Do You Believe In Love At First Sight ? (Harry Styles Love Story) 6

Sorry Couldnt Update Yesterday Was In Dublin xxx :)

Created by DreamInDance on Thursday, July 07, 2011

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Ellas P.O.V

As soon as we got to the hotel room I went into one of the bathrooms and put on my shorts and tshirt jammies I brushed my wet straight hair washed my remains of makeup off .

I went back into the main room and Louis dad told me that the boys had gone ahead into there room I went in and Lottie was sitting on her double bed whilst Harry ans Louis sat on there double bed .

"You and Kayleigh will be staying in my bed " Lottie informed me

"cool" I said running and jumping on her bed , I laughed as I fell down .

Kayleigh came in she was wearing her jammies also . Lottie opened her laptop and logged on to twitter

"hey whats your twitter names " Lottie asked

"Mines @KayleighLoves1D " The boys smirked at her and she stuck her tounge out " Ellas is @Ella143 "

"Kk ill add you now "

My blackberry buzzed on my lap , I picked it up and looked at it

*You Have 3 New Followers*




I smiled

"Hey lets do twitcam " Harry said


The boys set it up on there laptop , we all sat on there bed and posted the link and almost straight away we had tons of viwers .
The fans were so nice they didnt hate on me or kayleigh for hanging out with Harry and Louis , Weelll most of them anyways theres still a few jealouse crazies that called me a 'Rhiannah Wannabe' and people called kayleigh names but yeah no ' Let the haterz hate , your like way to late ' -_jessie _j x .
We sang a bit did some pranks messed aroound and I tried to teach louis how to dance but we were messing around to much so at like 1 am some dude knocked on the door and started to shout at us so we ended the twitcam then .

"Psssh Rhianna Wannabe ... I Look Waaaaay More Like Arianna Grande :) " I joked .

We all got into bed then and watched eclipse at around 3 am Louis fell asleep first so we started videoing him . We drew all over his face in rainbow coloured shairpies . We uplaoded it to twitter then hit the Hay .
:) xxxxx

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