Sasuke Love Story Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Meeting the Hokage

Created by Itzevelyn on Friday, June 24, 2011

You had just ran away from that trerrible place and you never wanted to go back again. You kept running but then started to walk and you were looking down at the ground and you didn't see where you were going and you bumped into a kid with blackish hair and a shirt with an Uchiha sign in back of it.

Uchiha kid: ''Hey watch where your going!!''

You: ''I-I'm sorry.''

Short pink haired girl:Then a girl appeared with short pink hair and said ''SASUKE-KUN!!''

Then the boy pushed her away.

You: ''So... your name is Sasuke?''

Him: he looked at you and said,'' Why do you want to know and yes.''

You: '' No reason.'' and smiled at him.

The two people: Then two other people popped out of no where. One of them had yellow/blonde hair the other one had white spiky hair.

You: Turned to them and then asked ''Who are you guys?''

Blonde one: ''I'm Naruto Uzumaki and I'm going to be hokage BELIEVE-IT!!''

You:''What am I suppose to believe in??''

Naruto: he stared at you and then at the ground.

Sasuke:he Chuckled alittle

You: then you smirked at him while the spiky haired one introduced himself to you.

Spiky haired guy: ''My name is Kaskashi Hatake.''

You: ''Nice to meet you Kakashi.''

Short pink haired girl: '' My name is Sakura Haruno.''

You: ''My apoligiezes,'' I haden't introduced myself my name is Amu Ayame.''

Kakashi: ''Why are you here Amu Ayame?''

You: stared down at the ground and tears fell down from your eyes.

All of them just looked at you and they felt bad.

You: ''Sorry it's kind of a long story.''

Sakura: ''Come on please tell us PLEASE!!''

Kakashi: ''She's in too much pain right now leave her alone.''

You: then you spoke up,'' M-my village was destroyed by Orochimaru I locked myself in my room until I remember seeing fire and I remembered learning about my water dragon jutsu so I sprayed it at the fire and started to run.''

Naruto: '' Then that's when you met us.''

You: : ''Yes and can one of you take me to your Hokage's Office?''

Sasuke: ''I'll take you.''

You: '' Thanks.''

Sakura: ''NOO SASUKE-KUN,''and hugged him.

Sasuke: He pushed her away and she fell to the ground, '' Are you ready?, here climb on my back I'll carry you...''

You: '' Oh no it's ok.''

Sasuke: ''Your leg is injured do wanna walk without one foot to the Hokage's this way?'' he asked you.

You: you then tried to walk but you couldn't and then you fel but Sasuke caught you and put you on his back.

Sasuke: ''Hold on tight got that.''

You: ''Umm..... ok ''

Since you were on to his back people stared at you and you tightened your grib on Sasuke's neck even tighter.

Sasuke: ''Are you okay?''

You: '' Ye- Yea I'm alright

Sasuke: ''We're here.''

You: ''Wow -.-.......

Sasuke: '' Go in I'll wait for you out here.''

You: you knocked on the door you heard the person say ''Come in.''

hehehe did u like this story well next chapter is Meeting the ninja's xD well yea I took alittle long with this cause it was hard to make the story at first but now it's kind of easy. Well unitil the next chapter xD

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