If We are Born to Die, and We all die to Live ~ Falling In Reverse ~ , Then what's the Point of living Life if it just Contradic

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Created by ElliLawliet on Thursday, July 07, 2011

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“You know, if you would’ve told me that I was meeting your band, I would’ve dolled up more. Gosh, Derek. You suck.” I muttered, as we pulled up at Ronnie’s place.

“since when do you worry about your appearance, Aidan?” Derek looked at me with his eyebrow raised.

“honey, I am of the female species. Duh I care about my appearance, all of us do.” I replied, getting out of the car.

“just don’t pass out when you meet Ronnie.” Derek laughed.

“hey! I only passed out when I met someone famous once! And that was because it was freaking Ian Mckellen. He’s Gandalf AND Magnito! LOTR AND X-MEN, DEREK!” I yelled.

“You, are such a nerd.”

“You know it.”

Derek laughed and opened the door, going inside. I followed him, looking around. Pretty simple place.

We walked into a living room, where four guys were all sitting around watching Spongebob.

I laughed a bit to myself. Four grown men watching spongebob, yeah its funny.

They looked at Derek and me, well mostly me.

“hey guys.” Derek waved,

“Hey Derek!” Ronnie got up, his eyes moved over to me. “so who might this lovely lady be? Your girlfriend?” He asked.

Derek made a face. “uh no, she’s my cousin.”

“Aidan is my name! hi!” I grinned. Hey, he called me Lovely!

“why hello there, I’m Ronnie.” He gave me that infamous grin of his.

Derek cleared his throat. I looked over at him. “over there on the loveseat is Jacky Vincent, our lead guitarist. Next to him on the floor with the drum sticks is Ryan, I think you know what he does. And on the couch is Mika, the bassist.”

“And guys, this is Aidan, my Younger cousin.” Putting an emphasis on younger, he introduced me to them.

I rolled my eyes, then looked at every one of the band members. Mika was Asian. “ASIAN!” I yelled, glomping him.

“uhhh…” Pink tinted his cheeks. “Hah, sorry I like Asians :3” I said, getting up. Ryan was a cutie. Then my eyes moved to Jacky. Holy shit. He was absolutely Gorgeous. His eyes met mine, they were so blue. So prefect. I quickly looked away, knowing I was probably blushing. “Hi everyone!” I said, smiling.

“So, Aidan, why don’t you tell us about yourself” Ronnie said, giving me a smile as he sat on the couch.

“Lets see, My name is Aidan, I am quite the comic book geek, and I absolutely love Lord of the Rings and star wars, Derek is my cousin on my Mom’s side, and also he thinks that I’m qite the nerd. Uhm, I have strawberry blonde hair as you can see, I love music, and I can ramble on quite a lot, again as you can see. I’m 21, YIPPEE FULLY LEGAL, well just turned twenty one, my birthday is March 31st. I am around 5’2. “ I rambled. I ramble when I’m kind of nervous, well hello I’m in the same room as Ronnie Radke, and there are several sexy guys in here, and Ronnie and Jacky keep staring at me. I quickly sat next to Derek, knowing my cheeks were tinted pink.

“hey well, you’re a cute nerd.” Ronnie said, giving me a wink. Ok if I thought I was pink before, I’m now probably a tomato.

Out of the corner of my eye, I knew Derek was giving Ronnie the evil eye.

“so, why are y’all watching Spongebob?” I asked.

“ecause Ryan is obsessed with it, and the remote broke and no one wants to change the channel.” Jacky replied, he had a crisp English accent. It was to die for. Can this guy get anymore sexy?

“Too lazy to change the channel, huh?” I asked, laughing.

“Extremely. Maybe you can change it for us?” Mika asked, giving me the puppy look. Ok Asian puppy look! AHH!

“OK! ^^ what channel?” I asked, juming up.


“Cartoon network!”



Ronnie and Jacky both chorused Chiller.

“Ohmygod! I LOVE CHILLER! But my sister Natalia, she doesn’t get chiller at her house. Its so sad, I’ve been deprived of it for 3 months!” I cried, sitting in front of the TV, and pressing the channel up button.

“You poor deprived child.” Jacky laughed.

“Damn, Derek, you should’ve brought her here sooner. “ Ronnie said, my cousin just looked at him. Mika was comforting a crying Ryan who wanted spongebob back.

The Slaughter was on Chiller at the moment.

Derek had moved so that he was taking up the whole couch we were sitting on.

“Derek! No fair! I was sitting there!” I whined.

“You got up, Aidan” Heyawned. I pouted.

“Hey you can sit here, Aidan.” I turned, to see a grinning Ronnie.

“ok!” I sat next to him on the big couch.

He smelled good. I could still feel Jacky’s eyes on me, and during the movie, I’d look over and our eyes would meet. Every time they did, my stomach would flip.

Ronnie had put his arm around me, I think he was hoping I would get grossed out or scared or something. But that’s impossible, I don’t scare easily.

So here I was, sitting next to Ronnie Radke, and glancing at Jacky Vincent.

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