Don't Go(Oli Sykes Love Story)- Info

Created by FantasyGirl47 on Saturday, June 04, 2011



Lily Clark- Lives in Newcastle.20 years old. Going to Oxford in the fall. Her mother killed herself when she was 14. So, she only lives with her dad and older brother, Jeremy. Her aunt and uncle live in Sheffield(important). She doesn't really listen to much music, only pop. Never heard of BMTH(what would life be like??).

Jeremy Clark- Older brother of Lily. He already attended university, living at home until Lily leaves forUniversity.newspic5918.jpg

William Clark- Lily's father. Extremely successful as a lawyer. Spoils Lily rotten. Misses his wife like crazy.


Elizabeth "Liz" Clark- Lily's mother. Killed herself when she was 43


Kayla English- Lily's best friend. Got married straight out of school


James English- Kayla's husband and one of Lily's best friends.


Katherine "Kat" Scott- Lily's aunt on her mother's side.


Brennan Scott- Kat's husband and Lily's Uncle.
alison.jpgBristol Scott- Lily's cousin and Kat and brennan's daughter.

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