How do I live without the ones I love? | Avenged Sevenfold | Chapter One

I'm starting out with a new story, it's been a while and I'm hoping that I won't end up with writers block. Here I go! :) Here's chapter one/ a preview!

Created by hardcorexlover on Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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Jolie Winter Sullivan

February 9th 1991/ 20 years old

Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan’s baby sister

She always felt connected to her brother because they shared the same birthday but were born ten years apart.

She changed after her brother died.

December 28th 2010

That day is forever implanted in my mind. I lost my brother, my best friend that night, I lost myself when I lost him. All I ever felt was pain all the happiness I ever had was long gone. Jolie Winter Sullivan was no more, she didn’t exist anymore.

I met this guy Freddie a month after my brother died, he promised to get rid of the pain that I was feeling inside. It started out with some pills and it has progressed since then. I’m not the Jolie Winter Sullivan that I was a year ago; she was this sweet innocent blonde girl with very trusting blue eyes, she’s not around anymore. My blonde hair has grown out and my blue eyes are oh so very dead, just like how I feel on the inside.

But this story isn’t just about my drug addictions, this is about moving on without my brother. I haven’t seen my family nor the Avenged Sevenfold family since I met Freddie he convinced me to come live with him and I’d have a better life with no more pain.

I woke up to a very clean atmosphere, I had no idea where I was or what was going on. I looked to see an IV in my hand; I blinked a few times before realizing that I was in the hospital. I must have overdone it this time. “Jolie Winter Sullivan what the hell were you thinking” I heard a man’s voice say beside me, I looked over to see Zack Baker and Brian Haner next to my bed. “What’s going on?” I asked them confused, I hadn’t seen them in months and now here they are. “I’ll tell you what’s going on” Zack said looking at me angrily. “You turned into some fucking crackwhore what were you thinking?” he yelled at me. “Yo Zack calm it. We’re in public” Brian said to him. “Shut up. You wouldn’t understand” I said angrily to them. “You’re right. I wouldn’t. I’ve never had my stomach pumped; I’ve never almost overdosed because of a lethal combination. Who in their right mind does that? What the hell happened to you? You’re not the girl you used to be” Zack said angrily to me. I knew I deserved that, “You wouldn’t understand” I said to them partially ashamed. “Oh you’re right we wouldn’t, it’s not like you were the only one who fucking lost Jimmy. We did too and you don’t see us shooting up now do you?” he said, his voice full of disgust. “We wasn’t your fucking blood Zachary, so don’t even fucking start with me. He was my brother. He was my other half. When he died I lost myself so go fuck yourself, you have no right to lecture me. You’re not my brother, you’ll never be him” I said angrily to him. “You’re right because if you were my sister I wouldn’t want anyone to know I was related to you. Look at yourself Jolie, you’re twenty, and you shouldn’t be wasting your life away and becoming some junkie. If Jimmy was alive you wouldn’t be this way and you know it. Get your fucking act together” he said angrily before storming out of my hospital room leaving Brian standing behind with me.

And I knew that this is where I needed to get my life together not only for everyone else but for myself as well. No one else besides Jimmy knew that I was in love with Zachary James Baker. He was the only person I ever confided in which is weird because he was one of his best friends. But then again I told my brother everything.

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