I Am Renesmee Cullen Twin Sister(my parents fuc*ing hate me!) 11

Created by dETTE13emo on Monday, May 30, 2011

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I was in my room talking to Jake, when a loud crash suddenly startled me.

"umm,JAke I'm gonna call you later.k?"I said.

"umm,k.Bye,I love you"Jake said.

"love you too!bye"i said before teleporting myself in the living room.

"the volturi's coming"mommy said in a voice I never heared before.I was reading,well more like looking at the picture that's in the mind of mommy.There's that boy again,is he from the volturi?

"I want your daughters."Aro said.

"what do you mean our daughters?"Bella asked in a confused voice and Edward looking confused too.

"we want Rayne and Renesmee"Marcus said in a stern voice.

"Alice whta is the meaning of this?"Edward asked mommy angrily.

"Bella had twins,and Rayne is the twin of Renesmee."mommy said.

"Why didn't you tell me this?"Bella asked

"Because I don't want you as my parents!"I yelled.As I yelled,the things started flying around and my eyes turned black.And suddenly I feel like all of my good side is becoming evil,evil took over my body and as I looked over in the direction of a guard,he suddenly screamed in pain and became ashes.

"That's brilliant,we want her."Aro said.And then I blacked out.

"Rayne are you ok?"Mommy asked.

"I'm fine what happened?"I asked as I saw the volturi members looking at me.

"you used your third power."mommy said whispering in my ear.

"what?!,Did someone got hurt?"I asked,worriedly.

"just a guard-"mommy said but was suddenly interrupted byCauis.

"we'll come back to get her"they said before leaving and I saw that boy again but before I could talk to him they already disappeared.

My body was suddenly pulled by Edward.

"come here"he said in an angry voice.

And as I look back,I saw mommy crying and being comforted by daddy.

"I don't want to go!"I said yelling.

"We are disowning you!"Edward said.

"Well that's great"I said running back in the house,but pulled by a hand.

"don't cry now"Jake said hugging me.


"it's ok now sweetie" mommy said calming me down.

"but what about the volturi?"I asked worriedly.

"We won't let them have you."daddy said.

"sleep now sweetie"mommy said before they leave my room.


"Are you ok"Kim asked as I entered the're house.

"Yeah,im fine"I said smiling

"where's Jake?"I asked.

"in his room"Daren answered.

"Hi"I said as he wake up.

"hello"he said.

we talked and played video games all afternoon.

"yeheey!I won..................................again"I said happilyjumping in his couch.

"im only letting you win"he said tickling me.

"you're the best ever"I said

"you want to eat ice cream?"he asked as we finished playing.

"yeah"I said as my stomach started growling.And we both laugh.

"come,ride at my back"he said.After I climbed at his back,he started running fast.

"Are you already finished"he asked smiling at me.

"ummmm,yeah"I said wiping my mouth.

"ok,I'll already need to get you to your house"he said sadly.

"bye"i said as we walked towards my house.

"bye"he said before kissing me.


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