Your Nickel Ain't Worth My Dime... [Kellin Quinn]

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Created by LIVEx16 on Monday, June 20, 2011

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I had his stuff packed and ready to go before he got home. I didn't need an explanation or some bullshit excuse. I didn't want to fight or yell. I just wanted him to leave me alone.
I basically declared this apartment mine since I kept functioning while he went on tour for months at a time. I think it's a fair trade for the way I feel right now.

I crawled onto the bed I once shared with someone I thought I trusted. Someone that made me feel different and special. I just wish I would have known that he made countless other girls feel the same way while he was still with me.
So yes. I cried. Shoot me. It wasn't just the fact that this guy I can safely say I loved totally screwed me over. It was that I was stupid enough not to realize it when it should have been so obvious. I'm disappointed in myself for being so blind to it.
The totally random band practices, the days without a text or call while he was on tour, random calls throughout the day where he had to step out of the room to take. It all adds up. I guess you can also include the multiple videos and pictures of him from Warped Tour, holding one girl's hand, kissing another, flirting with a third one. And instead of having the decency to end it with me, he went behind my back. I had to find out from my best friend that was on the same tour with her own band. He doesn't even know that I know yet.

I sat up in my bed with silent tears streaming down my face. I couldn't figure out why I would cry over someone who isn't worth the energy. It just hurt I guess. A lot more than I was expecting.
So my heart basically sunk into my stomach when I heard the front door shut. It suddenly felt like my chest was caving in. The tearsfell faster now.
"Baby?"he called out from the end of the hallway. The sound of his voice made me cringe and seeth at the same time. I wanted this to stop.
The door to my bedroom opened slowly and he stepped inside.
"Hey."he smiled. It seemed genuine but now it's hard to tell what's really genuine about him. His cheerful expression turned to confusion and his smile vanished.
"What's wrong, babe?"he questioned as he walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. I was sitting pretzel style facing him. He looked at me and waited for a response. I felt like I wanted to start hysterically crying. Sobbing and all. But I wanted to stay calm. My eyes watered like crazy though and the tears flowed like literal puddles down my face.
I looked down at my lap and shook my head, trying to find a way to talk without my voice cracking and totally making me sound stupid. He shifted so he was facing me with one leg on curled in front of him and the other hanging over the edge of the bed. He had his hand on my leg, tracing imaginary shapes on my skin, still awaiting a response.
"Tell me."he mumbled. I looked up at him and he looked back at me like he literally had no idea what was wrongwith me. That obviously shows how confident he was that I would never find out.
"I feel so... stupid, for believing anything you've told me. To be honest with you."I answered groggily. He looked wounded by that little jab I threw at him there.
"What-..."he started before I interrupted him.
"I packed up your stuff. It's by the door."I stated confidently as I stood up, keeping calm. I wiped at my eyes as I felt the fucking sobs burning my throat.
"Bay, stop. Just wait a second."he said as he reached over to pull me closer to him. I pushed his hands away but he put his hands on my hips and pulled my over to the edge of the bed where he was sitting.
"Listen to me."he mumbled. "I love you Bay."he added.
"No you don't. Please don't say that."I cried, wiping my eyes as I went, interrupting him before he could finish. I started crying hard.
"I haven't been totally honest with you these past few months but you have to believe that I love you."he responded intently. I shook my head.
"You just don't do that. You don't hookup with a bunch of other girls if you're with someone you're supposed to love. That's just sick Kellin."I choked out.
"It was a mistake. It was months ago when I was on tour. I was drunk Bay."he raised his voice slightly.
"But that's not an excuse!"I shouted as I pulled away from him. He sat with his head in his hands as I stood, wiping my eyes.
"I had to see pictures and videos of you with these girls to find out the truth."I continued slowly and calmly. "You claim that you love me. But you didn't even have the decency to admit what you did or even apologize."I added. "If you had just told me, I might have had some respect for you. Hell, we could've even just been friends."I laughed quietly without humor. "But I can't picture myself being okay with you. Even as a friend."I finished. I wiped my eyes as tears still spilled over.
He sat there with his head down, ruffing his hair and rubbing his face. He stood up and looked at me, shaking his head. I glanced at him but looked away, wiping my eyes. I felt the hysterics coming on again.
He stepped closer and put his hand on the side of my neck and trailed my jawline with his thumb. His forehead leaned on my temple. I started hysterically crying. This whole crying thing was pissing me off. Especially since I don't usually cry much.

"I'm sorry."He whispered. I brought my hands up to his chest in attempt to push him away but I was shaking too much to succeed. I found my hands clenching to his shirt instead of pushing him away.It literally felt like someone had ripped my heart out of my chest and sliced it into millions of tiny little pieces, then proceeding to put those tiny pieces into a shredder so they basically no longer exist. That sums up exactly how I felt.

"Bay, please."he groaned. I shook my head and attempted to separate myself from him.
"I really need you to go."I choked out as I stepped away. He breathed out deeply and scratched the back of his head.
"I fucked up."he breathed to himself as he walked out. That was the last thing I heard him say. I heard the front door slam and walked into the living room to see all of his stuff gone. I cleared my throat and wiped my eyes before walking back into my room and shutting my door.

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