Kurosaki Ichigo Oneshot - Don’t be jealous, baby

The first Kurosaki Ichigo oneshot from the bleach fame oneshot collection! ^ ^

Created by Fiiaa on Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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Kurosaki Ichigo.

Oneshot – Don’t be jealous, baby.

Requested by: swimmer345


Dropping your sports bag on the couch carelessly you turned on the television putting it on the right channel without even looking at the remote control, it went all on auto-pilot really. You smiled when you saw that your favorite team though you never admitted that openly was winning. Watching him running in his bright blue uniform made goose bumps appear on your arms, of course the right one too. Biting your lip you couldn’t help but to think that he looked so fine in that uniform. Watching the game for a while in silence you snorted when you saw him kissing his platinum wedding band.

Shaking your head you couldn’t help but to smile brightly, “show off” you muttered.

Your eyes fell upon your telephone that was now humming on top of the glass coffee table, sighing you reached over knowing it was one of your friends calling who also saw that affectionate display. Damn, Kurosaki causing trouble for you again. You just got back from practice and if that wasn’t tiring enough now you had answer a million phone calls because your show off husband did something like that. Though that bright smile still didn’t leave your face.

“What the hell was that all about” you heard Renji chuckle, “the show off sure knows how to please his lady doesn’t he” he muttered making you snicker.

“Shut up! I haven nothing to do with that” you murmured as you put the television on mute while you talked to your closest friend, “Kurosaki-san will definitely make a fuss about this next week” you whispered remembering you were going to stay the weekend at the Kurosaki family.

You were looking forward to that all week but now that the carrot top did that you weren’t sure if you were suppose to go or not. Yuzu and Isshin would definitely have a fit, not to mention all the ruckus around it. You were so going to make your husband suffer when he got back this Monday.

“Stop fooling around” Renji muttered, “you know you liked it when he did that, it’s something all girls like, it’s such an affectionate display that you were swooning because of it. He showed the world how much he cares about you, right now you’re blushing a deep red color, almost like a tomato” he continued making you pout a little, “when he gets back you’ll be like ‘oh Kurosaki-kun I love you so much, you are so cool’” he said trying to mimic your voice.

Frowning deeply you scoffed at your friend, “I do not sound like that!” you scolded him, “and for the record I do not call him ‘Kurosaki-kun’” you said sternly, “I never once called him that, I am not Inoue” you muttered making Renji snicker.

“Now that we’re talking about Inoue are you over it?” he asked curiously.

“Over what?”

“The fact that she confessed to him in front of you?” he asked you making you roll your eyes.

“It never bothered me to begin with it!” you sighed before you looked at the ticking clock across the wall, “don’t’ say things like that people might think I am a jealous bitch or something, I do not care that other girls confess to him, I need to run Tatsuki will be coming over later.”

“It doesn’t bother you?” Renji wondered, “I think it does but you are just trying to sound tough deep inside it hurts every time another girl ignores the shining platinum band around his finger, and confesses to him hoping they can make him theirs, it hurts a lot right seeing you are not the type of girl that usually hangs around him. Well I am here for you if you need someone to talk to, when you are ready to admit to your own feelings of course. Say hi to Tatsuki for me” he said before hanging up the phone leaving you stunned behind.

You were sure you never once got jealous of the fact that a million girls were swooning over your husband. He was the one who confessed to you, he was the one who proposed to you. It was all on him, so you weren’t once worried, you thought. Now that Renji had brought up the sensitive subject you didn’t know what you were really feeling.

The new perfume advertisement he did was with that super hot model, you admit that you were kind of jealous when you saw them together. She had her arms wrapped around him and they were pressed so close together that you couldn’t even slide a piece of paper between them. Yes, that made you jealous, though you never told Ichigo about it. You didn’t want him to know. You knew what you got yourself into when you fell for him.

The clock kept ticking away and you knew you had to get up and go take a shower before Tatsuki got here, you still smelled like you just got out of the pool. You didn’t want to have a guest over while smelling like that. Not to mention you wanted to dress in more comfortable clothes right now, so you had to take a shower quickly. Grabbing the bag off the couch you made your way down the hall towards the master bedroom. You smiled when you opened the door, it still smelled like Ichigo though he wasn’t around for two days already.

You felt stupid for missing that idiot already since he was just gone for two days, he got some kind of spell on you and you hated it. You didn’t want him to know how crazy you were about him, because you knew the chances were high of him finding someone else. He was a famous soccer player after all, you weren’t together as often as other couples. You had your swimming and him his soccer, you were more often apart than to together and that got you doubting your relationship.

He called many times when he was away not to mention the video chats you had as well, but that wasn’t the same as being in his arms. Feeling his strong arms wrapped around you as he teased you about. His playful ways never stopped it didn’t matter how many miles away he was, he always kept being so playful.


“That’s not true!” you giggled as Tatsuki kept teasing you about the whole kissing the wedding band, damn Kurosaki really caused you some troubles here, “I am not like that all, why does everyone keeps thinking that I am a swooning girl in love, we’re the same as we were in high school Tatsuki!” you said trying to make her change her mind, “nothing changed at all!”

Sipping from her tea your eyes widened when you saw how an evil smirk spread across Tatsuki’s face, that didn’t seem like you had changed her mind at all.

“Of course everything changed” she said calmly, “you two got married at a very young age, why you ask?” she said and smirked when she looked you straight in the eyes, “because you two were so in love that you had to marry at a young age, that says to me that you indeed a swooning girl in love” she pointed out making you blush.

“Okay it might be true but I am not like that around Ichigo at all you know I would never use the overly sugar coated voice nor do I walk around in summer dresses clinging onto his arm calling him weird nick names, I am not like that at all” you said tiredly as you rubbed a hand over your face, “you know that too Tatsuki” you said and smiled when she nodded.

Finally you got through her!

“Don’t you even call him, ‘Ichi’ like his sisters?” she asked curiously, “it’s normal for a couple you know, you don’t have to be embarrassed.”

“Never, I always call him Ichigo just Ichigo or sometimes Kurosaki but only when I scold him” you informed her, “I never had the urge to call him cute names” you muttered.

“But it’s a different story for Ichigo though” Tatsuki said making you blush a little, “I heard him talking to you once over the phone he rarely calls you by your name, so don’t try to talk yourself out of it, you are indeed a couple crazy in love. Don’t be ashamed of it either, it’s a good thing. We were all worried that this marriage would fail because it was so early but you guys are more than ready for this.”

“You really think so Tatsuki?” you asked as you looked down you were worried about this marriage it was very early for this kind of thing but you always thought you two would make it out okay but lately you weren’t so sure about that, “we’re more apart from each other than that we’re together, it worries me you know” you whispered making her smile.

Putting an arm over your shoulder she tapped your head making you groan in pain as you rubbed the sore spot, “you have nothing to worry about! That idiot wouldn’t think of hurting you, he knows you have me and Renji here, we would hurt him ten times worse if he did anything to you.”

Smiling you nodded your head, you were lucky to have friends like them. They really cared about you like you were a real family, it was a pleasant feeling to know that you weren’t alone, that you had people who would help through times like this.

“Let’s talk about something else shall we, that idiot is not worth our time” Tatsuki announced casually as she placed her cup back down on the coaster, “how did practice go?” she asked as you two talked about small things like practice, school and what not.


Eyes widening when you saw a too familiar duffel on the couch you quickly got your shoes off and walked off as quick as you could towards the bedroom. Smiling when you saw a bright haired man in his sweats and tee walking around with a phone pressed to his ear you giggled when he opened his arm with that cocky grin of his, though you didn’t hesitate a minute to throw yourself into his arms.

“I missed you” you whispered as you held him as tightly as he held you, “why are you back so early?” you asked making him grin.

“We’re going to my old house tomorrow right, so I begged Izuru to postpone the interview so I could come back here and spend a day with my girl, and her alone” he said before he focused back on his phone, “it’s Izuru, I’ll get ready in a minute okay” he said as he pulled out of the hug and went back to his business.

Smiling you walked out of the bedroom feeling like the happiest girl in the world, not only did you beat your rival at your little swimming competition at school, it was just a simple competition you had gone to bigger ones, you still felt good knowing you had beat the girl who tried to mess with you a couple of times. You showed her who is better, and now Ichigo was back, just for you. You couldn’t be more happier than this.

Biting your lip nervously you didn’t know where he was taking you, you didn’t want to go to a fancy restaurant or anything, you didn’t feel like wearing a dress today. You wanted to do something like in the old days, hanging around in the famous smoothie bar you always went to when you were at high school or maybe that coffee shop around the corner. You just wanted to be with him, and nothing more.

Walking to the small mirror right next to the door you fixed your hair a bit as you pulled it up in a pony-tail so it didn’t got in the way, you showered at school so you didn’t feel the urge to hit the shower right now. You brushed your fingers over your lips and put on a bit of lip balm, you usually didn’t spend much time to take care of yourself but with Ichigo around you felt the urge to do so. Smiling when you felt you were decent enough to go on a date you turned around only to be greeted with a cocky smirk of your husband.

“What’s with that look?” you giggled, “are you ready?” you asked as you saw him look at you with curious eyes.

Walking towards you he pressed a kiss to your head, “what do you have in mind?” he asked you in that deep tone of his that made shivers go down your spine.

Cherishing the feel of his lips you smiled a little, “how about the coffee shop around the corner, it’s less crowded so it would be less likely surrounded by your fans” you muttered making him snicker.

“It’s called paparazzi babe” he said making you glare at him, “fine the coffee shop will do, you haven’t changed at all, Syd.”

“Of course I haven’t changed you were gone for three days, how much does a person change in three days, Ichigo?” you asked sarcastically and giggled when he playfully pinched your side, “you ready?” you asked as you met his lips half way for a kiss and smiled when he lingered longer than you expected.

Closing your eyes when he kissed you a bit more passionately you whined when he pulled away and looked into his glowing amber eyes, “I’m ready” he announced and chuckled when he saw that flush upon your cheeks, “are you? Do you need a minute?” he asked playfully earning himself a smack across the head, “hey! I make millions with this face!” he said smirking when he heard you groan in annoyance.

“You never change!” you shot back at him causing him to snicker, “you always try to annoy the hell out of me” you muttered as you walked out the door looking over your shoulder when you heard your husband lock the door.

“That’s true” he agreed as he put an arm over your shoulder and pulled you closer to him, “but you have to admit it baby, you love me this way” he said confidence glowing in his amber eyes.

Smiling at that you nodded your head lightly, “I might just like it” you admitted to him, “but I am not the only one” you whispered hoping he didn’t hear you.

Too bad for you though since he was so close to you he even would have heard you if you breathed it, “you know I don’t care about anyone else, you are what’s important to me” he said stopping in his tracks since he thought this was much more important, “don’t ever doubt me okay, it doesn’t matter that I am across the world because it’s you who I am always thinking about” he said trying to remind you of his love for you.

“You always say that but I can’t help but to feel this way, Ichigo” you said softly inwardly shrieking when another fan past you squealing that it was Kurosaki Ichigo, “something like kissing your wedding band doesn’t ensure it, it’s just publicity” you muttered making him narrow his eyes on you.

“It’s not!” he said raising his voice a little making your eyes widen, “I wouldn’t have asked you to marry me if I wasn’t sure about this” he said as you saw his eyes getting a darker hue, “I love you don’t ever doubt that, alright” he said gripping your shoulders into his hands, “everything I said or done to show you how much I love you is all on me, it’s not told by my manager to do that.”

You could tell he was being serious about this, there was no amused hint in his eyes. He had such a serious expression on his face that it kind of scared you. This was a different side of Kurosaki Ichigo that you didn’t often witnessed.

“I know you mean it” you said softly, “but still…can you blame me for feeling this way?” you asked him and looked away when people started to stop and stare pointing at the two of you, “it’s really hard with all the girls around you, to feel sure about this all” you whispered making him smirk.

“Someone is jealous” he commented making you blush, “I promise you there is no reason for that!” he said before he pulled you closer, pushing you hands against his chest you were embarrassed by this display seeing people were watching, “it’s you that I want, Syd” he whispered in your ear before he pressed a kiss to your jaw and turned holding your hand tightly in his.

Gulping as you looked down embarrassed with everything that happened, you couldn’t help but to feel a little bit happy to. You were sure that Ichigo was speaking the truth, you could tell by looking in his eyes, his eyes were the windows to his soul after all, with just one glance you could tell when he was speaking the truth and when not. Having him ensure his love for you like that made you feel more at ease. Gripping his hand tighter in yours you smiled when he looked down at you.

“I love you too” you said to him causing him to smirk.

“I know” he shrugged making you snort.

“You’re too much Ichigo!” you whined and smiled when you heard him snicker.

“You know you love me like this!” he replied.

That’s true you loved that arrogant yet very playful guy and you wouldn’t want it any other way.

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