Pair of Kings Love Story 1

You're name is Alex and you look exactly like Selena Gomez but no, You are just a little like Alex from 'Wizards Of Weaverly Place' but sound NOTHING like her.usua.You are a new guard and in this Brady's first girlfriend will be Mikayla.He never notices you're huge crush on him.And what makes it worse is you're Mikayla's LITTLE sister.But you are only 2 weeks younger than her and exactly 2 months and 3 days younger than Brady

Created by a1c2f3 on Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Brady:What?(Finally looks up.)
Mikayla:We have a new gaurd.I'd rather not get on her nerves,she's a little scary...
Alex:Yeah wait who is?
Boomer:This new girl named Alex.
Alex:Oh cool my name is Alex and Im new-oh wait...Hey?!
Alex:Sure you are.Anyway-Is that a zebra?
Mikayla:Animals are aloud in.
Alex:Ok but it better not "go" in my room.
Mikayla:Kings,This is my little sister Alex.
Alex:Im just 2 weeks younger.The doctor thought we weretwins for a minute.
Alex:Hey where's Mason?
Mikayla:Oh dad is still in the dark side.
Boomer:Don't you call him Dad?
Alex:I only do around.Which makes him call me his only little girl.Even back at home.When we came home he would always say "Hello my little girl,and Mikayla..."
Mikayla:She is evil and likes seeing me upset.
Alex:Well i wouldn't have ifyou didn't- ugh whatever,they dont need to know.We'll talk later,Im going to go find (Starts acting) Daddy! Yay! (Stops acting)Later SIS.
Brady:She's going into the darkside,and doesnt know anything about the darkside.
Mikayla:I know,isn't it great!? (Brady and Boomer look at her shocked.) Fine we'll go get her.So you guys can see how great she acts. (They made it behind a tree just when i found mason)
Alex:Daddy!! (Chuckle/Giggles like heheh.)
Mason:What are you doing here?
Alex:I wanted to see you. Mikayla told the kings im scary and evil... (I secretly look at her because i knew she was there and wink.I didnt lie,she really did.)
Brady:(Whispers.)...Well it is true.
Mikayla:(Whispers.)Yeah but now i'll be grounded.
Boomer:(Whispers.)What did you do to her though?
Mikayla:(Whispers.)I made my dad come home early without our mom knowing because she was abusive to me and Alex so the divorsed and even if our mom was more mean to her,Alex really looked up to our mom.She just really misses her still.I guess it was my fault but that very night if our dad didnt come home she would have been dead.Because of that she had to stay a little longer than a year in the hospital.But that happend when we were 3 years old.
Brady:(Whispers.)You had a mom?O.O
Mikayla:(Whispers.)(Sarcastic.)Shocking huh?
Alex:Daddy,she is spying on me now too... (Points.)
Mason:Mikayla!Why would you say that about my little girl to the kings.You know they'll believe everything.
Brady:We do not!Whoops...
Alex:Kings?What happend?Is everything alright?
Alex:(Smiles evilly when dad doesnt look and just when he does Ipretendto look worried)
Mikayla:But Daddy she's lying to you,she ISevil.And a really good actress.
Boomer:We saw.
Alex:(Looks like almost cries)Daddy im confused!!
Mason:Mikayla,just go to your room and my kings,please stay out of this.Alex,how about you help me out today. (As we walk away they evilly look at me.I slip Mikayla a note.It read "Talk at 3 pm".AT 3 PM WHEN I GOT BACK.)
Mikayla:Its 3...where is she. (I finally walked in her room.)
Alex:Hey...Can i uhm tell you somthing?
Mikayla:Make it fast.
Alex:I got over the mom thing but then i saw the way Brady looked at you...He seemed cute,sweet, and even funny... <3
Mikayla:Why didnt you tell me?
Alex:I-Im sorry...He's my first crush...How about we fight like normal sister.Like hate but love.Not plain hate and wishing we die...I mean every once in awhile i will be annoying and prank you but i still dont want to hate you...
Mikayla:Neither do I. (We huged.)
Alex:Tommarro I will show dad who i really am so you can be his 'lil girl.Im not gonna lie,i really loved being his little girl.Oh well.
Mikayla:Thank you...
Alex:Dont mention it.I mean it,dont tell anyone PLEASE.
(Boomer and Brady were listening to us peeking through the door.They finally left.I went to go in my room and saw Boomer and Brady outside.)
Boomer:Hey you do know he doesnt like Mikayla anymore.He met this girl named Heather. (He really wasnt lying)
Brady:Ugh ust you tell everyone.
Alex:Oh...(Acts very badly for the first time EVER) You did w-when b-brady..?t-thats g-gre-grea-eat...

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