Naruto Truth or Dare~~Sasuke

You are Yiuske Otayushi in this story. To get an idea of what's going on, and who you are, check out my quiz! Anyway, it's a Truth or Dare game and it's your turn...Rate! Message me if you want a part 2 or if you want me to do another person :3

Created by AngelBeats on Monday, July 04, 2011

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"Yiuske!" Ino shouts.

"What?" You say drowsily

"You know what! Truth or Dare!!" Sakura says. You let out a big sigh to show everyone that you are bored of this game and do not want to continue it. No one says anything, so you say, "Just give me a dare. I feel like being dared at the moment." Sakura and Ino get that look in their eyes and smirk. You give an expression of horror. "I-I change my mind, you guys! I want a truth...wanna know who I like? Just give me a truth or something like that, and you'll know! Easy and painless right?" you try to change it, but they just argue, "No way, Yiuske! You chose dare first, and that's what you're going to get." Everyone nods. You hang your head in shame. Why did it have to be like this? you think to yourself. Sakura and Ino talk amongst themselves for a moment. Knowing it can't be good, you decide not to listen don't want to waste your chakra for something so stupid, and you don't want to know beforehand what they were talking about. Although this was your plan, everyone else seemed to want to know what they were saying. Soon, it became a plan that everyone, with the exception of you and the Akatsuki, was talking about.

"Okay, how about she and Neji have to make out?" Ino suggests.

"You idiot! Why does she have to make out with me?!" Neji shouts quietly.

"How about Lee then?" Ino suggests once more. Lee blushes but objects.

"Ugh, how about she and Shikamaru get crazy in the closet?" TenTen says. Shikamaru objects forcefully, but no one took him too seriously because his face was bright red.

"This is getting too hard." Sakura says, exasperated. "Why don't we just make her jump off of a cliff? We all know that she isn't going to die." She says the last part a bit too loud and you hear her. You look down at the ground, tears nearly pouring out. "So that's how you feel about friend? You want me to jump off of a cliff? How do you know that I won't die?" You are at the brink of breaking out in tears. "Which cliff do you want me to jump off of? The one with the ocean and sharks at the bottom? Or the ones with the jagged rocks? It's your choice!" you finish, tears now streaming down your face. You stare at the ground and sob. Itachi scoots over towards you and puts his arms around you. "It's alright, Yiuske. No one wants you gone. But just one question." he reassures. You look into his red eyes and nod for him to ask his question. "Seeing that you're such a strong ninja, why is this a sensitive topic for you?" Your face looks down once more, but the tears have come to a halt. "In my old village, I was hated by most of the adults. The children loved me, especially the guys, the girls thought of me as tolerable...But anyway, the adults always thought that I was a monster. After seeing that my singing could do some damage, they decided that I was extremely dangerous, only to be used in wars, and I was to be kept away from any children my age. When wars raged across our village, the Loshukage would bring me to the front line and command me to sing the deadliest note or song that I could produce. Of course, not wanting to upset my father, I sang and sang until the battlefield was filled with dead bodies."

"The Loshukage was YOUR FATHER?!?!" Naruto bursts out. You nod and continue.

"We have had 5 wars between our village and other various places. The ninjas in our village grew weaker and weaker. The numbers were less and less. The wars didn't make them weak. And it wasn't responsible for the lack of ninjas. It was my fault. Or so I believed. My village thought that since I was always the one killing thousands of people single-handedly, that they didn't need so many ninjas to help. Of course, there were the few that had the dream to be 'as great as me' and grew up to actually be very strong ninjas. And so, after the 3rd war, I was getting tired of being a weapon instead of a soldier. I wanted desperately to not have every single battle on my shoulders. I didn't want my body soaked in blood that wasn't my own. I was getting lonely as well. My father became helpless after my mother died. His heart grew cold and I didn't know what to do. I plotted a scheme to leave and so after the 4th war, I ran away. I was 14, and I had mastered many things on my own despite the circumstances. I came to this village, hoping to not be hated...but I was wrong, wasn't I? I am now being hated again for being who I am." you end your story and Itachi moves away. What a strong little girl. She might have some use later... he thinks to himself... Sasuke gets up and sits in front of you. You look up into his black eyes and blush furiously. He wraps his arms around you and whispers into your ear. "I may not know what that feels like personally, but I can tell that it's painful. I want to help you out of that pain." When he lets go, you see him blushing as much as you and no one misses it.

"Yiuske! I know the perfect dare!" TenTen says. She whispers to Ino and Sakura and they all laugh evilly.

"Yiuske Otayushi, we dare you to have a ninja battle with Sasuke Uchiha!!" All three of them declare as they point to you and Sasuke. Your face turns even a brighter shade of red as you object. "NO!!! I don't want to fight him!" you scream. You pull out a hidden kunai knife and break yourself free from the pole that you were attached to (please see my quiz to find out more about how she got there). You jump up and march right over to them. "Don't make me fight him. You don't know my instincts. I will kill him. Don't make me fight him." you repeat. They all look at you, horrified.

"You still have to do it!" Temari says. "You're not going to kill him." she tells you. "Just do the damn dare."

You look at her and frown deeply. "Fine. Let's go to the special training place I always go to. Come on Sasuke." After about an hour, you arrive. It is an open field with nothing around for miles. "Are you sure you want to do this, Yiuske? I could easily kill you." Sasuke asks, with a hint of arrogance in his concerned voice. "I could say the same thing to you, ya know. I'm not weak like Sakura or Ino." you fire back. He laughs. "You have a slight advantage, don't you? I don't know what notes do what, and you have mastered all elements. I wonder if it's in your blood." he notes. You nod and say, "Yes, it is in my blood. If my village and clan weren’t destroyed, then there would be more of me. The only part that isn't by blood is my singing. I only know one other person that had that, but he is dead and was nowhere near my family tree. And speaking of advantages, don't you have that Sharingan of yours? That is quite useful as well." He laughs again and runs towards you. "We begin the battle!" he shouts. CLINK! You both have drawn out kunai knives and have begun sparring. CLINK! CLINK! CLINK! PING! PING! CLINK! PING! You jump away from his hitting range and sing a note. The ground beneath him shakes and opens. WHOOSH!! He is swallowed up by the ground. You pant and hear a rumble behind you. Turning around, you see Sasuke rise from the ground. "I should've seen that coming. A ninja like you knows when the opponent is unbalanced, am I right?" he analyzes. You grind your teeth together and shout, "This isn't over! So stop acting like it is!!" Sasuke's Sharingan eyes looks at your chakra level. Before you shouted, it was at a medium standpoint, but afterwards, it seemed as if your chakra was restored! "That's impossible. No one can restore their chakra that quickly...Except," Naruto's and Gaara's faces flashed in Sasuke's head. "Yiuske, are you a Tailed Beast?!" he screams. You stop dead in your tracks. The Chidori that you conjured up diminished. "H-how..." you stutter.

"So I'm correct?"

You nod your head in shame. "My chakra level rose again, didn't it?"

It's his turn to nod. You fall to the ground on your knees and hands. Tears stream down your face once more. "Don't tell anyone! I know that Naruto is the 9-tailed beast...he's the only one that could tell from the start. He and I have some kind of weird connection. He knows what I'm feeling and everything. The only way that happened, was because I am the product of the Nine-Tails and the Ten-Tails. The Ten-Tails has never been found or seen. It likes to be unnoticed and hates destruction. Instead, it loved to sing to the world. It gave birds their chirps and wolves their howls. They produced two children. Me and another child. That other child is dead. He died shortly after he was born. How? I killed him. The Nine-Tail's hatred runs in me, but the gentle voice and soul of the Ten-Tails does as well. They have produced the perfect monster, me. My true form is that of a giant phoenix. One can never kill me with fire, because in the ashes, I rise again. But I hate this. I hate it with every part of my soul!! I can't stand any of it anymore. I've wanted to tell you this for so long, but not like this. I've wanted to tell you everything! And I wanted you to tell me your past. I wanted to know more about you, as a person, a ninja."

"Why?" he asks with a pained look on his face.

"Why?" you repeat. "Because I love you Sasuke. I love you with all of my heart."

CLIFF!! Hope you guys enjoyed this!! Message me if you want part 2 of Sasuke! If I get enough approval, then I promise that part 2 will be epic and have even more love and romance in it!!! :3

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