Dahvie Vanity Love Story (: (Really Long!) (Dirtyy!)

I was reading Dahvie Vanity love stories and wanted to make my own! (: Hope You Enjoy! Message me! Add me! Give Me Ideas! (": Love, Vanni Vanity ♥

Created by VanniVanity on Thursday, June 02, 2011


Name: AliceAge: 18Location: Phenix, AZBio: You grew up in a split home. You dad left when you where 2 and you havent seen him since. You mum is an alcoholic and she would beat you. You left the day you turned 18. Just to find an escape from her. You are the only child so you had no point to stick around. You are now in AZ liveing your life without your mother. Trying to forget her.
The Story:
Your out and about town one day and notice a big ass poster on the window of the OttoBar. It says "BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR & JEFFREE STAR! FREE CONSERT!" You figered you'd go for something to do and just get drunk. As you contunie walking you best friend calls..."Oh My Fucking God! Alice!""What?" you say calmly. "What do you want Kelsey?""Are you going to that concert at the OttoBar?""Maybe. Problily.""Ok! Great! I'm going I'll meet you there! Bye!""Wait! Kelsey!''But the lines dead. So you head home to get ready for tonight.You pick out your clothing.*Hot Pink Skinny Jeans*Black BMTH Shirt*Black ConversYou get in the shower and get dressed. Tease up you hair and put on your makeup. You call Kelsey and tell her your on your way.~~~~~~~~~~~At The OttoBar~~~~~~~~~~You arrive and see this really hot guy standing with a group of girls all looking as nervious as hell and flirting. One chick is even trying to take her shirt off. I look over to Kelsey and ask her,"Whats up with that guy?""I have not fucking clue.. But hes the sexiest one here!""Yeah..Hes cute." You say as you blush alittle."He just looked over here!""Calm down. Theres no way he is interested in one of us."You guys walk into the bar and get drinks as the show starts. It starts with Jeffree Star singing LoliPop Luxury. You fav. song by him! As he contunies his set you walk acrossed the bar to get another drink. You sit down and start to drink and feel some one nug you. You look over and its that extremly hot guy from out side with all the girls."Ummm....Hi.." You say."Hello. You look cute tonight""Thanks.. I'm Alice.""I'm Dahvie""Cool name. What are you here for?""Really?''"What?""You dont know who I am?""Nope. Not a clue. Should I?""Well yeah! Tehe. I'm in the band Blood on the Dance Floor.""Oh Really?""Yupp and I was wondering if you would like to hang out after our set?''"Ummm..Sure. I'd love to.""Epic! So wanna come back stage with me?""Sure."You get up to follow him back stage. Your having a hard time keeping up so he grabs your hand and pulls you close to him. You make it backstage and you heart is pounding from him grabbing your hand. He guides you to a room back stage and opens it. The second we walk in i get hit in the face with something and a boy with the sweetest voice screams"CANDY WARS DAHVIE!"He yells back,"JAYY QUITE BEING A DUMB ASS YOU JUST HIT THIS GIRL IN THE FACE!""Oh sorry random chick."You chime in, "Its fine."Dahvie says, "Are you sure?'' As he grabs your chin to see if your ok."You have a big red mark above your eye. Let me fix it." He kisses you eye lightly.Your speechless.Dahvie starts talking again, "Alice this is: Jayy, Sally, and Garette. We are....BOTDF!"You can finally talk and say, "Hi everyone. I'm Alice."Sally get up and hugs you, "Hello! Your really pretty! Are you coming with us after the set?""Yeah." You say.Dahvie and Jayy start talking and Garette is just sitting there. So you sit down next to Sally and just talk about random stuff.~~~~~~~~~About 30 min later~~~~~~~~~A random man walks in and tells them there on in 5. Dahvie comes over and hugs me saying,"Why don't you come out on stage with us?""I don't know...""Come on it will be fun!"He grabs your hand and pulls you up into another hug, "Ok. Ok. I'll go out on stage."You go out on stage and ever one screams. You find Kelsey with you eyes and she is staring so confussed. I wave to her. She waves back then walks away tord the bar. You quickly start to fall in love with Blood on the Dance Floors music.Dahvie sings. Jayy Screams. Garette plays the drums and Sally sings too. Sally talks to you between songs and times she sings telling me the song names and saying the lyrics quietly to her self."I would love you all to say hi to my new friend! Alice!" You hear Dahvie say. He walks over to you and pulls you close. Everyone screams and you have a 5 sec. fame. He gose back to singing.~~~~~~~~~After the set~~~~~~"So how did you like it?" Dahvie asked."It was fun. I have truly fallen in love with your music.""Really? I'm so glad! So where do you wanna go?""It dosn't matter to me.""Ok then.... SALLY!!!"Sally responeds, "What Dahvie?!?""Where do girls like to go to eat?""I dont know...Olvie Garden?""Ok that sounds good!" He says kindly to Sally. "Wanna go to Olive Garden?" He asked me."Sure. Why not?""Ok lets go!" He grabs you hand and pulls you into his arms. We start to walk and get in his car.I say, "I love your car!""Really? Its just a old van.""Yeah! I know it perfect!"We arrive at Olive Garden. Dahvie runs around the car to open you door. I say, "Oh so kind sir. Thank you!""You are very welcome ma'ma.""Tehe""Ok well lets go inside."You to go inside and he askes for a booth and sits right next to you really close. You eat and talk, laugh and giggle.~~~~~~~~~After Dinner~~~~~~~~You to are out in the parking lot. And Dahvie grabs you and pulls you into a kiss. You step back quickly and gasps."I'm so sorry Alice! I don't know why I did that. Please. I'm Sorry! Plea...." You kiss him, cutting him off."Don't apoigize. I liked it" You say kissing him again.He pulls you closer to him and you can feel his hands moving down your back. He grabs your ass and you moun."You like that?" He asked."Mhmmm..." You say kissing him deeper.He Pushes you back."Alice. I just met you and I don't want to hurt you or just lose control and go to far.""Ok.""Let go back to my place and watch a movie or something.."You both get in the van and go back to his place. You walk in the door and Sally and Jayy are danceing like retards in the living space."What the hell are you two doing?'' Dahvie asked them."DANCEING!" Jayy screams over the music."Its really loud." You say."Yeah I know. Lets go up to my room."You two walk up the steps and you hear Sally scream "BE SAFE! SAFE SEX BETTER SEX!"Dahvie sceams back. " SHUT THE FUCK UP SALLY!" as he gose through his bedroom door. "This is my room.." Dahvie says."Its really epic looking in here." You say."Thanks!" He said as he lays down on the bed. "Come here."You walk over to him and get on top of him asking, "What?""This." He pulls you down and kisses you deep with tounge.He grabs you ass and flips you around so hes on top. He continous kissing you and starts moving his hands up your shirt. You sit up and break the kiss to take off your shirt. Dahvie, still on top un-hooks you cute lil black and blue bra. He slowly kisses down you neck to your chest. He starts sucking your nipples. You moun and take his shirt off. He suddenly gets off of you and walks to the other side of the room."Whats wrong?" You say gettin up to follow."Why are you letting me do this?""Because I want to." You say putting your hands around his neck. You kiss him deeply again and say "Shall we continue?""Please"You grab his hand and walk back over to the bed. you lay down and pull him with you. He starts massageing you boobs and you can feel him getting harder and harder. You reach down and grab his dick. "Uhhhh....." He mouns loudly "Alice pull it out"You do so and start to blow him. He grabs your chin and moves you up to kiss him and leans you back to take your pants off. Once there off you can feel his hands rubbing your inner thighs. You look up when he stops and him first 3 fingers and in his mouth. He takes them out so there nice and wet and put his index finger in you and slowly puts his middle finger in too. He places his thumb on you clits and starts runbbling going in and out. You moan as he gose faster. He pulls out his fingers and stands up and opens a condom rapper and puts it on "Are you Ready?'' He askes. You shake your head. He lays back down on top of you and puts it in. He gose faster and faster for about an hour or two till you cum. You fall asleep in his arms that night.~~~~~~The next morring~~~~~~You wake up and walk down stairs to the living area. Jayy and Sally are sitting there watching tv and you sit down next to Sally."You have fun last night? You where really loud." Sally asked."Hehe. Was I? And yes i had fun.""It surly sounded like it!" Jayy said. "Do you guys want breakfast? I'm Hungry!"Sally responed "SURE! Alice, Why dont you go wake up Dahvie?""Ok" You walk up stairs and see hes still asleep. You walk over and get on top of him and kiss him."Mmmmmm....." He says"Get up! Jayys making breakfast!""Ok. Ok." He says as he sitts up, Kissing you.You lep up and smile, "Come on! I'm hungery!""Didnt you have your fill last night? Tehe.""Haha." You say as you walk over and pull him up."Ok! Im coming!" He saiys as he streches and heads for the door.You two walk down stairs together and Sally says loudly "Awwww!""Oh Shut the fuck up!" Dahvie snaps."Calm down jezz! Anyways Alice! Jayys making Waffles. How many do you want?""Just one.'' You respond."And Dahvie?""None. I'm not hungry.." He says pissed off."Damn! Whats your problem?""NOTHING!" He screams and storms out of the door.You just sit there and eat in silence as Jayy ans Sally throw food at one another.You go up stairs after eating and get your shoes and stuff. You walk down the steps with your head down and hair in your face.Sally asks, "Whats Wrong?''You dont responed."Is it Dahvie?""Mhmmm...""Its ok. He dose this offten. He finds a girl oh so perfect. And acts like a fucker cus he thinks hes going to mess it up. Then he dose by getting pissed off. Just having to much in his brain.""Oh..""Yeah. He'll be back soon thinking that you left. If you wanna stick around?""Ok"~~~~~~~~~4 Hours Latter~~~~~~~~Dahvie walks in the door tripping over his own feet with blood shot eyes. He falls to the ground and you run over to him."Oh My God! Dahvie? Dahvie?! Dahvie!" You shout as his eyes close. "Sally! Call 911!"Sally calls and you can hear her in the back ground. You hold him in your arms till the parametics arrive.They take him and you Sally and Jayy follow the ambulence. As you arive at the hosbital you jump out of the car and run to the side of Dahvie. You start to cry and wonder what has he done to himself? Sally walks over and confereds you."What in the world has he done to himself?" You ask Sally."I have no clue he has never done anyhting this bad.""Do you think i did something wrong?"No.."~~~~~~~~~Later that night~~~~~~~~"Mmmmmmm...." Dahvie mouns.You jump up and sprint to his side. "Dahvie?""Alice.....? You stayed? Why?""Because...""Why?""I don't know..""Then you should just go!""Dahvie....""GO BITCH! I NEVER LIKED YOU! YOU A FAT ASS BITCH! SLUTTY! THATS ALL YOU ARE!"You run out of the room and run into Sally as run down the hall."Woh there! Alice? Whats wrong?""Him! He just called me a bitch and a slut!" You say with a shaky voice and tears running down your face."Sally, he hates me. Theres nothing more to it!""Alice, Calm down! I'll call Jayy to take you back to our house.Jayy picks you up about an hour latter. Sally hugs you goodbye. "Be safe!"Jay waves bye and the ride home was quite.~~~~~~~3 Days Latter~~~~~Youve been staying with Sally and Jayy for 3 days and Dahvie comes home today. Jayy just left to pick him up.As he walks throught the door he trys to run back out the door the sec. he sees you. You start to cry and Sally hugs you as Jayy holds Dahvie on the floor to keep him from running away. Dahvie gives up and walks over to you and hugs you. You just stand there starring at the floor. He says, "Baby...I'm sorry for what I said and the way I actted. It was wrong. I just didn't want to hurt you.""You hurt me more then ever doing that.." You trail off."I know and I wanna make that up to you.""Ok. But I think ima go....Bye guys thanks for everything. Dahvie ill never forget you..I hope to see you again."You walk out of the door crying and head home.~~~~~~~~~Back Home~~~~~~~~As soon as you get home you call Kelsey. She picks up the phone with a loud, "Hi!""Hi..." You say."Alice? Whats Wrong?""Nothing I shouldent of called....Bye."You sit in your room all day crying and fall asleep to the song LoveSucks by Blood on the Dance Floor. The next morrning you hear a loud banging on your door. You get up to answer it and only see a note you pick it up and read it:
Dear Alice, I'm sorry for everything.I wanna see you again.And if you wanna see me again meet me at the Olive Garden at 8 tonight.
Your shocked at this note. But you deside to go. You get ready and head to the Olvie Garden.
~~~~~~~~At the Olive Garden~~~~~~~~You find Dahvie and hug him."You came?" He says."Of course."He kisses you and wont let you go he wispers in your ear "Will you be my girlfriend?""Yes!" You screach.He holds your hand and walks you out to his van, opens the door and plops you on the seat. He climbs in with you and you guys fuck for 3 hours till he cums.~~~~~~~~~~~1 Month Later~~~~~~~You are now liveing with Dahvie, Sally and Jayy. You and Sally are home alown one day and you tell her, "I think I might be pregnat...""What with Dahvies baby?" She squeles."Yes.""Well lets go to the store and by a test thinggy!""Ok."~~~~~~~~Later that day~~~~~~~Youve taken the test, and your waiting for Dahvie to get home.He walks through the door and sees you on the couch, and walks over and sits next to you. "Hello Cuite!""Hi...""Baby? Whats wrong?""Ummm.... Well im..... Preg...."Dahvie kisses you before you can finish your sentence. "Alice, I Love You!""I Love You Too!"~~~~~~~~8 months later~~~~~~~~"Ahhhhhh.....!" You scream in the middle of the night waking Dahvie."Baby? Oh My God! Whats wrong?""The babys coming!"Sally wakes up and rushes you to the Hospital.3 hours later you give birth to a sweetie named Dahvie Jr. He looks just like his daddy.~~~~~~Later in life~~~~~~~Its been four years and you and Dahvie are happily together. Never married but together. Dahvie Jr. is doing well. And Sally and Jayy and both doing well. Blood on the Dance Floor is still going strong. Dahvie and you have a special date planned for tonight at the Olive Garden. You to head out the door and get on that old van that is barely running now. Dinner gose well and he ask you to marry him. You say Yes! Of course! And you to live happily married for 10 years along with another baby named Jessica. About 2 months after you and Sally are out shopping and on the way home you both get into a car accedent. Nethier of you make it. Dahvie finds out and cant hold it together. He ask Jayy to take care of the children for ever and always remined then he loves them. He walks to the kitchen and grabs a knife. Jayy watches as he walks up the steps to shocked to move and hears a scream from Dahvie. He runs to Dahvies room and finds him dead laying in your spot on the bed.~~~~~~~In your after life~~~~~~~You two find eachother in the after life and watch over your children from above. And learning that Jayy has died 12 years later of natrual causes.
The End! (: Hope you Enjoyed (:
~Vanni Vanity!

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