Prussia~Bondage~ request/drabble Hetalia for roylover47330

AW! THIS IS REALLLY LATE! GAH I'M SO SORRY! GAH IM HORRIBLE! ESPICALLY WRITING SMUT! Warning smut ahead please dont report me this is the first one i ever wrote!

Created by beloved130 on Friday, June 03, 2011



Oneshot Bondage: Ireland x Prussia

Subject: Bondage

Gilbert was looking up on Google till he found a word he didn't know. Not that he , the awesome Gilbert, would admit. Googling it he grinned at the meaning of the word “bondage”. Gilbert looked into his Awesome Clothes Closet finding the perfect costume with accessories.

Now to find his victim-I mean girl.

Nikki are you in here?!” Gilbert yelled barging in as if he owned the house.

In here!” Came Nikki's reply from the living room.

Grinning at the perverted images Gilbert ran towards the living room not before tripping flat on his Awesomely Hotness Face.

Nikki tell me what does the awesome Gilbert have here?” purred Gilbert from behind the blonde-orange haired beauty. Nikki looked up from her book about animals to see Filbert dressed as a police officer.

A damn hot one that is.

Gilbert why are you dressed like that?” Nikki raised a slim brow.

Because I am awesome! Plus” Grinning Gilbert said” Your under arrest!”


What the?!-” Nikki soon found her self handcuffed to the wooden chair she sat on.” Gilbert what are you doing?!”

Hush Meine Frau, it's a little thing called bondage~” Gilbert purred his hand wandering up and down Nikki's body. Nikki blushed as his hand neared her chest. Gilbert tilted er head up forcing their lips to meet. Nikki groaned as Gilbert slipped his tongue in her mouth. A battle was fought and Gilbert won, Nikki let him.

Now lets begin the fun Meine Frau~” Gilbert grinned grabbing onto Nikki.


~~~~Extended ending

Germany passing by noticed that the backdoor of Nikki's house was left open, he went inside only to hear weird noises from the living room.

Hey what's going on-?!?!”

Hey West! Come and join us!” came the naked Gilbert's invite.

Don't go into a person's house without knocking kids!

(Sorry if I was REALLY late! And if it was bad!)

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