Just Keep the Magic Coming [A Harry Potter One-Shot]

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Created by kissthesnitch on Tuesday, July 12, 2011


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The grand room glowed blue. Prophecies lay silent on the shelves like eerie, still, ghosts. The slightest breeze would have sent their entire world crashing down.

The tip of Harry Potter’s wand emitted a modest light as it sat at the ready in his tense hand.

Jen Montez was right beside him. Her long, black hair barely moved as she stepped forward in time with Harry.

“There must be millions of them,” Harry whispered. Jen slowly, as if frightened to disturb the fragile room, reached over and held her love’s shoulder with a firm grip.

“Then we best get looking.” She whispered back. “For I fear we won’t be alone for very long.”

After an exhausting while, Harry grunted in frustration. “I just don’t understand how they’re organized. Not chronological, not by who spoke it...”

“Do you remember anything about what you heard Dumbledore say?” Jen asked as she scanned more and more shelves.

“Just that it’s about the Elder Wand. And Voldemort cannot get his hands on it.”

“Wait... The Elder Wand... Harry!” Jen exclaimed. “Peverell! Try finding the Peverell brothers!”

The pair tore through the room, scanning for the famous brothers’ name as quickly as they could.

“Jen! Jen I found it!” Harry said as he dusted off the ancient prophecy. Quietly, it spoke to him- in a voice that almost sang.

“The Darkest will imagine he has the strongest

As witches and wizards fall

But he will be wrong

The spell will be broken

By the one born as the seventh month dies

None shall live while the other survives...”

Silence. Harry stared into the glass in awe.

“Did you hear that, Jen?” He asked breathlessly. “Jen?”

Dead silence was his only response. Then, a black wind blowing by him.


The chilling laugh of Bellatrix LeStrange reverberated off the shelves. Harry sprinted after its sound, to the center of the room.

Finally, the evil witch appeared in a flash of green flames. Jen was being held securely against her will. She winced in pain as Bellatrix’s wand pressed into her neck.

“Let go of her!”

Bellatrix’s laugh was like nails on a chalkboard to Harry. It was shrill, loud, and worst of all, condescending.

“Wee little Potter, you should know better then to let your pretty little girlfriend help you while you’re doing our dirty work for us! It just provides me with too much fun...”

The cool glass of the prophecy began to slip and slide in Harry’s palm as his hands began to sweat. His other hand was on his wand and at the ready before he even had time to think. The sense of power growing within Bellatrix’s wand crescendoed in Harry’s eardrums like terrifying cannon shots.

Just as he screamed, “I said let go!” Bellatrix’s voice rang out, “Crucio!”

Jen hit the marble floor with a scream.


Her body writhed and twitched in unnatural ways. Harry watched in horror as her eyes rolled back and forth, out of control. He couldn’t take it, “Expell-”

“Touch me and she dies Potter!” Bellatrix shouted maniacally. Her face was fixated on the struggling body of Jen, like a shark eying its prey. “Now give me that prophecy! Unless you want to see the life leave her eyes!”

“Don’t give it to her, Harry!” Jen cried weakly. She needed to take a moment to regain her breath. “Let me fight her back!”

This called for a cackling, amused hoot from the Dark Witch. “You want to fight back? Against me? First in command to the Dark Lord! You weak, stupid child. The only reason you’re here at all is, let me guess love!” She said the word with the same disgust any normal person would say vomit or blast-ended skrewt. “Fool! When are you all going to realize that love can’t survive the strength and power of the Dark Lord. Love can’t survive pain! Crucio!”

Harry heard the faintest, quietest of gasps escape Jen’s lips. With everything in him he feared that this would be her last breath. However, still, her hand tightly gripped her wand. As the curse came to an end, and Jen coughed and shook on the cold floor, Bellatrix took notice to this. Her eyes bulged with a creepy mixture of amusement, anger, and domination.

“You’re the fool, Bellatrix” Jen grunted as she weakly pulled her wand out and pointed it at the shocked LeStrange. “And you will never touch the prophecy.” And then, with the swiftness and strength that no one who had just suffered an unforgivable curse should have, Jen turned and pointed her wand at Harry himself. She shouted as red sparks flew from her wand, “expelliarmus!”

The curse hit Harry exactly where Jen had intended- his left hand. The one holding the prophecy. The ball of glass seemed suspended in the air for just a moment, before tumbling to the ground and shattering. The cloudy, blue light dissipated in a fit of indistinguishable whispers. The prophecy was gone.

Harry and Bellatrix, for a split second, exchanged a shocked stare. Then, Bellatrix shouted angrily to the Heaven’s, seeming to shake and explode with rage. Jen’s voice brought Harry’s attention back to the danger they were now in.

“Harry, run.” She demanded desperately. “I won’t let you watch me die.”



Harry screamed, “Jen, no!’


Run!” She cried as Bellatrix’s angry torturing finally formed into the start of two dreadful words: “Avada Ke-”

“Stupefy!” A gravelly voice called out. It was Bill Weasley, sprinting into the room from the direction of the Floo System Room. The spell wasn’t enough to stun LeStrange, but it did send her Killing Curse back against the wall, away from Jen. Bellatrix snarled and turned tail, running into the next room. Bill was at her heels, quickly followed by Lupin, Mr. Weasley, and Kingsley Shacklebolt. Tonks followed up the rear and stopped next to Harry.

“Tonks, what-”

“We can hold her off, Harry,” Tonks interrupted, her hair a raging, fiery red at the moment. “But you need to get Jen out of here.” She sent a cloth covered ladle to the ground, besides Jen. A portkey.

More Death Eaters started appearing from all directions, as well as more members from the order. Spells and curses flew past Tonks and Harry, like a tumultuous wind carrying death with every gust.

“But the fight!” Harry answered.

“We will handle the fight.” Tonks commanded. “If you don’t get Jen out of here now, I can almost guarantee she won’t survive. Take the portkey. Ron and Hermione are waiting for you.”

“But Tonks-”

Now!” She cried as she dodged a curse sent by Dolohov. Expertly, a jet of purple light dashed from her wand to the Death Eater, keeping him at bay for just long enough for Harry to dive to the ground and shield Jen’s limp body with his. He hurriedly reached for the portkey, uncovered it, and clutched his love as the magic transported them through the nothingness.

They were met with the smell of a musty carpet and a nervous gasp from Hermione.

“Harry! Jen!”

“She’s taken a number of Cruciatus Curses. How do we help her, Hermione? Is she going to be Ok?”

Hermione took up her brave face, “yes, Harry. She just needs some care and a lot of rest... Ron?” She called into the kitchen. “Get some ice!” She turned back to Harry and Jen. “I’ll go prepare a bed.”

“Thank you, Hermione.” Harry sighed, trying to get his bearings. He was safe. Jen was safe. He could calm down now.

Hermione took Harry by surprise and dropped quickly to her knees, wrapping her arms around him. “Thank god you’re Ok,” she whispered. “Both of you.”

Harry nodded, and Hermione quickly disappeared up the stairs.

12 Grimmauld Place was Harry’s home away from Hogwarts- the home of his late godfather, Sirius Black.

“Harry,” Jen breathed weakly. Harry was surprised, he hadn’t thought Jen to be conscious at all.

“It’s Ok, love,” Harry whispered. “We’re safe now.”

“Voldemort... he’ll never touch the prophecy now...” Jen panted.

“Yes, thanks to you.” Harry smiled as he ran his thumb over her sweat-covered, slightly bloody cheek. “But more importantly, he’ll never touch you.”

He leaned down and kissed her gently on her forehead. Jen shut her eyes to rest and smiled.

“I love you, Harry. This war may not be over but this is a battle we’ve won. And we’ll just keep the magic coming.”

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