Third Time's The Charm - Chapter 1

This is another Transformers: Prime fanfic. The Autobots, the Decepticons, Jack and Arcee as a couple, and Arachnid are all included. I do not own Transformers: Prime.

Created by Raysian on Saturday, July 02, 2011

Starscream staggered into the command bridge, along with Knockout; clutching his energon leaking cut on his chassis and fell on one knee. “Easy there Starscream. You’re not invincible,” Knockout warned. Starscream, ignoring the warning, grunted through the pain and stood before Megatron. Megatron, with a frown, studied Starscream. He then turned around and let out a frustrated sigh.

“From your injuries, I’m guessing Optimus and the Autobots bested you?” Megatron asked.

“Yes, master,” Starscream replied.

“You failed me yet again Starscream,” Megatron said, clenching his hands into fists.

“Or maybe the person making the plans is at fault here,” Starscream whispered to himself.

“Or maybe the person who fails to follow the plan is at fault!” Megatron screamed, hearing the last comment.

“At least I’m doing something!” Starscream shot back.

“Do not forget who is in charge here Starscream!” Megatron spun around.

“Um, if I may?” Knockout intervened. Starscream and Megatron glared at Knockout. “If I was in your position Lord Megatron, I would find a Decepticon that has experience killing many Autobots. Maybe someone like, Arachnid?”

“Knockout! Stay out of-” before Starscream could finish, Megatron silenced him with his right hand.

“Yes... Arachnid. I remember that femme. The best of the best at assassination. The master of torture. She did the Decepticon a great service in the civil war.” Megatron recalled.

“The Arachnid?” Starscream suddenly remembered, “If the stories are true, then she would be the one person we need to kill Optimus and the pests.

“Indeed Starscream, but it would take mega cycles to contact her,” Megatron scolded.

“Well lucky for us, she’s stuck on this planet,” Megatron and Starscream stared at Knockout who was working on the computer, “she crash landed on Earth about a month ago.”

“Can you pinpoint her location?” Starscream asked.

“The closest I can get is in the forests of British Columbia, Canada. You’ll have to bring Soundwave along to find her,” Knockout answered.

“Call Soundwave immediately,” Megatron ordered, “It’s time to catch a spider.”

Walking through the dark forest, Megatron, Starscream, and a couple drones followed Soundwave’s lead. Megatron and Soundwave calmly walked without a trace of fear. But Starscream and the drones were full of terror. They had heard stories of Arachnid’s ways of torture, and how agonizing her victim’s screams were. Coming to a stop in front of a large cave, Soundwave pointed inside the black entrance.

“Only Arachnid would choose a home that... eerie,” Starscream commented. Showing no fear, Megatron immediately walked into the cave, disappearing in the darkness. Soundwave immediately followed, leaving Starscream and the drones behind. Taking a deep breath, Starscream followed, with the drones trailing behind. When in the heart of the cave, a dim purple light revealed some Cybertronian technology, and a pile of decaying bodies in the corner of the cave.

That was when a streak of white passed in front of Starscream’s face and stuck onto one of the drones. The drone was then quickly pulled into the darkness. Shooting randomly in panic, the drone was screaming for help. In seconds there was a sound of energon spilling, and gurgling. Then silence.

“This was a bad idea Megatron!” Starscream whispered, weapons drawn. “She doesn’t belong to any faction now!”

A high pitched hiss rang through the cave that gave even Megatron the chills, although he didn’t show it. That was when something caught the second drone’s foot. He was instantly tripped and dragged toward the darkness like the first drone. Screams came first and then silence. The head of the second drone rolled into view.

“It seems you haven’t lost your touch Arachnid...” Megatron complimented.

“Ah... Megatron,” Arachnid said while coming into view, suspended from the roof of the cave by her webs, “I haven’t seen you since the civil war! Excuse the destruction of your drones, whenever I don’t kill something in a few hours, I get this... itch.” Landing on the floor Arachnid approached Megatron. “So tell me, what does a busy warmonger like yourself want with little ol’ me?” Arachnid asked.

“A job proposal,” Megatron replied, “assassinating some Autobots.”

Arachnid rolled her eyes, turned around and started walking away. “You know I’m not with the Decepticons anymore,” Arachnid replied, “find yourself another assassin...”

“I understand you have had troubles killing a certain Autobot named Arcee...” Arachnid stopped dead in her tracks. Megatron grinned, there was no way she could resist now. “And a certain human named Jack Darby...”

Arachnid hissed, recalling their past encounters. Jack blowing up her ship, and Arcee covering her in cement. “Recent gossip says you were so desperate to end their lives, that you asked puny humans for help,” Megatron said coldly. Not wanting her humiliation to spread throughout space, Arachnid turned around, frowning.

“Okay Megatron, what do you have in mind?”

“Assassinate the medic, the yellow bot, and the large green one. But capture Optimus for me, I want to finish him personally. You will also get help from myself and my troops,” Megatron said.

“What’s in it for me?” Arachnid inquired.

Megatron grinned, “You get to slowly rip apart Arcee and Jack. Circuit by circuit... limb by limb...”

Arachnid grinned wildly, revealing her fangs. She was fantasizing what would happen to Arcee and Jack, the screams and the terror in their eyes. She dreamt of giving the pair a slow painful death ever since their first encounter. She then recalled Arcee’s screams on Cybertron after killing Tailgate. This amplified her urge for their energon and blood on her hands. After all, third time’s the charm.

“You’ve got a deal.”

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