Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe love story

Jayy Von Monroe X Dahvie Vanity

Created by XxShadowFangxX on Saturday, July 02, 2011


Jayys POV:
I was listening to my ipod as Dahvie drove us back to our hotel suite. After a few minutes Dahvie stopped the car and we both got out not saying a word. I walked to my bedroom then I changed and did my hair again and walked into Dahvie's room. "Hey, I'm going to visit Daniel ok?" Daniel was my fiance and we had just left tour so i decided to visit him again. Dahvie nodded not bothering to look at me. He was probably too into a video game or something. I sighed and left the suite and got into our truck and drove to Daniels house. I pulled up into Daniel's driveway and got out of our truck. I pulled out the set of keys Daniel gave me to his house before Dahvie and I had left for tour. Normally i would ring the doorbell or knock but I decided to surprise him this time. I quietly unlocked the door and stepped into the house and shut the door behind me. I stepped into the kitchen and I didn't see him, I checked the living room and he wasn't there either. I was about to leave assuming he was gone then I heard music playing. He probably forgot to turn it off. I walked up stairs towards his bedroom where the music was playing so I could turn it off but when I opened his door I froze. Daniel was making out with some other guy on his bed. I began to tremble and I closed the door. I heard the music stop "Who's there?" I heard Daniel say from inside his bedroom. I felt tears slide down my cheeks as I began to run down the stairs, I couldn't believe he was cheating on me. I felt so hurt. "Oh my god Jayy!! it's not what you think!" Daniel basically yelled across the house. I ran as quickly as I could to the door when I felt a hand jerk me backwards to face them, It was Daniel. "It's not what you think Jayy I promise!" A mixture of rage and sadness built up inside me. "Well then what the fuck is it then huh?! You were just being friendly?! Because it sure as hell didn't seem like it!" Without waiting for an answer I jerked my arm away and walked out the door and threw his keys at him. "I hope you're happy!" I yelled and i jumped inside dahvie and I's truck and I pulled out of Daniels driveway and turned the radio up so I could hopefully drown out Daniel's shouting. I drove to Dahvie and I's houtel suite and I got out of our truck. I quickly walked to my bedroom and shut the door. I layed down on my bed and began to sob. Suddenly I heard a knock on my door. "You okay?" It was Dahvie. "Go away" I managed to say. Dahvie, completely ignoring me opened to door and shut it behind him. I rolled over so i wasn't facing him and pulled the covers over my head. "Jayy, what's wrong?" Dahvie asked as he sat on the corner of my bed. "Nothing." I forced myself to stop crying. All of the sudden Dahvie pulled the covers off my head and pulled my close to him. I buried my face into his chest and I began to cry again. After what seemed like hours of just sitting there with Dahvie and crying I finally fell silent. Dahvie kissed the top of my head "Want to tell me what happened Jayy? If you don't it's fine." I nodded and began to tell Dahvie everything about me catching Daniel cheating on me and Dahvie stroked my hair the whole time. When I finally finished tears built up in my eyes but I fought them back. "It's ok Jayy, You don't need him. If you want you can sleep with me tonight." I thought about it for a moment and nodded. "Thanks Dahvie" Dahvie smiled and stood up and grabbed my hand as I got off my bed and we both walked to his bedroom. After we reached his bedroom we both had changed into our boxers for bed. I'm glad we're friends. I don't know where I'd be without you." I saw Dahvies face turn red. "Something wrong?" I asked and raised my eyebrow. "No, Nothings wrong I was just um... thinking... errr... Nevermind" Dahvies face turned redder. "It's ok Dahvie you can tell me anything." All was silent until Dahvie sighed. "Well I just thought that maybe.. Since.. Y'know we've been friends for a long time... That um.. We could possibly be more than friends.." I froze and I felt a smile creep onto my face. "Yeah.. I'd like that.." Dahvie's eyes widened.

Dahvies POV-
I couldn't believe it. After all these years of just thinking we were just friends. Suddenly I was being pressed up against the wall and Jayy's lips were pressed to mine.It felt amazing kissing Jayy, Unlike any other person I've ever kissed, This just felt.. Perfect. Like we were meant to be. I wrapped my arms around Jayy's waist pulling him close. I felt Jayy's hands slide up and down my back. Finally we pulled apart

Jayy's POV-
I smiled at Dahvie then kissed him softly. "I'm tired." I walked over to Dahvies bed and layed down on the side closest to the wall and Dahvie soon layed down next to me and I layed my head on his chest. The sound of his heartbeat and his breathing was soothing and at that very moment I realized how much I loved him. And I'm glad we're more than just friends.

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