It's Just Sex {An Andy Sixx Oneshot}

Hey everyone, I just randomly thought of this and started writing and finished it all in one sitting, I hope it's not too bad, enjoy lovelys ^_^

Created by chelseasasuke on Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The sexy as hell Andy Sixx!
I was so tired of all of this. I was tired of being alone and I was tired of sitting in the shadows. I made up my mind, and I was gonna have fun tonight. I called up my best friend and told her to get dressed really sexy like and that we were going out. She was more than happy to do so. I pulled on a black pair of skinnies and a short shirt that showed off my deathbat tramp stamp. I straightened my hair and changed out my snakebites for the hoops. I smiled and finished my make up and pulled on some heels that I didn't even know I owned. When I was finished I grabbed my leather jacket and stalked out of the room. I was feeling confident and that was odd for me. I didn't have what most women of my age had and that was self confidence. I hopped in my car and off to my best friends house I went. "Damn do you look hot tonight." I grinned at her as she walked out, strutting like she owned the place. I laughed at myself, she actually does own the place we were at her house. I hopped back in my car and she looked me over. "Damn I could say the same to you. Let's party!" I grinned and put in a cd and down the road we went.

The club was packed. Good thing I owned the place. Yeah I know, a low self confidence girl like me owning a night club this successful. I walked in the doors smiling and hugging the two guys standing guard of the long line of people. "Have fun tonight Chelsea and be careful, I don't want to have to fish you out of the girls bathroom later on." I giggled. "Oh you won't have to Jack I promise you." I spoke and walked off inside. I sat at the bar with Calinda, my bestie, and I scoped the crowd as Jason handed us some drinks. "Hey sexy, damn what's gotten into you?" Jason asked looking me over. "I'm here to party." I grinned and he smiled. "You both are looking mighty fine tonight. Don't take any guys home that I wouldn't." He spoke with a wink. Yup Jason was gay. I loved him to death. "I would like a shot of whiskey please." The man's deep voice threw me off. I turned and his face made a gasp escape my lips. He was beautiful. His long black hair framed his face perfectly and his blue eyes sparkled. He was dressed all in black and I smiled at his leather jacket. Very sexy. "Sure thing sexy, jaw up gorgeous." Jason spoke, pushing my mouth back together, which I wasn't aware of. I blushed darkly and turned back to my drink. "Hey I'm Andy." The deep voice spoke right at my ear. I turned and blushed at how close he was. Wait I know him. "Oh my gosh why didn't I recognize you. I love Black Veil Brides." He grinned and kissed my hand as I went to shake his. "And you are?" "Chelsea," I responded and Jason passed him his shot. He took it and downed it quickly before sitting the glass back down. "So do you want to dance." I blushed and looked at my bestie. "Go on Teme, I have my eyes on another very sexy celebrity that's in the house tonight." I followed her gaze and was shocked to see Robert Ortiz from Escape The Fate. I grinned and took Andy's hand. He guided me over to the dance floor, which was crowded anyways because off all the people, and grabbed my hips. "You're looking really sexy tonight, tell me what guy am I pissing off for dancing with you?" "No one at all," I responded and wrapped my arms around his neck. He grinned, "Come on that can't be true. A girl as hot as you," He bit his bottom lip slightly as he looked me over. "Damn I've never seen such a hot girl with so many tattoos as you's fucking amazing." I blushed and smiled at him. "Well I must say Mr. Sixx I never expected so many celebrities to be in my club." "Your club?" He questioned and I nodded. "Yup, I own this wonderful place of wonder." He smiled and pulled me up against him as the music changed.

By the time we were finished dancing, we were soaked in sweat. I stumbled over to a booth where my best friend was sitting with Robert and I sat down. "Hello lovely." Calinda spoke, passing me and Andy a shot. "Hey sexy." I smiled and downed the shot. Robert wrapped an arm around her shoulders and I laughed as they started making out. "Come on now no tongue sex right in front of us." Calinda flipped me off but didn't pull away none the less. Andy smiled and turned to me. "What do you say we get out of here?" I looked at him and decided, what the hell. I came out for fun and I was damn sure gonna have it. I grinned and took his hand. "Is my place ok?" I asked him and he nodded, waving off to his band as they were drinking away in a corner.

I pulled into my driveway and as I was trying to unlock my door, Andy pushed me against it, kissing me with such fierce intensity. I kissed him back, locking my hands away in his hair. He fumbled with the key that was still in the door and pushed it open. I slid his jacket off his shoulders as we stumbled inside. He nudged the door shut with his foot and as we made out and traveled upstairs, we lost clothing along the way. I fell over on the bed with him ontop of me. I gasped for air as he trailed kisses down my neck. "This is just sex right, no attachments?" I breathed out and as his hands roamed my body he paused in his search down my neck to whisper a quick. "Just sex," then continued on with his work. I closed my eyes and undid his pants. This was just sex I reassured myself and pushed his pants off of him. He massaged my hips as his lips made their way down my stomach. "Don't worry I have a condomn." He muttered as he undid my pants and slowly slid them down.

I rolled over as the sun's bright rays burnt my eyes. Last night was amazing. It had been a while since I had actually been with a guy and that includes just being their girlfriend. I needed last night so bad, and Andy was amazing. I ran my fingers over his bare chest and his arms snaked around me pulling me up against him. "Last night was amazing." He muttered, still half asleep. "It sure was," I replied trailing kisses down his chest. "Hmm, this is a good way to wake up." I giggled lightly and he laced our fingers together. "Whoo! What a party I'm telling you Robert you are amazing!" I jumped up at the sound of Calinda's voice. "Yo Chelsea get your ass up! Let Andy rest for crying out loud." I bolted out of bed and grabbed my underwear. I smirked and pulled on Andy's shirt, which almost made it to my knees because I was so short. I winked at him and walked out, looking over the railing of the stairs. "Dobe how did you get in here?" I asked, as I took in her appearance. "The front door was unlocked silly, and I do have a key." She replied, holding it up. "Yeah, yeah so what are you two doing here?" "We came to give you the great news." "And that would be?" "This beautiful woman here is now my official girlfriend." Robert spoke picking Calinda up and swinging her around. I rubbed the side of my face as two arms snaked around my waist. Andy rested his chin against my shoulder and smiled. "Those two look happy." "Yeah, they're a couple now." I replied as he placed a light kiss on my neck. "Hey you two, that's enough sex come on you two put your clothes on and let's go have some breakfast." I shook my head and followed Andy back into the room so we could get dressed.

-3 weeks Later-

"Hey beautiful." I smiled as Andy's arms went around my waist." "Hey Andy what are you doing here?" "I came to see you. The band is leaving for tour tomorrow afternoon and I wanted to spend some time with you before we left." "Oh that's so sweet of you." I grinned and he smirked. "Yeah I thought so, you know I'm a sweet guy though." I nodded and pushed him up against the bar. It was during the day so the club was empty. He smirked and watched me with a hungry gaze. "You know Mr. Sixx, I'm not sure if I want to have sex with you tonight." He pouted and pulled me up tight against him. "Oh you know you do." He whispered, his deep voice sending shivers down my spine. "Maybe I do a little," I spoke running my fingers up under his shirt. He smirked down at me and picked me up sitting me ontop of the bar. "Damn you're too sexy right now." He breathed and kissed down my jawline. "Oh am I?" I asked, running my fingers roughly through his hair. "Yes you are." He spoke and picked me up, carrying me up the stairs of the club and into my office. He shut and locked the door and place me up on the now empty desk, (he took the pleasure in tossing everything off of it and onto the floor) and laid me back. I spoke the same sentence in my head that I had been saying over and over again since we met that night, it's just sex. I started to believe it too as he tossed my bra over to the side, along with my bra. Ok, so I was hooked to his kisses, I was hooked to his sexyness, I was hooked to his cold fingers against my skin, I was hooked to his huskey voice whispering in my ear between kisses, I was hooked to everything that was Andrew Biersack. I knew I couldn't be like this though. It was just sex, not something that was going to last. I pushed all thoughts out of my mind as we continued on.

"I'm gonna miss you Chelsea." Andy spoke as he lightly kissed me. "I'm gonna miss you too Andy." He smiled and kissed my cheek. "You have my number, and I have yours. I promise I'll be calling you soon." I nodded and watched as he took a few steps backwards. "Andy you're gonna fall." I giggled. "Nah I'll be fine." He grinned and stood still barely a foot away from me. "You have to leave Andy." I reminded him and he sighed. "Yeah I know," He took a look back at the tour bus and then turned to me. He walked back in front of me and kissed me. This kiss was different. It wasn't the same hungry kiss I always felt when we were together for the past three weeks. It was passionate and needy, sincere and truthful. My eyes slid shut and his hands found their way into my hair. He pulled back as Jake grabbed onto his arm. "Come on man we gotta get moving. She'll be here when we get back. See ya Chels," Jake ruffled my hair and ran off to the bus. Andy sighed and ran his thumb across my cheek lightly. "I'll be back in no time, love." He spoke and ran onto the bus. As it drove away, I was left standing there in amazement. What if it wasn't just sex? What if Andy Sixx meant something when he kissed me like that? As my thoughts raced on my phone went off. I pulled it out and answered breathlessly. "Hello," "So you're my girlfriend right?" I smiled at Andy's voice and swooned at the question that still rang through my ears. "What happened to 'just sex'?" "Screw that I want you." I smiled and closed my eyes, allowing myself to give in. "Of course I'm your girlfriend Mr. Biersack." "Great now stay away from all the horn dogs while I'm gone. When I'm back I'm telling you it'll be a night you won't forget." "Come on Andy save the sex talk for when we're not around!" I laughed at Ashley's voice and Andy let out a light 'ouch'. "That was my head you dumb ass!" Andy yelled out. I giggled and Andy said a quick 'I gotta go beat Ashley's ass!' before he hung up. I put my phone away and smiled as I got into my car. So after all, it wasn't just sex.

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