Dog Demonness(Sesshomaru's Sister){Gurls only no gays)Part one

Created by FlameDragonMaiden on Friday, March 17, 2006

You look to your right,a half demon was walking towards you slowly you glare at him he has black long curly hair and crimson eyes."Why do you call me here half demon?"you asked his eyes narrowing
"You are Sesshomaru's Sister are you not?"he asked
"Yes I'am and I have a name and i do not wish for a half demon like you to use it"you said"Now why do YOU call me here?"you ask while siting down on a fallin tree."I wish for you to kill a half demon by the name of-"but you cut him off"Inuyasha i subpose?""Yes you would be correct Shadow"he said
"I said for you to NOT to use my name,half demon what is your name?"you ask glaring slightly "I would be Naraku"The half demon said now known as Naraku.
"Naraku Why do you wish for me to kill my own flesh in blood?"you asked slightly amused "Because i know your capeable of doing so"Naraku said "So Naraku what your saying is that i am capeable of killing my own flesh in blood and your not?"you ask slightly laughing Naraku glared at you "Yes"he hissed out.Your dark golden eyes gleamed slightly amused your Light long Silver hair pulled up into a tight pony tail with two strands at the side of your face you stood up your long black silver Kommoto(sp?)(Me:Please message me if you know how to spell it!)blowing in the wind."Naraku whats in it for me?"you ask looking up at him cocking your head to the side "Inuyasha's jelw shards"Naraku replied you smirked "What the hell would i want with thoughs?To make me a half demon?Or make me even stronger?I think i will take you up on the offer IF you fucken leave me the fuck alone"you said but more like a order "Ok its a deal then?"Naraku asked"Yes its a deal."you said walking away Naraku stareing after you.
Soooooooo you like so far hunh hunh hunh???
"Now Nakka...Do you wanna come travel with me ill be with you all the way till you wanna leave"you said looking at him smiling "Sure!....whats your name Girl?"Nakka asked dumfounded you Laughed lightly while smiling slightly while saying"Oh.well my names Shadow......Nakka ummm how old are you your quite tall and handsome...maybeh someday if you become big and strong.........
...*smirk*you'll become my Mate"you said looking at his blushing face "Ummm i'm 15 Shadow"Nakka said looking at you while your grinning "You know Nakka your so Kawaii when you blush."you say while
standing up and putting him down.Your as tall as Sesshomaru and Nakka is at your breast level so well um yeah you get what im saying or not-_-.
"So lets get going Nakka i need to'Pay'my little brother a'nice'visit"you say while sniffing the air"...Ummmm Nakka what kind of demon are you anyways?"you asked looking at him just noticing he was a demon child "Im a fox demon and half Dog demon'he replied "Ha Nakka Im full dog demon So that makes me a Bitch and im proud of it!"you said
looking at his blood red hair and Golden eyes"Hmmm
Shadow who is your younger brother?"Nakka asked
"Inuyasha a half dog demon thats a prick that LOVES humans and My Older Selfish brother is Sesshomaru a full dog demon and Me a full dog demon and....ummmm... im Werid..."you said looking at him in the corner of your eye to see him grinning "HEY!what cha smiling about boy?"you asked tackling him to the ground pinning him to the ground in the procese."You"he replied"Tell me why thou"you said licking his neck you felt him shiver "No"he said you nip at his neck no responce
you kiss and lick his neck again no responce again
you growl no one has never made no responce before you look up to see him in a daze you narrow your eyes you lick his check he looks at you and he puts his hands on your waist you sit up and sit on his waist "So ya gonna tell me why you where grinning at me?"you asked misgif gleaming in your eyes he smirks "No why should i?"he asked "Because if you dont im gonna mark you and beleave me dont wanna mark a half dog and if i mark you your my mate and you have to listen to my e-v-e-r-y
w-o-r-d"you say glaring at him his smirk becomes wider "Still no i forgot why i was"he said
your glare become intence...I GOT TO GO BUH BYEZ!!!
Blee Blah(Maiden:HEY THATS MA WORD BITCH!)O Fucken well(Maiden:Hmph
.....(Maiden:OH AND PLEASE MESSAGE AND RATE!)....Okay....
'*smirk*I guess i have to pay my little brother a "nice" little visit'you thought looking up at the sky you felt something or someone tugging on your sleave you looked down to see a Boy tugging at your Kommoto(sp?)"What do you want Boy?"you asked getting tired of asking people.You looked at his kawaii tear stained face your face softend "Whats the matter?Where's your Mom and Dad?"you asked softly bending down to his eye level picking him up in your arms rocking him back in forth "I think my Mom and Dad a-are dead"he said hugging your waist slightly crying burrying his head in your chest'Awww i hate it when kids cry'you thought hugging him"Boy whats your name?"you asked yet again "Girl my name is Nakka" Nakka said as you whiped his tears away.
.................(Maiden:Blee Blah)...............(Maiden:BAAAAAA)Okay okey SHUT UP!(Maiden:*pokes*are you on your period???)*wakes quizmaker with baseball bat*There(Maiden:OW OW OW OW OW OW OW!*threw a fire ball and runs away!*MUTEINS!!!!RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!*Runs off a cliff*IF YOU DO NOT HELP ME THERE IS NO MORE QUIZZES!!!)*helps qm and walks away*(Maiden:*Wacks qt*Hmph thats what you get for making me run off a cliff!)*Sweat drop*YOU made YOUR self fall off a cliff by not paying atention numskull.(Maiden:I knew that-_-
Awwww poor Nakka he's so inasent and adorable too!(Maiden:Yeah i know i have a picture of him too he's soo adorable too!)Can i see?(Maiden:Nope im so not really im just plain weird...-_-)....o@_@....
Well you suck then
Yeah your ok in my book...which i have to find...-_-

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