A Turn For The Heart, A Turn For The Mind (Young Remus Lupin Love Story) ::Chapter 8::

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The next morning, Calli woke up in the hospital wing, her head felt like it had been bashed in by an oger and she could feel the open cuts on her face. She opened her eyes to a sad sight. Professor Snape was in the room. "Miss Greyson, all though your words against me were absol.utely uncalled for, your actions in saving my life have not gone unnoticed. So......Thank you." "You're welcome, Severus." He looked up at her, obviously confused. "Do you really not remember me?" "I...uh..." "Its Calli? I was friends with James, Sirius, Peter and Remus?" "What? I...you seem familiar. But that's...impossible." Without another word, the man turned and quickly left the room. Calli rose to her feet, feeling a bit dizzy before she steadied herself. She looked around for a moment before she started towards the door. She a had to find Remus.

When she reached Remus's office she was confused as well as shocked at what she saw. He was packing. "You're...You're leaving?" "Yes. It seems that someone let slip the nature of my condition. By this time tomorrow, letters will be arriving and I dont think that parents will be wanting... well... someone like me teaching their children." "To hell with them then." "Calli, thats not the only reason that I am leaving." Tears started to well up in Calli's eyes, realization hitting her like a bludger but she refused to believe it just yet. "What other reasons do you have?" Remus looked up at her from his desk. "Have you looked at yourself? You've got a gash in your head and cuts on your face and body because of me. I'm not letting it happen any more! Last night, I didnt care at first that you were hurt. You're scent was masked." "...Harry's jacket." "I couldnt really tell if you were my mate, and I almost swung at you purposely. I could smell another on you, and the wolf in me got angry. Leaving is the only option I have to protect you from what I might do to you." "Because of course what I want never matters?" "I now know that no matter what, being with me would be dangerous for you. Dont you get it? I'd be putting your life at risk with every move I made. The monster that I have become is difficult to control. I cant risk hurting or maybe even killing you Calli. You mean to much to me." There was a long pause before Calli looked up at him, a single tear spilling from her eye. "Fine...Go then." Then she let the tears streamed down her cheeks as she looked up at him, she saw sadness in his eyes. She turned, but then walked up to him. "And you can have this back." She ripped the locket from her neck and slammed it down against the desk. "Its a lie anyways." Remus opened his mouth to say something, but Calli didnt listen as she ran from the room.

When she entered the Gryffindor common room, the only person she saw was Harry, coming down the stairs. Without thinking she rushed toward him. He put his arms around her to comfort her. She cried there for a moment. "Calli? What's wrong?" She pulled away. "Why dont you ask Lupin. Maybe you can catch him before he leaves." After saying that she walked to the couch in front of the fire place and sat down, bringing her legs upa against her chest and hiding her face, letting the tears fall freely/

Harry couldnt bear to see his friend like this so he took off for the Defense Against The Dark Arts classroom. When he arrived he went to Lupin's office, finding the older man holding something in his hands, and pain filling his eyes. There were tears falling slowly down his scarred face. "So it's true then. You're leaving?" Lupin tensed up and stood to his feet, walking around the desk. The wolf inside him stirred, smelling the same scent that had clouded that of his mate the previous night. It angered the wolf, but Remus pleaded with him to stay down. Harry had just been looking out for his friend, not wanting her to get sick from the cold air, and here he was, the wolf wanting to rip the boy in front of him to shreds, smelling a bit of Calli on him. "Yes. I am leaving." Harry looked at the older man. "how could you do this to her." Remus picked up a few old books and began putting them into an old trunk. "Have you seen her lately? Her injuries are my fault." Harry stepped up. "Yes, I've seen her. But I've also never seen her happier than after she came back, and you're to thank for that. But now she seems so... broken." Remus almost screamed in agony at Harry's words. He had hurt Calli...again. There was a long pause. "Do you even care about her at all?" Remus quickly swung around to face Harry, his face red with a sudden anger at Harry for questioning his feelings for Calli. She was his mate, his true love. He'd die for her a thousand times over. The thought of her being in pain caused him to feel like every fiber of his being was slowly, and painfully being ripped apart. "Of course I care about her! That's why I'm leaving! I refuse to cause her any more pain!" Harry looked at him. "Well its too late for that." With that being said, he walked out of the office and left the classroom, leaving a heart broken Remus Lupin to be alone, Harry's last words still echoing in his mind.

A year later

"Calli! Come on, hurry up! We're going to be late!" Ginny yelled. Mrs.Weasley was throwing them all a 'graduation party' as she called it. Calli half-laughed at Ginny's excited yelling. Nothing seemed to be full for her anymore. As if half of her body, mind, heart, and soul had been ripped away, and it pretty much had. She hadnt seen Remus in little over a year and she had now graduated from Hogwarts, something that should have made her completely happy, but, it didnt. She still felt a loneliness that was like a hole that couldn't be filled. After composing herself, she emerged from the closet. Ginny smiled. "You look beautiful." "She sure does." Said a voice, and Calli looked over to see Harry's mother Lily walk over. "Congratulations Calli." The woman hugged her and Calli hugged back. Harry and his father, James appeared next, followed by Ron, Fred, and George. "Well, everyone ready?" James asked. "Wait where's Luna and Neville?" "Here!" Said the familiar voice of Luna Lovegood as she ran in with Neville tailing behind her. "Sorry I'm late." Said another voice, and everyone turned to see Lavender Brown walking in, and straight over to Ron. Calli suddenly felt out of place. Ron was engaged to Lavender, Harry had married Ginny practically the second they were out of Hogwarts, and Neville, well, he was madly in love with Luna. She was the only one who was alone. Apparently Fred and George noticed too and they walked up, each at either side of her, and linked their arms with hers. She smiled up at them. "Ready." They said in unison, looking down at the girl they considered a sister. "Lets go then." Lily said, a warm smile on her face. They all apparated to The Burrow and were immediately greeted by Mr. and Mrs. Weasley.

Once they had all gotten settled, they began talking. After about 10 minutes, Fred, George and Calli snuck off to another room. "Come here. We want to show you something." "Does it involve a shot of Firewhiskey?" "We can work that out." Once they'd walked upstairs and into a room, Calli was surprised to see boxes of fireworks. "Is it even safe to have all these in one crowded room?." Both boys laughed and Fred took down three shot glasses and a bottle of Firewhiskey. "Probably not." He poured all three shots and smiled. "A toast. To Calli, now graduated and able to use as much magic as she wants with no regard for the consequenses that are sure to follow. May she make the absolute worst choices, but have a bloody good time doing it." Calli laughed. They made the toast and Fred and George drank the shot like pros. They knew that Calli had never had Firewhiskey before, so they were surprised to see her down the entire shot in less than a second, but then laughed when she coughed at the sizzling heat descending down her throat. She laughed. "So, how about we shoot these off at nightfall." She said looking around. "Perfect." They said together. "Stop doing that it creeps me out." She smiled. "We'd best get back before mum notices we're gone." "Alright then." Calli replied and they returned to the living room.

20 minutes later their was a knock at the door. "I'll get it!" James jumped up to answer the door. Calli wondered why he seemed so anxious to answer it. "Glad you could make it! I thought you wouldnt come." James said to whoever was standing at the doors. "I couldnt refuse the 23 letters you sent me. Figured I come before you worked that owl to death." said a voice that made Calli freeze up.

It... It couldnt be. Could it?

"Well, I had to get you to come here some how." James back up to let the person in. "Look who decided to drop in everyone!" He yelled and Calli, slowly, turned around. She let out a gasp when she saw him. Remus Lupin. He was here. Harry looked at Calli immediately in shock. He smiled at her. She gave a faint smile back. "Remus! Good to see you!" Molly yelled. She stood up and walked over to hug him. While no one was paying attention, Calli stood quietly, trying to sneak out of the room, but when she stood, Remus found her and their gazes locked. She tore her eyes away and walked from the room. She walked upstairs, to where she, Luna, Lavender, and Ginny were all bunking in the same room, just for the occasion, and slumped down on her bed. She leaned back, looking up at the ceiling.

After a few minutes she heard footsteps coming up the stairs, but payed no attention to them. But suddenly Remus walked into the room, although Calli did not notice at first for her eyes were closed. After a couple seconds she opened them, and upon seeing Remus, quickly stood up. "Hello Calli." Calli's mouth and throat went dry but it made no difference as she couldnt bring herself to answer him. The emptiness in her heart intensified, practically ripping her mind apart. She looked up at him, seeing an unmistakable sadness in his eyes. "Calli, I'm so sorry." He started to walk forward. "Dont." Calli said, finally speaking. He stopped and looked at her. "Why did you come back? To see what a mess I've become?" "No. Calli, I never meant to hurt you." "Than why did you?" "I was afraid... I was afraid that any time I transformed, I might hurt you. I was afraid that the monster in me would one day cause me to lose you." "So that means you just give up?" "I didnt know any other way to keep you safe." "Remus, I've known you since you were a student in Hogwarts, but I never knew you could do something like this." "Calli I am so sorry." Calli bit her lip. The situation seemed caught between him coming back for her or him coming back to say sorry. She had to figure out the real reason for his sudden arrival. "Why did you come back?" "James sent me letters, as you may have heard, he sent 23. Only 5 of them were about coming here. The rest were all about you. He told me that he hadn't seen you truly and fully happy, since our Hogwarts years, he also said that sometimes you woke up in the night, screaming, as I hear you've been living with them. It hurt me to know that you were in pain, but much worse to know that it was I who'd caused it. Calli, I left because I thought that it was better for you. I thought that if I left, and you forgot about me, you could fall in love with someone else, and that I could live, with just knowing that you were happy. I only wish that you could forgive me." Calli looked at him. "You still dont get it do you? Some werewolf you are." "What?" She pointed to the bite mark, clearly visible on her neck. "Dont you remember? When you marked me, our souls were joined. I couldnt forget you if I tried. And believe me, I did, but I couldnt, because the feelings that I held for you were still there." She had tears in her eyes now, but her pain was far from matching Remus's. "Calli, I'm so sorry." He stepped closer and this time, Calli did not object. He pulled her close. As hard as she had tried to stay angry with him, all her defenses came crashing down when he'd wrapped his arms around her. It was here that she felt safe. He was her weakness, and her strength "I'm so sorry. I just... I didnt want to lose you." She looked up at him."Remus look at me." He looked down at her, pain with a slight glint of hope in his blue and amber eyes. "I dont care if being with you during full moons ends up with me breaking every bone in my body. I'm not letting you go again." Her eyes were filled with determination and the natural stubborness that they always held. Remus smiled before leaning down to kiss her for the first time in what seemed like forever. Calli reached up, placing one hand at his neck while the other tangled itself in his hair.
After a moment, the couple walked down stairs. Lily, James, and Harry saw them and smiled. Calli saw that Bill and Fleur had finally arrived. Fleur caught sight of Calli's bite mark and rushed over. "Calli, may I have a word?" "Of course Fleur." Fleur grabbed her hand and dragged her to a small corner. "Calli, I could not help but notice that you have been bitten on your neck. I assume by a werewolf, claiming you as his mate?" Calli's eyes widened. "Do not worry. I have also been bitten." she stretched the neck of her dress to show Calli a bite mark similar to her own. Calli thought for a moment. "Bill." "Yes, he is a half-werewolf, and yes, we are mates. But I would like to know who your mate is." "It's not obvious?" Calli asked. Fleur's eyes widened and she gasped. "Calli, please do tell me that you dont mean Remus!" The blonde french woman looked at her in shock. Calli explained how it happened and as she did, Fleur became more comfortable with the situation. After Calli had finished with the explanation Fleur smiled at her. "Well, it is good to know that I am not the only one here who has fallen for the charms of a wolf." She said, her french accent clear in every word. "Now, if you will excuse me, I must return to Bill." Calli smiled before walking back out into the large living room.

Calli looked at the window. It was almost nightfall. "Excuse me for a moment." She walked to Fred and George, who were busy talking about inventing some new stink bomb. She leaned down, her head between theirs. "Ready to make your mum hate me?" They bothe turned and smiled, before saying in unison "Lets do it." She grunted. "I thought I told you to stop doing that!" All three stood up and ran upstairs. They gathered the fireworks and apparated outside. "In honor of your graduation, you light the first" Calli jokingly took a bow, before setting her wand tip to the end of the firework and the thread ignited. She backed up and a moment later the firework shot off into the sky. It made a loud bang and was easily heard inside the house. Everyone ran out just in time to see Fred and Calli levitate more of the fireworks before george made them go off, one by one. The colors illuminated the darkening sky.

They reached the finale, and once more, Fred and Calli lifted their wands, and George set off each firework, one by one, each following not a second behind the other. Calli turned, and saw Harry smiling and laughing at the display. Fred and George, after the finale was finished, ran over and hugged her. She laughed, before her eyes fell on Remus, who seemed to be looking at something in the distance. She made Fred and George put her down before she walked over to him. "Remus? are you alright?" He turned and looked at her, his eyes now a very familiar amber color. She stepped back and looked at Fleur, who had noticed that Bill's eyes had turned the same color. Fleur looked at her calmly before noticing that Remus was shaking. Suddenly, panic filled her eyes and she ran over. "Calli! It's a full moon!" Calli's heart stopped. "Everybody get back!" She screamed. Everybody who knew that Remus was a werewolf quickly complied, but others, like Molly and the rest of the weasleys besides bill did not, not knowing what was going on. "What? What's going on!" "Bloody hell just do it!" Molly's eyes widened. "Calli! That kind of language will not be tolerated here! Now, calm down!" "Just listen to her mum!" Bill yelled, and at his words Molly was shocked. Harry saw Remus and turned to the others. "Do as she says. Get back!" Quickly, but extremely reluctantly, everyone else backed away from Fleur, Bill, and Calli, who all surrounded Remus. Suddenly the full moon, seemingly brighter than ever, appeared from behind the clouds. Remus fell to his knees. Between his cries he pleaded. "Calli...Please...Get...Away!" Calli dropped to the ground beside him and held him steady. "No! I told you that I wasnt letting you go, and i dont plan on giving in!" Everyone around her besides Fleur looked confused. Bill's confusion faded once he saw the bite mark on her neck, but everyone else besides Harry, Lily, and James, had no clue what was going on. Remus's bones once again broke, and shifted, turning him into the werewolf that he so deeply tried to keep hidden. He slowly transformed, his human cries of pain turning into smooth, anguished howls. Calli stood and stepped back as Remus stood and leaned over, slowly recovering from the pain of the transformation.
Lavender who had never seen a werewolf before, grabbed her wand, but luckily Calli was faster now than she had been a year ago with snape. She drew her own wand. "Expelliarmus!" Lavender squealed. "Dont try anything. If he sees anything wrong with me, he'll become volatile." Bill, who, being only a half-werewolf and had not transformed, stood beside Calli. "Fleur, go stand with the others." Fleur nodded and walked over to join the others. Bill walked to Calli. "Calli, while he's like this, he'll only recognize you as his mate. You're the only one who can keep him calm." Calli looked up. "I know." She walked closer to the werewolf. "Calli? What's going on." "Sshh!" Calli snapped. She sat down on her knees, staring into Remus's rich amber eyes. "It's ok." she cooed, placing a gentle hand on his head and stroking it. He whimpered and slowly moved closer, nuzzling her hand with his nose as he had over a year ago. Calli, even though scared, felt like she could still see Remus, deep inside the werewolf that had taken over. "Ssshhh. It's ok Moony." Moony was the name that she, James, and Sirius had liked to call him whenever he showed the more agressive side, belonging to the werewolf inside himself. "It's been a while since I last saw you, hasnt it?" The werewolf howled before laying down. Calli adjusted her position and set the werewolf's head in her lap. She stroked it's head softly. "Calli? Why are you the only one who can keep him calm?" Calli's heart rate and breathing increased. It was now or never. "Because... Because... It's because I'm his mate." There were many gasps at her words. She looked up to them. "What? That's...That's not possible." "Yes it is. She accidentally traveled back in time a year ago, to you all she was missing. She and Remus fell in love while he was still at Hogwarts. He marked her as his mate then. She changed alot when she was there. She changed Remus, and she changed the future." James explained. He turned to Harry. "Harry, i've been telling you stories of a girl who is to thank for you not being without parents. She is that girl. Right before she left, she wrote me a note, explaining what I needed to do, to save my son from growing up without a mother or father." Harry's eyes widened. He looked to Calli. "It was you?! You're the girl?!" Calli gave a guilty smile. Harry started to run to hug her, but Calli put a hand up to stop him. He stopped and noticing Remus had shifted to stare intently at him and let out a growl, stepped back. Calli calmed him before looking up to the still shocked group of people. "I know that this is a big shock, and I'll understand if you never want to see or speak to me again. But I cant change how I feel, and even if I could, I wouldnt. I love him, and if you cant except that, I'm sorry." There was a long, silent pause. Then Ginny smiled at her. "Calli, you're like a sister to me, how could i not accept this?" Fred and George were next. "Well, you are a sister to us..." "maybe even a better one than ginny." george's words brought on a small glare from ginny. "Of course we accept it." their twin telepathy kicked in and they finished together. "Besides, you've got us to thank for it." Calli laughed.

It didnt take long for everyone to accept the situation between Remus and Calli. Molly was the only one who hadnt said anything, as she had gone inside. Calli told everyone to go inside, and that she'd stay out here with Remus tonight. After everyone had gone inside she conjured up a small tent and led Remus inside. From the outside it looked extremely small, like all you could fit inside was a very small person, but once you entered, it had a small bedroom, and a table, with two chairs. She conjured up a pile of clothes, so that Remus would be able to change in the morning, before walking into the bedroom. She lay with him on the bed, falling off into a peaceful sleep, the werewolf curled around her, as if he were protecting her as he too, fell asleep.

The next morning, when Calli awoke, she was alone on the bed, and the pile of clothes were gone. She smiled, wanting to find Remus. She rose from the bed, still in her dress and shoes, and walked out of the bedroom. She found him at a table, eating, and decided to sneak up on him. She walked behind him and leaned down, putting her arms foward around his neck. "Look, no cuts, no bruises." Remus rose to his feet and grabbed her, and pulled her into him as close has possible. "and no longer any secrets." calli smiled. "None at all." she kissed him hard, crashing their lips together, the kiss was more passionate, more heated, and more sensual than any kiss they had ever shared. It seemed to last forever, but even then, it was over too soon for Calli. She smiled at him, and reached down to steal a bite of his food. She ran when he reached for her, and he chased her for a moment before he locked his arms around her waist from behind and caught her. She laughed. "Well dont you two look cozy!" said a strange, but familiar voice. Calli looked up and realized who had spoken. Remus let her go as she ran to hug Sirius Black. "Sirius!" "Hello Calli." The dark haired wizard smiled at her and hugged her back, looking to Remus. "i heard about what happened last night. Sorry I couldn't make it. But I heard that Calli kept you sated. Well done Calli!" "thank you very much." Someone near the entrance cleared their throat. Calli turned to see Molly standing there. "Calli? May I speak to you?" She said in a calm voice. "Of course Molly." She replied, her smile fading a little. Calli walked out and looked to the woman she'd considered a mother figure since her first year at Hogwarts. "Calli, I'm sorry, if I came off a bit prudish last night. It just came as a big shock you know." "I understand." Molly looked at her. "I just want you to know that I fully accept your relationship with Remus, as you both have shown that you are in love with each other. He cares for you dearly, and it's easy to see that you feel the same way. I want you to know that I support you, I'm glad that you've been able to find such a connection. He is a truly wonderful man. It's easy to see that you make him happy, and that he does the same for you." Molly smiled. Calli hugged her, and the red-headed woman hugged her back.

Later that day, during a conversation with Luna, Remus walked over to her. "Calli? Can I talk to you?" "Sure." She smiled, standing up. Remus took her hand and gently pulled her to the front of the room. "Everyone! I have something I'd like to say." The room went quiet as all eyes turned to Remus. He turned to Calli. "You prat. You know I'm not good in front of crowds." She joked, emitting a chuckle from the man in front of her. "Calliope Greyson, I was a fool to have ever left you. I thought I was doing what was best for you. I see now what a mistake it was. I love you and I dont plan on ever letting you go again." Suddenly he got down on one knee. He took a small velvet box out of his pocket, and his next words brought forth gasps from everyone in the room.

"Will you marry me?"

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