Ron Weasley....a SEX god?! [Part 4]

Hey guys- heres part four- i hope you like it. I think this one is longer than the others. I have one request- tell me if you like it please- if alot of people dont start taking it- i might end the series. So please- if you want to see this continued message me telling me you love it! OKaythnxbye- On with the quiz.

Created by ThexEndlessFall on Sunday, December 18, 2005


You closed the door or your dorm room and momentarily looked at Hermione. "YES!" You howled hugging her and jumping up and down. You both giggled.
"Congratulations," Hermione said, fixing her shirt when you finally released her.
"I can't believe it." You fell back onto your bed. "I- Meggie Bronson am dating the amazing, the sexy, the brilliant Ron Weasley." You could feel your hands start ti shake as it finally began to sink in. Ron was yours now, you could do whatever you wanted with him. You smiled to yourself. "Fabulous." You sat up as your dorm door flew open and Ginny pounced onto your bed.
"YEEEE!" She squeeled.
"Was the English?" Hermione smirked.
"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" Ginny threw herself around your neck. She might look light- but you soon found out looks can be decieving. You gasped as you both toppled over the side of the bed- her weight throwing you both off balance.
"Umph." You both hit the floor. Laughs erupted form all three of you.
"Good one, Gin. Trying to kill me I see." You brushed your self off and looked at Ginny. She had matured alot since you two had become friends. You had to admit- she was hot. Hell you could say it- she was drop dead gorgeous. You knew why Ron was so overprotective now.
"I'm so happy you finally said something." Ginny stood up.
'So am I' You thought to yourself. 'I should have said something sooner.'
"You had to see after you left! Ron was quiet for a good three minutes before he jumped up and was like 'Oy! Harry- I have a bloody girlfriend mate! What am I supposed to do?' It was so funny. You had to see his face." She smirked.
"He's such a dolt." You giggled to yourself.

Come on- on with the story!
*Rons POV*
You stumbled into the Gryffindor Common Room and sat down wearily on the couch. You had never felt such an array of emotions at one time in your life. You were dating Meggie, MEGGIE! The most beautiful girl you knew, not to mention she had the greatest rack around. You could feel your ears got hot just thinking about her. She said she had liked you. You knew you loved her- whats not to love- she was smart, funny, pretty- scratch pretty- she was fucking hot. You looked around the common room- you were alone. You smiled to yourself. You knew it was wrong but you had to do it. Dean had a sex book. You had seen it once and nearly killed him when you found out he was dating Ginny at the same time. Should you look at it? Maybe just a peek- what if Meggie wanted to do something- you couldn't be unprepared now could you?! No of course not! You told yourself.
You jumped behind Dean's bed and pulled out his trunk. All the way on the bottom, underneath his boxers you found it. The red cover, the gold letters- it called for you to open it, to read its pages. Opening to the first page you saw a few names scribbled. Lavender Brown, Susan Bones, Pansy Parkinson...You made a gagging noise...Ginny Weasley. You froze- why was her name in the sex book?! You could feel hot anger burning inside you. You threw the book back into the trunk,slammed the cover and kicked it back under Dean's bed. You were going to kill him! You jumped up as the dorm door flew open and Harry walked in, a smile on his face.
"WHY ARE YOU SO BLOODY HAPPY!" You demanded, clentching you fists.
"Whoa, mate, calm down. What's the matter?" Harry put his hands back in defense.
"DO YOU- DID YOU- GINNY SLEPT WITH DEAN?!" You threw it out. You couldn't hold it in. Your sister, you're sweet baby sister, not a virgin? It killed you inside. Tears stung at your eyes but you held them back.
Harry sighed. "No Ron, she didn't." Harry said lightly.
"WHAT- but Dean's book it said- it said..."
"No" He shook his head. "Dean was kind of pushing it on Ginny to do it, but she wasn't ready, she was only 15 last year. That's why they broke up. She would never do that Ron- she's a good kid." Harry put a reasuring hand on your shoulder.
You grunted. "How is it she can tell you this, but not me."
Harry shrugged- but you saw the the slight pink in his cheeks.
'It's because I'm impossible to talk to.' You thought to yourself.
"Yeah- well you better not touch her or I'll kill you!" You warned Harry.
He nodded.

Where was Harry. (me: wink wink)
Ron is so sexy angry! <3 (me: I know)
*^*Meggies POV*^*
The mood had settled down a bit and the conversation had shifted.
"You talked to him?" You asked Ginny.
She bit her lip and glanced sideways at Hermione. "Yeah, yeah I did."
"Ginny, you're only sixteen. I think you should wait. You are a bit young." Hermione looked back down at her essay that she was writing for McGonnagal. You should be doing it as well- but this was so much more interesting.
"You sound like her mother." You stuck your tongue out at a very annoyed Hermione. "She's sixteen yes, but it's her life. Besides, we all know Harry, he's a scholar and a gentleman." You giggled poking Ginny in the side. "We all know he would never do anything to hurt her."
"Yeah," Ginny jumped in. "I'm ready now. I love Harry, and i want to do this."
"Well, I just think there are other ways you can show him you care for him." Hermione pursed her lips.
"Of course there are! But this is something I want to do!" Ginny crossed her arms. "Meggie's right- you do sound like my mother!"
"WELL MAYBE YOUR MOM IS BEING SMART GINNY THINK ABOUT IT!" Hermione threw down her pen and jumped up.
You could see the tears welling up in Ginny's eyes. She ran from the room, covering her face so neither of you would see.
"Real smart Hermione. She came her to talk to us. She trusts us. You don't have to go and snap at her. She's here for our advice- but she'll do what she feels no matter what we say." You stood up as well. "You could atleast be on her side and let her know we're here for her no matter what happens." You stalked out the dorm. Maybe you were a little harsh on Hermione, but she was harsh on Ginny. It was only fair, wasn't it? You shrugged it off. You would appologize later.
Aw- poor Ginny.
Reader- You did kind of snap at Hermione. (me: I know i'm sorry, she'll appologize later)
You walked down the stairs. You needed to be by yourself for a bit...that is until you saw Ron sitting on the couch.
You smiled to yourself. He looked so cute sitting there all angry like.
"Hey good-looking." You called.
*Rons POV*
"Hey good-looking." You heard.
You blushed- it was Meggie, you turned and smiled as you saw her walk down the stairs, boobs bouncing. NO! You scolded yourself, look at her face- not her boobs.
"Hey," You tried to greet casually, but you voice cracked.
You smirked as she planted a kiss on your cheek. "I'm really happy that we're dating." Her voice was beautiful.
"Yeah, me too." You felt her touch your fingers with her own. You took the hint and held her hand. The smile on her face at the moment was pure bliss. She's all mine. You thought. All mine.
Rates and messages<3
agh- that sucked. this series sucks (me: then why did you read it?)
Yay- part four- i finally wrote it.
message me if you want the series to continue- banners would be nice- if anyone knows how to send a banner- please tell me.

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