horns?” Cue face palm. Fail.
-Japan, China,& Greece-

Japan, China, and Greece were walking in a shifting room, a room that changed shape every 30 seconds. “Aiya! Why can’t this room make up its mind?” Japan walked ahead and a random wall went up in front of him and almost crushed him. “Somehow, I feel concerned for my life.” Greece walked forward, a wall appeared, and it was coming right at him from the side. Greece continued to walk as if he was walking down the grocery aisle and not in the path of a killer wall. Japan and China were on the verge of panicking. They thought Greece was going to be cut in half. Japan and China’s mouths dropped as the wall halted before it hit him. Greece turned around apparently unaffected by the pervious occurrence.
“…Aren’t you coming?” China pointed at him then the wall then him again. “How did you do that?!” Greece sleepily stared for a moment before speaking. “…Don’t you remember…what (Name) said?…To the book…” Japan put his right fist into his palm. “I remember, she threatened it. “ “The book looked really scared.” Greece continued to walk followed by Japan and China. Japan and China would jump whenever a wall came close but were fine throughout the ordeal. Greece suddenly stopped making the other two stop as well. Confused, Japan walked next to Greece and stared at his feet. There at his feet was a pitchfork. Japan bent down to pick up a yellow object on the floor. A note. The note: A pitchfork, a blue ribbon, and a pan.

-Denmark & Netherlands-

Netherlands was smoking his pipe and Denmark was drinking beer as they went down a endless hall way. “Is this hallway not ending or is it just me,” Netherlands asked Denmark. “No, no I think I see it too!“ Denmark, aliitle drunk, carelessly swung his big mug of beer. Netherlands noticed this so he lightly elbowed Denmark. “Don’t be so careless, remember last time at the World meeting?“ “That was an accident!“ “Uh-huh.“ Denmark childishly pouted at Netherlands dismissing reply. “Well, (Name) forgave me.” “That’s because she doesn’t know how much of a loud-mouthed idiot you are yet.” “Well you always smoke that damn pipe!” Netherlands blew smoke out of his mouth. “Yeah, but I do it because I like it. I don’t think she minds. I’ll let her light anything on my pipe any day.” “I think she would rather hang with the King of Northern Europe!“
Netherlands was about to saw something until he say the hallway start to twist and turn. Netherlands and Denmark both stopped walking and looked at each other. Netherlands pipe was loosely handing from the side of his mouth and Denmark’s mug was tipping. The contents would have spilled if he hadn’t already drunken two-thirds of it already. They began to walk but because of the swirling hallway, they walked on the walls, the ceiling, everything. While on the ceiling, Netherlands reached for a yellow note. The note: A tomato and a firework.
Confused, Netherlands looked around before something hit him on the head and fell in his hand. A firework. Denmark did the same before a tomato fell in his hand. “It seems like they’re trying to hurry this along.” Netherlands nodded in agreement. “I wonder what they’re planning.”
-Switzerland & Liechtenstein-

“Are you okay brother?“ Liechtenstein watched her brother’s gun withdrawal twitching as they walked through what used to be a kitchen. Now it has cabinets and appliances floating in the air and the kitchen appeared to be stretched. “Y-Yes, I’m fine,” Switzerland shuddered before return to a more normal state. “It’s okay. I know you don’t want me to worry and I’m not. I’m sure someone has found your gun. It’ll be okay.” Switzerland shuddered again before replying,” Your right, t-thank you. But how am I going to protect the people I care about if I don’t have a gun?” Liechtenstein thought for a moment. “ Maybe you can use one of the items we find.” Liechtenstein walked along side with her brother before she realized something. She stopped in her tracks and it didn’t take long for Switzerland to notice. He turned his head back.
“ Why did you stop?” “ You said the people you care about. I know you care about me but…who are the others?” Switzerland blushed and quickly turned his head forward to prevent his sister from seeing it. “ No one! Look, maybe we can have this conversation later. This isn’t the best time.” Switzerland pointed to the ceiling reminding Liechtenstein of the floating objects. Liechtenstein smiled at her brother’s back. “I understand.” She walked next to her brother and they went on their way. Liechtenstein and Switzerland walked until they saw something on a floating blender. Switzerland reached for it and unstuck what he knew was a note. The note: A Santa hat and a stick.
Switzerland looked at Liechtenstein who had already grabbed a floating Santa hat. Switzerland looked up and saw the floating stick he needed. Liechtenstein smiled at him as if she knew she was right. “What am I going to do with a stick?,” Switzerland mumbled as he looked back at his sister.
” Uh, Liechtenstein. What happened to your ribbon?”
-S. Korea & Hong Kong-

“ Why are we in a closet full of floating boo-” Korea was cut off by a book hitting him in the face. Korea stood still for a second before freaking out because the book was stuck to his face. Hong Kong grabbed the book and threw it back with the others. Korea and Hong Kong were in the library which just so happened to have flying books. “Maybe we should find the note.” Korea ran past Hong Kong. “Don’t worry! Books were invented in Korea so I can do this!” Korea began to dodge the flying attacking books. They jumped left, jumped right, ducked, side stepped, and dropped to the floor and slide causing all the attacking books from the left and right to crash into each other. Korea got up and continued to run while looking back at the books. “Da z-!” Once again Korea was cut off by running into a wall.
Hong Kong calmly walked around the falling books and to Korea. He pushed him aside and retrieved the yellow object stuck to the wall. It said: A laptop and a warrior axe.
Before Korea could complain about being pushed aside, Hong Kong showed him the note. Korea nodded and began to look up at the remaining floating books. Korea pointed at a silver like book excitingly. Hong Kong went into action before Korea could. He jumped up and landed on a book. He jumped from book to book to get closer to the silver object. Hong Kong reached for the book before finally grabbing it and making his way doing the floating book stairs. Upset, Korea looked for the warrior axe. Korea closed his eyes and put his arms out. He relaxed himself and took a deep breath.
“Come to me warrior axe!,” Korea shouted while wiggling his fingers. When nothing came, he opened one eye and saw only Hong Kong with his eyebrow arched up in his own “what the fuck” look. Korea’s hands dropped in disappointment. He slowly looked up at Hong Kong until something caught his eye. Behind Hong Kong the books were getting together to bring a large object. Korea put his arms back out to receive the object. Hong Kong was still confused until he felt something whoosh over his head and to Korea. Korea took the surprising heavy warrior axe and slung it over his shoulder, almost falling backward in the process. “Invented in Korea!”
-Russia & Belarus-

Russia and Belarus were pushing through a jungle of ropes in attempt to find their object. Russia made sure to keep his distance form Belarus as she tried to lessen the distance. “ Don’t you understand big brother? I will stand by your side…whether you want me to or not. I WILL stay.” “Please don’t talk.” Russia began to get nervous at Belarus’ hostile attitude. “After this you need to marry me, marry me, marry me, marry me, marry me, marry me, marry me.” Russia could see her pupils contracting giving her a more insane look. Russia quickly walked ahead with Belarus close behind. He turned his head to look at his sister. It was nothing pleasant, she was only a foot behind him and she was still chanting “marry me”. Russia turned around only to feel something stick to his face. He stopped and unstuck it from his face. He looked at the note in his hand. The note: A sword and a rose.

“Why did you stop brother? Have you realized our love for each other?” “No, I know what we need to get now.” Belarus crossed her arms, unpleased at his answer. ”What is it?” Russia turned around and pointed. “It’s right next to you.” Belarus looked to her right to see a bright red rose. She picked it up and looked at it. Russia saw something to his right shine and assumed it to be the sword. Russia grabbed the sword by the handle and examined it. Belarus looked at the sword then Russia then back at the rose. “A rose for our love and a sword to fight off those who oppose it! This must be a sign, this is destiny Brother! Do you understand what this means?! Our love…you MUST marry me!” Russia stood before bolting off. He smiled at the sword in his quest to escape Belarus.” I guess it’s a good thing I kept the sword. I wonder were my pipe went…” “Marry me!”
-Norway & Iceland-

Norway and Iceland ended up in the dining room. It had a long table that quickly turned its self round. It had five chairs surrounding it, a dark blue table cloth, and two candle holders to light the otherwise dark room. Since that was the only thing in the room, Iceland and Norway agreed that their items must be under the table. When Iceland tried to go under, however, the table cloth grew sharp fangs at the end.
The table floated slightly above the ground with its table cloth spinning with sharp teeth. Norway and Iceland ran in a circle to escape the table. They both fell down to duck under the table. The table halted causing one of the two candle holders to fall from it. Norway caught it and quickly lighted the table cloth on fire. The table cloth quickly went into flames with a scream and the table screamed as well as it was engulfed in flames. After the table was disintegrated, two things popped out and fell to the floor and a slightly scorched yellow object floated toward the two. The note: A wok and a drama.
Iceland walked over to the two objects and threw the drama at Norway, who caught it. “ I saved you, call me brother.” “N-no.”
-Sweden & Finland-

“A scavenger hunt, this should be fun! Right?” Sweden nodded in agreement. Finland and Sweden were in a room full of random floating items like a sink, a wrench, and a sofa along with many others. Every once in a while they would have to move to avoid the slow moving objects. Sweden looked around at all the smaller items until his eyes stopped on one item in particular.
A dishwasher. Sweden pointed to it and Finland looked over. When he realized what Sweden meant, Finland smiled and nodded his head. They both walked over to the dishwasher located at the far corner of the room.
Finland reached over to open it but jumped when it suddenly turned on. Finland laughed a little before trying again. The dishwasher door refused To open so Finland stopped and looked at it in confusing. The dishwasher rumbled before red eyes appeared on its’ door and stared at the two. It grew a mouth with large teeth and began to chomp. Finland and Sweden backed away slowly before running with the dishwasher following. They hid behind the couch for a quick moment to have a chance to look around and see what they could use. Sweden spotted the wrench from earlier and jumped toward it. He grabbed it and threw it right in the dishwasher’s mouth. It swallowed it before couching. It chocked on the wrench until it shut down and disappeared. It it’s place it left a note. Finland picked up the note. The note: Prussia picture and a knife.

-Germany & Prussia-

“This is so not awesome! What is this?!” Prussia was complaining again, much to Germany’s displeasure. Germany pinched the bridge of his nose before responding. “It’s a labyrinth bruder (brother).” Prussia crossed his arms. “Yeah a.k.a a complicated maze that needs to die!” They came to yet another dead end. “I wish I had a giant hammer to just break all of the walls!” “But Prussia, one of the walls will fall down and crush you.” Then I’ll climb up and walk to the end!” “What about these signs that are all over the place.” Germany pointed to a sign that said “Cheat and die.” Prussia blinked at the sign to see if he was seeing things.”…Damnit!” They made a left and saw a bed. “Maybe it’s over there!” “I doubted.” Prussia ran over to the bed and jumped on it. He lifted the pillow and retracted his hands. The pillow was soaked in a clear liquid. The bed moaned and Prussia looked down. It moaned again before the pillows turned into red glowing eyes. Prussia jumped off and backed away from the bed. The beds sheets turned blood red and black ghost arms appeared from in between the mattresses. It growled causing the two to jump.
” What the fuck!” They both yelled as they turned and ran from strange being. “What are we going to do!” “I don’t know,” Germany yelled back. “Think of something! I’m busy running for my life!” They passed another one of those signs and at that point, an idea struck the two. Germany pointed to the wall they were coming up to and Prussia nodded having the same idea. They both stood in front of the wall and faced the mattress. The mattress charged toward them at full speed. It came dangerously close before the two jumped out of the way. The mattress hit and burst through the wall. The mattress was electrocuted before it disappeared in a smoke cloud and the wall repaired itself. Germany grabbed a small piece of paper floating down from the explosion. The note: A Viking hat and a large bag. DO NOT OPEN IT! FIND YOUR FELLOW NATIONS FIRST!OR ELSE…
Germany looked up to see Prussia with a red silk bag. “Don’t open that!” Prussia turned to his brother uncaringly. “Why?” Germany shoved the note in his face. ”Oh.” Germany held out his hand. ”Give it to me. I don’t trust you not to open it.” Prussia looked at the bag then a Germany. “Fine, but I get the Viking hat!”
-Spain & Egypt

Going through a forest of lettuce, carrots, onions, cucumbers, and tomatoes were Spain and Egypt. Spain was enjoying being surrounded by fruits and vegetables, especially the fruit tomatoes. Egypt, not so much. He looked a little annoyed by the flying salad ingredients. “Tomato, tomato,” said Spain happily. Egypt sighed at severe tomato obsessed case patient number one. Egypt walked forward and didn’t stop until he noticed that Spain had stopped. He turned around to see Spain facing to the left. Egypt was confused until he saw what Spain was looking at, a giant head of lettuce. It was about Spain and Egypt’s size. Egypt took a cucumber and threw it at the head of lettuce. It moved and shifted. A big, black hole opened in the middle of it. Spain and Egypt just stared. The hole grew sharp teeth and foamed at the mouth. Spain took a step back as did Egypt. The lettuce came toward them with smaller head lettuce babies.
Spain and Egypt ran away from the rabies infected lettuce. They threw cucumbers, carrots, and onions but nothing worked. It wasn’t until Egypt threw a tomato at one of the small heads of lettuce did it work. The small lettuce baby dropped unmoving when it was hit by the tomato. The giant head of lettuce and its children stopped to look at their fallen family member. The mother became mad and charged at them once again. Egypt and Spain gathered all of the floating tomatoes they could carry. They then stopped in their tracks and stared throwing the tomatoes. Spain was a pro since he did have the La Tomatina festival in his country. The other children were the first to go but the weakened mother continued to charge. Five more tomatoes and she was done. She disappeared into and left something in her place. Spain sighed at the lost tomatoes, wasted. Egypt went forward and returned with a small item and a large un along with a strange leaf. The note: A Iron Cross and a maple leaf.

-Austria & Ukraine-

Austria twitched in disbelief. He and Ukraine were walking through a room of floating flowers. Ukraine was skipping through all of the floating flowers while Austria stood in place. “Ughhh…“ Ukraine stopped her prancing and looked to the further parts of the room. The noise came closer and closer until it was right above her head. She looked up and saw a the top part of a man stuck on the ceiling. “Ughhh…” “Ahhhh! Make it go away!” She fell to her knees and curled into the fetal position. Austria was freaked out too but not nearly as freaked out as Ukraine. Austria looked at his surroundings. He wondered if the flowers could help. Austria took his hand and bumped a flower with it. The flower went up to the ceiling and to the man. Once the flower hit him, he was gone.
“That was easy.“ Ukraine slowly uncurled from her position at the silence in the room. She looked at up at the ceiling and no longer saw the man. “Wow, thanks a lot Austria!” “Yeah, yeah, yeah, now why don‘t we find what we need and go.” Out from the ceiling came a note. Ukraine grabbed it and mid air and read it. The note: A sailor hat and spaghetti.
She showed to Austria and he nodded. Out from the ceiling fell two things. One landed on top of Austria’s head and the other on Ukraine’s. She grabbed the thing on her head and brought it to her face. A sailor hat. Austria did the same and ended up with a plate of pasta.
-(Name) & Hungary-

“Why me?!” You yelled into the endless hallway. “What is with this hallway?” “How are we going to find the others if we’re all in different places and don’t know where to go?” You shrugged. You both stopped walking and sighed while looking down. You both saw a circle of light beneath you both. You looked at each other before falling through. You held tight to the items as to not lose them. You floated for a second before landing on your feet. You looked to your left and saw Hungary who appeared to be okay. You looked around the room and saw everyone else. You gave the items to Hungary and walked forward. You stopped in front of Canada and America. “Hi America, Canada! And why are you carrying a piano?” You pointed to the massive object America was holding above his head. “I’m strong, I can hold it.” “Uh-huh yeah, so America can you pick up a car?” “Yep!” You stared at America’s happy-go-lucky smile for a moment. “Oh then you’ll be fine.” You felt someone grab your shoulder. You looked behind you to see a smiling Russia.
“Your okay, da?” “Yeah, I’m fine.” You noticed America and Russia looking intensely at each other. You looked at America then Russia then Canada who was slowly backing away. You sighed and slipped away from Russia hand. They both noticed and looked toward you. “This is a room with only one exit, let’s go.” You, America, Russia, and Canada walked toward the only exit. The others must have noticed the huge piano moving in the air and followed you. The hallway was pretty wide, so wide that everyone could walk side by side in two rows. Everyone was silent as you walked down the hallway. You, along with everyone else in your row stopped at the sight of a TV twenty feet away. The TV screen showed a ring, just like the movie. A hand reached out the TV and touched the ground. The girl pulled herself out of the TV. She slowly stood up and walked directly to you.
You motioned the others to get back, but they refused. You felt the aura with the glaring red eyes appear. You gave them a look that said that “I got this” and they slowly and unwillingly backed away. You took out a stick, that you took from Switzerland, with a white cloth tied to it. “I surrender!” You felt fear for a few seconds before you felt like smacking yourself for doing that. She continued to walk toward you. You stood still until she was two feet away from you. You pimp slapped her to the left with the stick making her roughly hit the wall to your left. The part of the wall she hit crumbled to form a deep whole.
You than ran up to her and ninja kicked her in the face to the right. Her hair and her body flew up in midair for a moment before hitting the wall to the right. The wall did the same the other did. You heard a few snickers before you grabbed her by the neck and lifting her to her feet. You smack her and before she could fly to the side, you pimp slapped her to the other side. You lifted her to her feet again. “Are you after my countries?” She nodded and that’s when you unleashed a can of saved up kick ass. You kneed her in the stomach three times before clasping your hands together and elbowing her in the face. She flew up and hit the ceiling. She fell down along with pieces of the ceiling. You heard laughter erupted behind you. You ran over to Korea and grabbed the warrior axe. You walked toward her swing the axe above your head. You spun it and then held it in one hand so the axe part was behind your legs and the handle was near your head. She started crawling back to the TV. You walked right next to the TV. You kicked her in the butt making her fly into the TV. You kicked the TV so it was face down, stuck the axe in the floor, and put your foot on top of the TV. You pushed your foot down on the TV making the TV smash into little pieces.
‘I have America’s strength! I shall use it as a form of persuasion, uh, the good of my countries.’ You turned around at the sound of everyone clapping. You blushed nervously, you had forgotten that they were even there. You left the axe stuck in the floor and nervously looked at your feet. ”Uh,um Intermission. Go do stuff.”
Everyone spreaded out and began to socialize among themselves. America walked up to you with one hand holding up the piano and gave you a high five for a butt kicking well done. Russia came and patted you on the head. Cue the glaring and cue you slipping away to Denmark and Netherlands. You looked toward Netherlands with a thoughtful face. “ Hmm. I always thought your little pipe was cool. Netherlands smirk with the pipe hanging from the side of his mouth. “ That so? You want to-” Spain quickly came over and grabbed your hand. “I need to borrow the senorita, thank you!” Spain ran off with you and you could have sworn you saw Netherlands give Spain a death glare as he ran. When Spain stopped, you stood before France and Prussia. ‘Bad ass Trio!’ Spain was behind you and France and Prussia were right in front of you so there was nowhere to run.
“I got her!” “For what?,” you looked at the three cluelessly. France gave you a certain look that made you feel uncomfortable and your eyes widen slightly in horror. You had never seen it in person. France’s rape face. You looked around and saw Prussia’s and Spain’s rape faces too.
‘They’re hot and all but those are Rape faces. Not happy butterfly faces.’ “So you could stay close to us senorita,. You agree, si?” Spain inched closer from behind you. “ Listen to the awesome us, ja(yes)?” You felt your face become hot and you felt the three getting closer to you.
“(Name)!” A little Sealand came running to you. He grabbed you by the waist, his head right below your chest because you his height. He pulled you away by the waist to Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. While you were being pulled away you could have sworn you heard Prussia say,” Damn, cock blocked by a kid!” When Sealand stopped in front of Poland and the Baltic’s, your hands were immediately grabbed by Poland. “We need to like go shopping together sometime! Maybe when you’re at Germany’s or England’s because their too strict and boring to be with for a whole week!” “Hey!,” yelled England and Germany from across the room. “As long as it doesn’t take too long and you don’t get me anything ugly.” “Would I ever do that?! I have amazing fashion sense!” “Yeah, that reminds me. Intermissions over, we need to keep moving.” You grabbed the axe and pulled it out of the ground.
You walked down the enormous hallway with your countries and the warrior axe. You swung it absentmindedly while looking out for any further threats. Your eyes looked at each wall and occasionally the ceiling. It wasn’t too long before you spotted a large full body mirror on the left wall six feet ahead. Everyone stopped walking and looked at the mirror. You all stared at it, waiting for something to happen. A arm slowly came out of the mirror. ”Is it the same girl?”, you heard Switzerland’s voice ask. You heard America put down the piano and walk toward you. ”No,” you said. “It’s Bloody Mary,” America responded. Bloody Mar came out of the mirror completely. She looked toward you and took a ghostly step forward. America took a step forward also causing Bloody Mary to take two steps back. “Have you dealt with her before?,” you whispered to America. America nodded,” Yeah, a few years back.” “How did you do it?” “Chainsaw.” Your right eye twitched at the straight forwardness of America’s answer. “Of course. Fine, it’s all you America.” You walked back to the group to watch America take care of Bloody Mary. You sat down on the floor and held the axe close to you. You felt someone lightly touch your shoulder. You turned your head to see the glasses wearing Canada. “Aren’t you gonna help him?” “No,” you faced forward again,” He knows what to do.” You saw America stop right in front of her, Bloody Mary. He stood with his back toward the rest of you. You weren’t sure what was happening and you were about to get up and see for yourself. You were until Bloody Mary ran and jumped back into the mirror. America then slowly approached the mirror and pushed it down with his finger. “I’m the her-Oh CRAP IT MOVED!” The broken pieces of the mirror were moving on their own. You ran over to America and started to hit the pieces randomly until they were just small shards of glass. Once you were sure it was over, you just walked on. America ran back to pick up the piano and followed with everyone else.
You all walked into a large room with a certain book flying around in the middle. “You,” everyone yelled. The book turned around with a smile until it noticed the angry looks on all of your faces and the axe in your hands. You ran up to the book and cornered it. The book shook in fear. “Are y-you holding a grudge against me?” You looked down in despair. ”No. I can’t hold on to grudges and anger for more than a few hours if even that. Unless it was horrible but other than that, no. So your pretty safe.” It smiled a little as you backed away from it. “What about the weird girls coming out of stuff!,” America yelled. Everyone in the group agreed with America. The book looked up sadly. “I just wanted to help…and be cutesy!” It flew up and glittered in the dim light. You hurriedly pulled the book down and whispered,” You need to tell them more than that. They will tear you apart! Do something!” You let the book go and waited for it to say something. “Uh, the point of that is to bring you together! They were something we made into the design! They wouldn’t have hurt you at all, they just like to cause a small scare! We’re here for your entertainment! Besides you can’t hurt me, we still have activities! The last ones will be entertaining. You guys will like it!”
You all agreed to go along with the little book and ‘their’ plans. “Okay, next you have to put the right item with the right nation! If you have trouble, (Name) should know if she sees each item. Right?” “I should feed you to a magical unicorn.” Everyone spread out there items in front of you. You clapped your hands together and you were ready to sort. “Well, the piano is definitely Austria’s designated item. America, if you’d be so kind.” America picked up the piano and set it down next to Austria. “ This pipe is obviously Russia’s.” You threw the pipe to Russia, who gladly caught it. “Uh the golden arch, America you know that’s you.” You threw the golden arch to America like a boomerang, which America caught. You then picked up the pouch of unmelting ice cubes. “Uh, Iceland. I think this is a pun on your name.” You threw the bag to Iceland who in turn glared at the book. “Maple leaf, here you go Canada.” You handed the leaf to Canada. You picked up the pirate hat. “Hmm. England I believe.” England looked at you shock. “Because I know these things,” you answered before he could even say anything. You handed the pirate hat over to England. “A rose?” You examined before handing it to France. ”As if we didn’t know. And say a cheesy line and I will beat you with said rose.” France walked away disappointed. You smiled at what you saw next. Switzerland’s rifle. You took off the duck tape and handed it to Switzerland who was more than willing to except it. “Warrior axe.” You took the warrior axe and gave it to Denmark. “Santa hat Finland.” You handed it over. You put up a condom with a shock face. “A condom…Greece.” Greece came to claim the condom but he smirked at you before going back. In shock you continued the sorting.

‘Ukraine and her awesome pitchfork. Estonia and his laptop. Prussia and a picture of him taking his shirt off during a soccer game! Yes. Germany and his Iron Cross military decoration thing. Norway and his cross barrette. Hungary and her pan. Poland and hairclips. Japan and his katana. Scotland and bagpipes. How do you play those things? Romano and a tomato. Italy and pasta. Sealand and his cute little sailor hat. Liechtenstein and her ribbon. Latvia and a novel. Lithuania and a sword? That works. Egypt and a stick to beat people with. Hong Kong and a firework. Spain and a Red Carnation. Such a pretty flower. Belarus and her knife. China and his epic wok. Korea and a Korean drama. Netherlands and a tulip. Sweden and his Viking hat. To… many…countries at once. Head ache! Wait, what about me?’
You looked around for your potential item. A red silk bag landed in your lap. You looked up to see Germany. “Prussia and I found it. We don’t know what’s inside. It said not to open it.” You nodded and picked up the bag from your lap. All the nations gathered around you to see what it was. You opened it and pulled out the item. Your eyes widened as you saw your face book. Literally. Everyone stared at it the book in your hands. “Uggghh…” “Holy balls it talked!,” Prussia yelled. Everyone jumped back and made their own comment. “Face book!” You hugged the book. “Is that yours?,” England asked from what he considered a safe distant. ”And you named it?!” You looked at the book. “Well I became its owner just tonight and I didn’t exactly name it. I just gave it a nick name! Face book! Because it’s a book with a face!”

The book lead you all to another room with lights everywhere. Standing in the room were the two girls and two big trolls. “They helped put this together! So now for the final event. Remember when I said ‘you guys will like it’? I literally meant guys. (Name) did a spell to make tonight entertaining so the final event will involve her!” “ Before some of you kill me, the spell was for an entertaining night…with a few conditions. Whatever this final event is, I don’t know but I will allow it.” The book cheered along with the two girls and the trolls. “All we needed was your approval. No takesy backsy!” “I’m going to regret this.” “It’s a staring contest and the winner get’s (Name)’s virginity!” “WHAT?!” Everyone yelled in shock. “I’m just kidding, the top six winners will go on a date with (Name) on the day she leaves America’s place!” You sighed in relief. “Remember (Name) you are magically bounded. You have to do it!” “Thank you floating book.“ You walked with the rest of the girls and Sealand to the side lines. You saw Russia and America glaring at each other once again.
‘It’s like the Cold War with them.’ You then noticed many of them were glaring at someone else. England and Scotland. France and Canada for whatever reason along with many more. Ukraine put a hand on your shoulder. “Good luck (Name).”

Two of the six winners were America and Russia. Even though it was random, Russia went against each of the Baltic States and America went against Canada, England, and Scotland with the look you guess he gave Bloody Mary. The other four were Japan, Germany, Denmark, and France. “You got Russia, congratulations!,” Ukraine said excitedly. “But I also got France.” Hungary nodded her head in agreement. “ Just let me know if he does anything strange. We’ll take him down!” You nodded in excitement. You glanced over to Belarus who looked like she was going to kill you. You turned your attention to the small boy that was with you. “I’m tired…” Sealand yawned and rubbed his eyes. The book came flying over and landed on Sealand’s head. ”If you want to go to sleep, we’ll change everything back!” The room became to slowly morph back into the living room. The house was back to its original self. The book, the girls, and the trolls were gone. You picked up your face book and walked out of the room with everyone else. That night, you slept in a huge bed with the other girls. That night you also had a knife, a pitchfork, two pans, and a stick close to the bed.
I just want you to know that you can message me what countries would like to see in this story. Don’t worry, the ones that are already in the story will get their chance to shine! It could be a nation already in Hetalia or one the isn’t. If it isn’t mention their gender, their personality, friends, enemies, and any interests of theirs or habits.

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