My baby sister is a vampire

the story is going to be a little more exciting

Created by puppycove1 on Saturday, June 25, 2011

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Its night and i snuck out i flew to Lulu i broke in and i saw a real robber i hissed at him.He turned around he threw a crobar at me but i doged it i flew towards him he tried to kick me but he missed he did cut me.
I licked the blood then i went to his neck wheni was about to snick my fangs into his neck the lights turned on fromthe corner of my i saw the owner i turned into a bat.The owner pinned the robber to the gound he put some fuzzy handcuffs on him.
He shooed me away man i didnt get any treats *sighs*.When i got o my house i saw the police and i saw the news team when i went to see my room my door was open now there investgating my room. my bulldog is in the backyard i turned back into my regular form i picked up my gargoyal bulldog and i carred him to my grandparents house i told them everything.Grandma said,"well you'll have to stay here for three daysthen you can go back now go was up."
But i heard the roar of raven dragon it looked thourgh the window i went out and i pulled out my dagger.I swung it but it just knocked me down i got up and hissed.I stabed one scale it screamed then it threw me at tree.I became dizzy but i stood back up and ran towards it showing my fangs and hissing.
The raven shrieked and slamed me into a stump with its massive paw.Then i became more dizzy grandma gave me a drink it made me feel stronger and i flew and ran up the back of the ravendragon it couldn reach me so it flew high in the air.I crawled to its chest i fle its heart pumping i stabbed it with my dagger it cried out then it took a nose dive i yelled in vitory when the raven hit the dirt i went on conshus then i woke up i saw the raven lying on its sidei sucked some bllod then istood on top of it.I roared loud then i flew to the house

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