.:Devastatingly Sexy:. [Gray Fullbuster] One-shot

Let's just say I had fun writing this. Enjoy!

Created by londonanimelover on Friday, June 03, 2011


Gray slumped forward, his chin resting on the wooden table and his arms sprawled out in front of him. He let out an exhausted sigh.

“What’s up?” I asked him, giving him a light, playful punch on his arm as I sat down beside him.

“Claire, I... I think Juvia’s in love with me.” He let out another sigh and began toying with the beads on my bracelet.

My eyes flew open in disbelief. “You think?!”

Gray slowly sat up and looked at me. “What do you mean?”

“Well, it’s kinda obvious that she’s in love with you.” I pulled my wrist away from Gray’s hands and began fiddling with the beads myself.


“You’re so slow. When did she tell you?”

“I found out on my own.”

“You took your time doing it. So when are you gonna ask her?”

“Ask her what?”

“I don’t know! To dinner... to a movie... a date... tell her that you love her back?”

Gray tilted his head to the side, and a confused expression washed over his face. He shifted in his seat, and looked around.

“Uh... do I have to?” Gray scratched his head, looking rather sheepish.

“Er, yes. What did you want to do?”

Gray cast his eyes away from me, and looked down. “I was going to tell her I’m not interested.”

I slapped his forearm. “That’s not something you’d say to her! You’ll break her heart!”

“So you want me to lie?” Gray looked me straight in the eye this time, making me feel uncomfortable. I fidgeted in my own seat. What was I doing?

“No... Tell the truth. But...” I didn’t know what else to say. I didn’t know what my ‘but’ was supposed to be. Juvia is really annoying... everytime she coos Gray’s name... but she’s just a girl. And a girl like her wouldn’t be able to take rejection from a man she admires so much. She can’t hide her feelings... not as much as I can anyway.

“Ok, I’ll tell the truth,” Gray concluded, and stood up. I craned my neck up to see him. “but come with me first.” He held out his hand to me. Unsure of what he wanted or what was going to happen, I reluctantly took it. He squeezed my fingers and gave me a small smile.

And even though his fingers were ice cold, as per expected, they still fired me up, sending a surge of warmth up my arms. I shivered as I stood up, hoping the blush wasn’t apparent on my face.

Gray began leading me towards the stairs, still holding my hand.

“Gray-sama!” I snapped my head towards the sound. It was Juvia, rushing towards us, squealing Gray’s name.

Gray immediately dropped my hand, and turned to face Juvia. “Er, hello.” He managed to say gingerly.

Juvia was still eyeing me. “Juvia found a perfect job that we could do together!” Juvia effervesced, waving the job poster in front of Gray.

“Later.” He dismissed coldly. Seeming annoyed, he left Juvia, leaving me too, and went and sat back down at his table. I looked at Juvia, who looked like she was going to cry.


I walked up the stairs, to where Gray was leading me to earlier. I don’t know what had happened to him... after that little ‘incident’ he just vanished. I carried on climbing stairs ‘till I reached the balcony of Fairy Tail. I sat down and stretched my legs out in front of me, my arms were behind me and my palms were digging into the ground.

I stared up at the night sky, at the small stars, the moon, and the helicopters and planes. I closed my eyes as a refreshing breeze whipped up around me, messing up my hair. I straightened my hair down, pushing it out of my face. Then I saw Gray sitting down next to me, his shirt missing.

“Aren’t you cold?” I asked him, eyeing his naked chest.


We stayed quiet for a bit. He seemed oblivious to me and began staring up at the sky as I had been a few minutes ago.


He looked at me, his eyes were bright and... swirly.

“You wanted to tell me earlier...”


“The truth, I think...”


He turned to look at me, and, unexpectedly, he wrapped his arms around me, squeezing me tightly in an embrace.

“Wha- hey! Gray-!”

“Shh...” he silenced me, stroking my hair, caressing my back, and making my head spin more than it should.

I gave in to him, and my own trembling hands crept up bare chest, and the feeling of his smooth muscles under my palms was intoxicating.

“Do you like me...?” Gray whispered into my ear, tickling me with his surprisingly warm breath.

I fidgeted under the heat and warmth and closeness of it all, tried to open my mouth to speak, but my throat had gone dry. After swallowing a few times, I tried speaking again.

“I- I don’t know... do you like... me?” I was almost scared to say it, and even more afraid to hear his answer. Shame was rising up in me, threatening to blow my mind. I was anticipating the moment Gray rips himself from me and laughs, saying how funny that was. This was a Gray I had never seen before.

“What do you think?” He whispered again, his voice was devastatingly sexy, and my head began spinning again. He closed whatever distance we had between us, craned his neck, and brought his head down, and brushed his silky soft lips across my collar bone, bringing out a huge shiver from me.

“Gray...” I trembled, thankful that I was sitting down, because, if I had been standing I would’ve passed out. Gray gripped my hips, pulling me towards him; he grabbed my wrist and caressed it. His lips touched the skin above my collar bone, he whispered again.

“I want you...Claire...” his breath tickled my skin again. “...not that clingy blue-haired chick.”

He began to suck on the skin above my collar bone, effortlessly drawing a small moan from me. It was like nothing I’d ever felt before.

“Gray, you...”

“Shh...” He raised his head and his lips found mine. He began sucking on mine, passionately, slowly. He had me wanting more, needing more, craving more. He began kissing more intimately, more passionately, just, more. His hands caressed me all over, causing my body to buckle at his touch.

He drew away from me, slowly, and panted for air just like I was. His lips were red and looked irresistible. All I wanted to was to lunge forward and throw myself at him, everything.

“Do you like me then?” Gray huffed.

“After that? I’d be mad if I said no.”

“Do you want me?” He smirked sexily, cocking an eyebrow.


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