Andy Biersack one shot

fooor CarterCrepsley. hope you enjoy.

Created by xXxFireDancerxXx on Thursday, June 23, 2011


"Happy Birthday sis." Ash said, handing me a black bag. Cautiosly I went to open the bag, only to have it snatched away. I looked up to see Andy standing on the table, slightly bent over, holding the bag above my head. I looked out the window behind him, I could see a tourbus parked besides out, I was actually trying not to stare ay Andy.

"Mine first." He laughed and dropped a black box with a red bow, laughing, I caught it before it hit the floor. I smiled and opened it. Inside was a tiny,pink, teddy bear.

"Um, thanks." I said, not fond of the pink at all. Andy was dying laughing.

"Joking, I'll give ou your real gift later." He laughed, hugging me from behind. Afraid of Ashley seeing my bluch I dropped my head and let my long, black, guy-cut, hair cover my face.

"Open mine." Ashley demanded. Andy handed me the bag and I smiled as I opened it, brand new guitar strings. "Sorry it's nothing spec-" I cut my older brother off and hugged him.

"I'm just happy you remembered."

Jinxx and Jake strolled in, smiling and laughing. Jinxx was carring a guitar case, and Jake was holding a box of cake. "Smellybones," I hugged Jinxx, who sat down the case and hugged me back, picking me up lightly. "Jakey." I almost hugged him, then remembered the cake.

"Happy birthday." Jinxx held out the guitar case, I stared at him for a minute, then he shook it "take it, come on. Me, Jake, and Ashley put a lot of effort into picking it out."

"Thanks guys." was all i could manage.

"Now come on cake!" andy yelled, grabbing the cake from Jake's hands, and setting it down on the table.

We turned Sweeney Todd on as we ate the cake. I was on my third piece. "Slow down Autumn. You're getting fat." Andy laughed. I stopped. My fork fell from my hand, and I let the plate go.

He was right, that was a lot of cake."Um, excuse me." I muttered, walking off.

"Autumn?" I heard Ash say after me. "Fuck it Andy! Fuck you!" I heard him yell.

I stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom, all the cake and soda had made my belly puff out a bit. "Fuuuck." I moaned, tears almost coming to my eyes. Now he thought I was getting fat too.

I looked to my arms, scars crisscrossed my wrists, and lined my forearms, my legs were worse, I didn't even want to look at them.

"Autumn?" Andy's deep voice was full of regret, "may I come in?"

Quietly I opened the door, just barely enough for Andy. "Hey what's wrong?" He cupped my chin, forcing me to look at his bright blue eyes.

I shook my head, not trusting my voice. "Baby, somthing's wrong." He pressed himself closer to me. His cologne was perfect, suiting him wonderfully. "Just tell me."

"I just want to be perfect for you, but you think I'm getting fat, and I ate so much, and-" something warm and soft cut me off. Andy hugged me to him, and I realizde he was kissing me. He pulled away.

"You are perfect, you're not fat, it was a joke. And it's nice to see you enjoying food. I'm happy when you're enjoying yourself. I hate your pain, these-" he lightly touched a scar on my wrist,"and this," he pulled up my shirt to reveal my jutting rib cage and tiny belly "kill me. Autumn I fucking love you."

My midnight blue eyes met his baby blue ones. My mind was literally blown, since when did he love me? Since when did he get over Scout? "Autumn?" He asked, "are you alright with that?" I nodded, and kissed him, it took him a moment, but he smiled and kissed back.

Andy's arms snaked around my waist, as my hands went around the back of his neck. He sucked on my bottom lip, occasionally nibbling.

The door flew open. We pulled away slowly to see a fuming Ashely. "Andy fucking Biersack, what the hell are you doing to my sister?"

"Um, well, I guess I'm kissing her." He laughed at Ashley's face, which I do admit was pretty funny. "Aaand I'm about to ask her out, about to give her her gift."

"Be careful with her, alright? You hurt her and I'll fucking kill you, and that would suck because you're my friend, and Autumn would hate me. So..yeah."

Andy saluted and kissed my cheek. "Don't worry Ash, I've got her." He picked me up, and I immediatly wrapped my legs around him, clinging for dear life.

*At Night*

Zane, Zero, Aiden, and Alexander,my band mates, had stopped by, wished me happy birthday, ate some cake,m gave me a few gifts, and left. I ended up with a "FUCK YOU" tshirt, a cupon for Starbucks, two bottles of my favorite soda, and $40. They hadn't even forgotten, they just got me what they figured was practicle.

Yawning, I pulled my newly aquired FUCK YOU t shirt on and a pair of black pajama bottoms. I walked to the bunks, only to find Jinxx holding a towel to my mattress, and a drunken Ashley holding a beer.

"Just gonna take, that." I whispered and slipped it out of his hand.

"Um, Autumn, you can't sleep here. It's soaked with beer, and i mean soaked, three cans."

"So, where am I suppose to? The floor?"

"With me." Andy said, appearing out of nowhere. "ut first you have to come outside with me." I shrugged and followed him outside of the bus. He led me to a ladder on the back of it. He started climbing the ladder and motioned for me to follow him.

I stared at the roof of the bus. It was covered with a red and black blanket, there were a few cupcakes, and a few hot drinks.

"When did you?"

"Anout ten minutes ago, while you were brushing your teeth. Come on. I actually baked these." Andy laughed.

I ended up sitting in front of him, his legs on either side of mine, quietly he pulled me back until I was leaning against his chest.

"Clear night, good chance to see the stars." I shivered when he blew on the back of my neck, causing him to laugh.

After hours of staring at the stars, eating cupcakes (much to my surprise, and Andy's delight, that I actually wanted to eat them) i found myself curled up with Andy on his bunk, under a thick, warm blanket.

"I love you." He whispered in my ear. "Happy birthday baby." I snuggled closer to him, his arms wrapped around me, and he slung one leg over mine. I felt him kiss the top of my head. "Sweet dreams."

A/N: as you all are aware of andy's accident, lets keep him in our thoughts, and send him lots of love ^^

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