Hetalia: Truth or Dare, Kiss or Swear (1)

Guys, I apologise for deleting my original copies of the Truth or Dare series because Quizilla suddenly decided to bring back my deleted stories, just as I was literally about to re-upload them again. Let's go back in time and enjoy the game again!

Created by magickitten1 on Thursday, July 14, 2011

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Disclaimer: Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya. The story is my idea.


"So... how do you play 'Truth Or Dare, Kiss Or Swear'...?" Japan asked, already dreading this odd western game from hearing the title.

"It's simple. You spin this bottle in the middle of the circle we all make like so..." England explained and he spun the empty beer bottle around on the round table in his living room. Sitting around the table was England, Japan, Greece, France, Italy, Germany, America and Russia (NO-ONE wanted him to come - England was too scared to make him leave.) The bottle stopped spinning, pointing at France.

"And when it stops at someone, you ask them: 'Truth Or Dare, Kiss Or Swear!' and they have to choose out of the 4 choices you give them and depending on what they choose, you decide what they do!" England explained further, smiling a little evilly. "For example, since the bottle landed on France, I therefore ask him: 'Truth or dare, kiss or swear?"

France smirked. "I choose Dare!"

England stopped himself from laughing hard and said: "I dare you to sing 'God Save The Queen'!"

"Non! I don't know ze words!" France exclaimed horrified.

England was laughing his head off, close to crying.

"So is that all?" Japan asked politely, "are there any catches?"

"Yes- I mean no!" England stopped himself. "Another important rule: if you refuse, or are unable to do, a dare, answer a truth question, kiss someone or swear, then you're out the game. The last person sitting in the game wins."

"Huh. Sounds simple enough," Japan remarked.

"It depends what you're asked to do... what's in it for the winner?" Greece asked sleepily.

"I didn't come here just to play a childish game, England," Germany snarled, "so I expect there'll be a decent prize for the winner."

England smirked. "Of course there'll be a decent prize... the losers pay for a first-class meal for the winner!"

"Ahh~! Sounds great! If I win, then I'll have some pastaaa~!" Italy cheered happily.

"I'll win this!" America declared, grinning, "I got some ultra-hilarious dares for you guys to try out!"

"...I always wanted to try first-class food..." Greece snored and he fell asleep again.

"As long as Greece-kun stays awake..." Japan sweatdropped.

"I will have a lot of fun playing this game," Russia smiled ominously.

'Geeze, England, if you had balls, you'd chase Russia away by now!' America thought, creeped out by the russian's presence.

"Right! Let the game begin!" England declared and he spun the bottle. Everyone watched as the bottle slowly came to a stop... pointing at Italy!

"YAY!" Italy cheered for no apparent reason.

England cackled. "Truth or dare, kiss or swear?"

"Kiss!" Italy grinned like an idiot and everyone stared at him. There were no girls playing the game...

"Alright! Kiss Germany!" England demanded, grinning.

"WHAT!" Germany yelled, standing up. "I don't care if it's for some stupid free meal, I'm NOT-"

He turned to his left and noticed the italian trying to reach up, but there was a 8 centimeter difference between them, so he couldn't reach. Sighing irritatedly, Germany leaned down a little and let Italy kiss his cheek. The other men (apart from Japan, who was going red) whooped and cheered. Italy seemed pretty happy and he sat down. Germany was a little furious, but he didn't really mind the cute italian kissing his cheek... Even though he was laughing, England was disappointed that Italy didn't back down from his dare. Oh well.

"Ok, since Italy did as he was told, it's his turn to spin the bottle..." England said to Japan, who wondered what happens next.

Italy grabbed the bottle and spun it. It stopped at America.

"Dude! I choose Dare!" he went loudly.

"Ok! I dare you to hug England for 5 whole seconds!" Italy smiled and got his watch out his pocket.

"WHAT?! NO WAY!!!" America screamed in disgust.

"Then it means you're out the game" England said smugly. Oh yes! He could just taste the smell of free food fill his mouth...

"Er... wait! If I actually do it, then I'll still be in?" America wondered, shaking a little.

"Duh, that's part of the rules!" Italy chirped. America shivered, looking at the blonde englishman sitting next to him as though he's diseased.

"O-ok! I'll do it!" America shouted and stood up, chair screeching against the hard floor.

'It's just a goddamn hug...' Germany inwardly groaned, facepalming.

America took a deep breath and put his arms around a shocked England, resting his head on his shoulder. America swore he could feel England's heart beat faster. England even relaxed after a little while.

'Hey... this actually doesn't feel so bad,' America smiled.

"TIME'S UP!" Italy chirped obnoxiously, bursting America's thoughts and they broke the hug quickly, scowling at each other.

"FYI America, the free meal will go to me!" England growled.

"As long as I don't dare you into losing," America snapped and he sat down, crossing his arms. Though he has a tiny blush on his face.

America grabbed the bottle and spun it. It spun the longest, eventually stopping at Japan.

"What will it be, Japan?" the american asked.

"I-I'll choose... truth," Japan decided.

"Alright! Are you a virgin?!" America asked loudly. Germany almost out spat the beer he was drinking and Greece suddenly woke up and everyone stared at Japan, who was turning really red.

"Yes..." he mumbled and England cursed (because Japan didn't forfeit the game.)

"Alright, your turn to spin," America sighed.

Japan's pale hand reached out and he spun the bottle the way everyone else did. It didn't spin very much, but no-one complained, because it pointed at England.


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