-KHR- My Lonely Flower -A Takeshi Story- *Part 10*

Created by o0Mystique0o on Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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-- Writer comes in to say some very meaningfull words: I have not been updating in awhile (yes yes I know, don't throw rotten fruit at me D: ) 'cause I was busy with school. BUT my vacation is almost starting, so I'm going to update alot more these next months. I hope to finish this story in those months. I atleast have an idea for it, but more ideas (any ideas) are always welcome :) I love to hear what readers think should happen :D! --

The schoolbell rang as you got up to go home.

"Alcia-chan!" Takeshi said before you could leave. "Are you free now?"

You nodded and smiled at him. "Yes, why?"

"Ah, was wondering if you could give me some tutoring today.." He said, chuckling a bit while he rubbed his head. "I looked into my math book yesterday and didn't got a thing.. And we have a math test next week!"

You chuckled and nodded. "Sure! My place? Geoffrey is picking me up today." Takeshi nodded and sighed a bit in relieve, making you smile some more. You were happy that you could help him with something! Especially after he helped you big time with that storm.. You waved a bit to Kyoko and Hana as a goodbye as they waved back, seeing you leave with Takeshi. They looked at you meaningfully (again!) and chuckled.

You sighed and shook your head. This wasn't a date either! You were just going to help him! And the last time wasn't a date aswell!

It wasn't!!!!

Once you got outside, Geoffrey was already waiting for me. "Hello little miss."

"Hello Geoffrey. Takeshi is coming home with me today, is that okay?"

"Ofcourse little miss. Your father is away today so maybe the young sir can stay over for dinner aswell?" He said, smiling to you. You blinked, thinking that it couldn't harm if he stayed over for dinner..

Takeshi smiled widely and nodded. "Sure! We can cook aswell!"

You chuckled a bit. "Well, we have cooks.. And, I have never cooked before so that might not be such a great idea ^^'...."

Takeshi looked at you, with an confused kind of look on his face. "You've never cooked?"

You shook your head, looking down a bit emberassed. "No.. I have always had a cook who cooked for me."

Takeshi chuckled and nodded. "Then I'll learn you how to cook today." He said, giving you a wide smile. "You'll have to learn it someday!"

You smiled a bit at him and nodded. It couldn't harm learning some little things, right?


"There! And that's how you find out what the diameter is of a tube!" You said, looking at Takeshi. You soon laughed a bit, seeing the very confused look Takeshi had on his face.

"Right...." He said, nodding.

"You don't understand it do you?" You said, chuckling a bit. You weren't making fun of him, but it was just so adora-


Moving on.

"That's okay, we can go over it again if you want?" You said, smiling to him. He shook his head immediatly, making you laugh a bit again.

"Why don't we start cooking now?" He said quickly, changing the subject. You smiled and nodded. You were getting a little bit hungry after all.. You heard the doorbell and you heard Geoffrey opening (you two were downstairs in the living room). Soon the door from the living room slammed wide open as a very hard 'VOOOOOOOOOOOOOOI' came to fill the room.

"Squalo!" You said, smiling widely. "It's been a long time!"

"Ah." He said, walking right past you as he stood in front of Takeshi."What is he doing here?!

"Uhm, studying?" You said, chuckling a bit. "What are you doing here?"

"We're here to speak to your father." He said, making you blink a bit. Your family was close to the varia, but they never came by.. Was something wrong?

"Papa is away." You said, making Squalo look to you. "I don't know where he is but he usually returns the same day from his meetings. You can wait for him if you want." You said, smiling to him.

"We'll wait." Xanxus said as he entered the room and sat on a chair. The rest of the varia soon followed. You smiled, as you liked the varia.

"Xanxus-san. Is something going on?" You asked him as Xanxus just ignored you. That was something you least liked of the varia. You weren't a boss yet so not that 'important'. They never really felt the urge to talk to you. The came for your father, that's all. "Well..." You said, looking at Takeshi. "Let's go..?"

Takeshi nodded, standing up and grabbing his books. He exchanged looks with Squalo as he followed you out.

"Didn't see them for a long time!" Takeshi said, smiling. You nodded. "Me neither. I wonder why they are here?" You sighed a bit, hoping that nothing was going on and that they just dropped by to speak to your father..

"Here we are!" You said, entering the kitchen. It was pretty big, with four stoves, one huge refrigerator and countless of kitchen devices. Your family often had guests over (sometimes whole families) so thatswhy it was.. Big.

"Wow." Takeshi said, looking around. "I don't even know where to start!" He said, chuckling.

You chuckled aswell. "Well, what do you want to eat?"

"Miss Marteni! A-Ah, we are so sorry! We didn't knew you were hungry already! You usually eat later and-" The cook said who just came in. You chuckled a bit and shook your head. "It's alright, don't worry. We will cook for ourselves today, but thank you for always cooking. We are having guests in the living room, maybe they want something to eat and drink?" You said, as she nodded immediatly and stormed of towards the living room with a plate full of drinks and food (which she apparentlyhad ready).

"Sorry about that." You said, rubbing your head a bit. "So.. What do you want to eat? We have about everything here.."

Takeshi smiled. "So.. I can use everything here?" He said, while you nodded. He immediatly started to search through the cabinets, started to put everything ready as you got a small idea of what he wanted to make. Sushi. Well, he already taught you how to make that, but never mind! It still tastes good!


After an hour of two (it could have been faster, but you screw up a couple of times) you two finally made a big plate of sushi.

"It looks so colorfull!" You said, smiling as you looked at it. "It's almost a shame to eat it!"

Takeshi chuckled and nodded. "It is! But if we don't, we'll stay hungry."

He was right about that. You both sat down at the kitchen table and started to eat the sushi, which thanks to Takeshi mostly, tasted wonderfull!

"Tomorrow is your baseball game right?" You asked as Takeshi nodded.

"Ah. It starts at 4pm. We're out pretty early so.. Want me to pick you up here?"

You nodded. "If it's not a problem!"

Takeshi grinned and shook his head. "Ofcourse not! I'll be here at 3 then!"

You smiled and continued to eat. The two of you talked about almost everything untill Geoffrey came in.

"It's getting late little miss. Your father is back aswell and the varia just left. Should I take the young sir home?"

You nodded, smiling. "Thanks Geoffrey. Can I speak to papa?"

Geoffrey nodded. "Yes, he wanted to speak to you anyway." Geoffrey said as he motioned for Takeshi to stand up.

"Well, see you Tomorrow Alcia-chan!" He said, smiling widely as he waved at you. You waved back and went upstairs, knocking on your fathers door.


"Come in." You heard your fathers voice say as you went in. You saw him sitting behind his desk, papers laying everywhere and he looked pretty concerned. Not an emotion you often saw in your fathers face. "Sit down." You nodded and sat down before the desk, waiting patiently for him to start.

"I believe you know that the varia were here?" He asked you as you nodded. "They came to bring bad news, Alcia-chan.. From this moment on, our family is being targeted. We're in war."

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