Naruto's Sister part10 (Sasuke love story)

Created by Crazyforjapanesestuff on Thursday, July 14, 2011

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Recap:Kakashi: I guess it can't be helped. We will continue escorting you.
Tazuna:That's good to hear. 'I won *hold a peace sign up*'
Boat man: We are almost there. Tazuna, it looks like we haven't been noriced yet.
Tazuna: Thanks.
We entered a tunel, when we got out, it was so bright that I woke up. We got off the boat shortly after that. I was wlking by myself now.
Boat man: This is as far as I go. Later.
Tazuna: Sure. Thanks a lot.
Boat man: Be careful *turn on engine then rode away*
Tazuna: All right, take me home saftly.
Kakashi: Okay. 'If they are to attack, they will send jounin level ninjas instead of chuunin level ones. Oh well...'
Naruto was in front untill Sasuke caught up to him.
Naruto:'I'm not going to let this guy take the good parts anymore.' He ran in front, making everyone eelse stop as he looked around.
Me: What are you doing Ani-kun?
He took out a kunai then through it as he said," There!" Everyone went wide eyes exept Sasuke.
Naruto:Oh, it was just a mouse. *smirk*
Sakura: Stop showing off! There was nothing there!
Kakashi: Please, Naruto, don't use your kunais so abusively. It's dangerous in the first place.
Tazuna: Hey, you dwarf! Don't scare us!
Naruto: I see something hiding over there. No, is he over there?
Me: Ani-kun, calm do-
Naruto: There!
He threw the kunai a few inches away from my head.
Sasuke: *walk behind Naruto* I told you to stop! You almost hit Kaede! *punch Naruto's head*
Naruto: But I realy did sense someone. Sorry Kaede-chan.
Me: I-it's okay.
Sakura: Liar! Cut it out.
Kakashi looked behind the bush. He found a white bunny. The kunai was right above it's head, in a tree. Sakura looked as well.
Sakura: Naruto! Look what you've done!
Sasuke:' How dare Naruto almost hit Kaede. How are they even siblings? They are complete opposites!'
Naruto: Rabbit! *hug rabbit* Sorry, I didn't mean it. Sorry, rabbit.
Tazuna: It was a rabbit.
Sasuke:' He is appologizing to the rabbit more than he did to his own sister! How could he!'
Me:' Well, the rabbit was closer to getting hit than I was, plus it's frozen with fright.' *stand next to Sasuke*
Kakashi:' It's a snow rabbit. But what's with the color of it's fur? They only have white fur during winter, when the days are short. That means it is a rabbit that was raised inside a plave where the sun isn't a factor for the replacement jutsu. So one has appeared immediatly.'
Naruto: Sorry...
Kakashi: Everyone, duck!A sword came at us. Sasuke grabed my arm as everyone ducked. He pulled me down with him, I landed on top of him. I quickly got of Sasuke.
Me: Sorry
Sasuke just shook his head. The sword got stuck in a tree and a guy appeared on the hilt, his back facing us.
Naruto: Someone's here, here, here! This time, I'll handle the situation. I'm not going to lose to Sasuke.'
Kakashi: Oh, my, my, you are Zabuza Momochi, the exiled ninja of the Hidden Village in the Mist.
Me and Naruto: Exiled ninja?
Naruto: Who cares, I need to... On your mark... Go!
Kakashi stopped Naruto.
Kakashi: You're in the way. Stay back, everyone.
Naruto: Why?!
Kakashi:He's way different from the guys we met before. If he's our enemy... *Grabs head protector* I can't win like this.
Zabuza: I'm guessing you are Kakashi the Sharingan user. I'm sorry, but I'll need you to hand over the geezer.
Naruto:' What? Sharingan? What's that?'
Sakura:' What... What is he saying? He's strong?'
Tazuna:' Sharingan...'
Kakashi: Everyone, surround Tazuna-san. Protect him. Don't join this battle. To not interfere with the battle is teamwork. *lift head protector to reveal red eye* Fight me...
Naruto:' What's that eye?'
Me:' What's with Kakashi's eyes? It's scaring me.'
Zabuza: I'm honored that I can see the Sharingan that I've heard about.
Naruto: You guys have been saying Sharingan, sharingan, but what is it?
What is it? What is going to happen? Who will will? Find out on the next Naruto's Sister!

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