Reasons why I think Chili, Cress and Cilan are the Shadow Triad.

This has been buggin me lately and I wanna know what you peoples think. Contains spoilers

Created by AangDemiSonny on Tuesday, June 21, 2011

WELL, I have a feeling that the adorable Straiton Gym Leaders are the Shadow Triad members. For those who think I'm crazy, read this, I'm sure you'll understand why I think this. If you already believe me, good for you. *hands you a cookie*
ONE: At the end when all the Gym Leaders come to safe the day (more like you from the sages) Cress, Chili and Cilan aren't there. Yeah, Bianca said that she couldn't get to them in time, but what's the reason for that? Because they are already at the Castle as the Shadow Triad!!
TWO: They don't show up as much as the other Gym Leaders. Most likely because they make many appearances as the Shadow Triad!
THREE: At the beginning when you first come to the city and you were told to go to the Trainer's School to find Cilan or whoever, Cheren says that he was there but left. And that we probably passed him. We never did! He went poof, and appeared at the gym like magic! I think I'd notice a Green/Blue/Red haired dude walkin around! And once you catch up with him at the front of the gym, he already knows you want to challenge him. He spyin on you!! :O
My randomness for the day. :P Yup...another random rant from yours truely. You wanna message me what you think?

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