O Flattery, why doth thou tempt us so? ReaderxFrance

Created by homunculust on Wednesday, June 08, 2011

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France gripped your hand as the two of you sat at the little bistro on the Parisian street corner.
“My darling, have I ever told you you have the most startling eyes?” he purred, stroking your hand.
Your cheeks were sinking into deeper shades of pink.
He kissed your hand and nuzzled it, his stubble stinging a little. “And your skin is just divine… I could do this all night.
Your face hit an unnatural shade of fuchsia. “F-Francis…”
“And your hair… I could just play with it all day…” He said playing with a stray curl.
“I have to go… now…” You said, getting up and forcing him to let go of you.
He blinked and smiled… You’ll be back…

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