Impossible (An InuYasha Love Story) Info

My first InuYasha storyline! Hoe you like! It features Kage Tamashi (My Character) and Sesshomaru (Inuyasha character).

Created by baybie102 on Sunday, June 12, 2011

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Name: Kage Tamashi

Race: Half-demon

Powers: She can fly, use psychic powers, and her attacks are: destroy~ her fingers turn black, and whatever she touches dissolves and entters an alternate dimension. Consume~ her mouth turns into a black hole.

Transform into a human:


Transform into full demon:


Personality: Shy, very shy. Extremely violent when angry. She will kill any demon that hurts her friends/family or children. She lovees children. Her mother was a demon faerie, her father was human. She has a sister, but hates her for siding with humans.

Past: She lived with her mother and hated her father. She hates her sister for siding with the humans. She has tried to kill her sister many times. Her mother was killed by Naraku, so she hates him.







Name: Sesshomaru

Race: Demon

Personality: Cold, quiet, evil, selfish, powerful, has some emotions.

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