Darkest Night {Jake Pitts love story} CH2

here we go ch dos! a thanks goes out to CarterCrepsley for commenting before and after ch one ^^

Created by xXxFireDancerxXx on Monday, July 04, 2011

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Hours later found us watching Sweeney Todd, gorging on cookies, and trying not to be the first asleep. Andy had called Jeffree over and he was busy playing with my hair.

"I'm happy your hair grew back." he said, busy teasing my hair. "I wouldn't know what to do if you was bald."

"Well, I'm sure you'd find me a pretty wig." I smiled.

I heard the door open, which ment my dad was back with movies and food.

"Jeffree," he said, nodding at the pink haired man playing with my hair, "nice to see you. What have you done to my daughters head?" He laughed, pushing Jake away and sitting besides me.

"Hey!" Jake protested.

"Hey what? She's my daughter, you can have her when I figure out what Jeffree's doing." I heard CC chuckle.

Andy hummed along with Johnny Depp.

"I'm just having some fun." Jeffree said, starting to brush out the top bit of my hair.

"She looks like a lion." Ashley said through a mouth full of cookie. My dad shook his head, and walked off.

"Oh I've seen your hair when you were in high school. Do not shake your head at mine!" I yelled, earning a cookie to the face from dad, who laughed.

"You know what?" Jake said, resuming his place besides me.

"Hmm?" I raised an eyebrow.

"You and Jeffree are the same size," he laughed, "and Jinxx is asleep."

We all turned to look at Jinxx, who was sprawled out on a chair, cookie crumbs in his lap. "Perrrfect." I heard Andy growl, rubbing his hands together.

"So what are we going to do?" I asked, as Jeffree took a seat on my other side, apparently finished with what he had started.

"Actually I have no idea. Any suggestions?" Andy asked, standing up.

"We could always write 'cunt' on his forehead." Jeffree said, playing with his bangs.

"Why don't you let Jeffree give him a make over?" Ashley suggested, fighting back a yawn.

It didn't take long for Jeffree to slip some pink eyeshadow on Jinxx, along with some lipgloss, and blush.

We were all laughing, here was Jinxx, tough, scary looking Jinxx, looking like barbie ballerina. CC snapped a few pictures.

Finally I yawned. The guys looked at me. "Tired?" Jake asked, raising an eyebrow.

"No, no." I yawned.

"Awh it's ok, we won't do anything to you." Ashley said sincerelly, then laughed, "nope we won't do anythingto you." He raised his eyebrows, and I gust shook my head.

"I'll protect you." Andy saluted.

"Nah she has Jake, you just protect your cookies." CC laughed, as Andy scooped his remaining cookies up and glared at everyone.

I curled up on the couch, resting my head on Jake's lap, falling asleep to Sweeney Todd slitting people's throats off. The last thing I heard was: "Awwwh, you two are too cute." from Jeffree, and the last thing I felt was Jake's hand on my back.


ok so this was just a filler chapter, hooopefully you guys rate and comment and such.

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