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As you read this is a boyxboy. DON'T LIKE? THEN DON'T READ.

Created by ladiidaidai on Sunday, June 12, 2011

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Chapter name: PARADISE

I can't believe it. This is not what I expected of Camp Chapter. My parents have been played. I laugh out loud happy.
This place looks awesome. All the cabins are colored rainbow. I see cross dressers, trannies boys and boys holding hands, girls and girls making out. Whatever it has to do with homosexuality it was there. I was completely amazed and in awe. This is where I want to be. This is where I belong. With all the gays and lesbians and bisexuals and trannies and cross dressers.
I'm still looking around in awe when I hear "HEADS UP." But I don't duck in time and a ball knocks me down. My vision is all blurry for a second and I see a figure standing above me.
When my vision becomes unblurry I gasp. Its Noah Rogers from my school. He was one of the jocks that made my life a living hell at school for being gay. That fucking hypocrite.
"You fucking hypocrite!" I decide to yell at him. His brown hair flops into his chocolately brown eyes. I stand up and punch him in the face. It barely hurts him. Damn my little hands. He stares at me with sad guilty regretful eyes. I punch him again but it doesn't really do anything. The most damage will probably be a bruise in the morning. I go to punch him again but someone holds my hand back. I don't look back at the person holding my hand. I just look at Noah with tears welling up in my eyes.
He's a damn hypocrite. Him and his stupid lacross buddies beat on me like everyday because of my sexuality and here he is at a camp for gay kids. Obviously he's gay.
"I'm so sorry," he whispers. I shake my head and turn my back on him.
"Fuck you." I mutter sadly. I finally look at whose holding my hand back and gasp. He was so big. He has massive muscles that would intimidate anyone. He was built like a mountain. He looks incredibly scary.
"Violence solves nothing." He says in a soft voice that puts me to ease. I nod my head and his face breaks into a huge smile. I can't help but smile back. "Come on. I will take you to the founder of the camp." I nod and follow him. I look back to see Noah staring at me with those same eyes.
We walk for a while in silence. I'm glad for the silence because then I can take in the scenery. Its so beautiful. The cabins are all painted in rainbows. I see that the dock is even painted in rainbow. I love how it looks like the lake is sparkling and I love all the trees surrounding the place.
"This place is beautiful." I say to this giant boy. "Hey what's your name? My name is Giovanni Johnson."
"Oh! How rude of me. My name is Trent Peters. Welcome to our camp. This camp is for people who's parents want to "fix" them. Or for parents who want to send them to a place where people would understand them."
"What?" I ask kindof confused.
"Okay so my parents know I'm gay and they accept me. Parents who are usually like that find out that this place is actually a camp to get away from prejudice people and hang with there own people." He explains to me. I look at him in awe. This place sounds so amazing.
We walked a long way from the rainbow cabins. We step through some trees and reach a plain cabin where near a black gate. Trent takes my hand and we hide behind a tree. Then this really initmidating guy steps out the cabin with some parents and a girl that looked around my age. She looked really scared.
"Don't worry," he says in a deep voice. He places his hand on the girls shoulder and she shivers with fear. "We'll have her fixed in no time." Her parents smirk at him and he does the same. They then hop in and drive of. The scary guy looks for them to be gone. The black gate closes and he let's out a sigh of relief.
Trent and I step out from behind our tree.
The scary guy looks at us and breaks out in a smile. Up close he looks just like Trent. "Trent my boy. Was that all the parents."
"Yeah dad. Let the sirens run so everyone can get here." Duh Giovanni. Of course there related. Then the sirens sounded. The girl looks really scared but Trent went over to talk to her. A band of people gather around. Trent's dad steps out of his plain cabin in a rainbow jumpsuit. Woah.
"Hey Campers!!" Trent's dad says. Everyone except a few people which I assume are newbies like me greets him excitedly. "Boy don't we have those screwed up parents fooled." Some people shout back happily. "Well I'm going to explain how this camp works to the newbies. First off my name is Brian and I am the founder of this camp. This camp let's anyone who can't be themselves at home be themselves here at camp for the summer. To get away. Either from the parents who want there homosexual kids "fixed" or from the kids that can't except homosexuality. This camp is for love and guidance. For friendship and advice. This camp is for acceptance of who you are and who you love. This camp is not some dumb ass camp named Camp Chapter." His words are powerful and alluring. Acceptance is exactly what I need. From hearing from my father that I'm scum for loving the same sex when he found out it didn't leave me time to embrace who I am and the gender I love. "This place is even better than that shitty brochure. This is Camp Unexpected!"
And I knew then that this place was going to be the start of something new.

I already have this so written somewhere else. I just want to post it here to see how people would react to it.

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