APH-Hetalia:Axis Powers-Maple-Chibi!Canada

Well this is something that somehow popped into my mind! It's Chibi!Canada x Chibi!Reader

Created by hetalia1210 on Monday, July 04, 2011


One day Little Matthew was walking through England's house.He had saw sitting on the tiled floor of his home with teary eyes.
He had heard your stomach grumble very loudly.
"[Name] are you hungry?"
"I am hungry Matthew!First we got taken away from our Papas' and now we get food that taste like crap!"
He gave a sympathetic smile and placed his bear next to your pet that Papa Fracis had given you as a present from one of his trips as well.His bear place a paw on your tiny knee.You had starting crying softly into your thick [h/c] hair.Suddenly a warm and very delicous smell filled the air.Soon sparkles began to light up your background.He placed the pancakes and fork in front of your tiny form.You took a forkful of the delicous food that was covered in maple syrup.
"Is this syrup from bees?"
"Nope!It is Maple Syrup!"

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