Death Note ||L|| One Shot (Kitomi3)

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Created by coffeeXXemoXX32 on Sunday, July 17, 2011

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Name:: Harumi SainĊ

Alias (if have one):: Umi

Age and date of birth:: Age: 19. DOB: May 1st.

Appearance:: I stand about five foot four and weigh about a hundred pounds. I have dark eyes that are almost black and shoulder length black hair that I usually keep in a ponytail or in a clip and tend to have my bangs framing my face. I usually wear black skinny jeans that have rips in the knees and a purple and black striped long sleeved shirt. I sometimes wear purple converse high tops but usually walk around barefoot.

Personality:: I am quite intelligent and tend to be quiet when I'm working but talk vigorously when I am among friends. I have a calm persona and am usually patient unless I am out of lollipops. I don't like asking for help when I get stuck on a case because I feel I am intelligent enough to handle it myself. I get along with everyone unless they give me reason not to.

Background:: I grew up in Wammy's with L, Near, Matt and Mello. My parents were drug addicts and both committed suicide the day I was taken from them and sent to Wammy's for being a “gifted” child. From there I decided to help out L in becoming the worlds best detective and always stayed by his side to help catch criminals and bring them to justice. Then the Kira case surfaced and I immediately wanted to help him with that case too. In the days after he created the Task Force, I had found a Death Note inside my bedroom of our new headquarters and thus hid it from L and the others. I never used it and instead promised the only person I would use it on was Kira when we caught him because jail time would be too good for him. Then after making this decision I met the Shinigami Zenkai who told me he wanted our Task Force to succeed in catching Kira and to make his Brother Ryuk jealous. Currently I am still with the Task Force on the move to catch Kira and am becoming pretty good friends with this Shinigami who I just found out loves to eat strawberries.

Crush and why:: I have a crush on L. I like him because he is very intelligent and in my opinion very good looking. He does everything he can to bring criminals to justice and I respect him for that.

what do you think of Kira:: He's one of the worst criminals out there and must be taken into justice for his crimes.

Habits:: I tend to sit like L because I picked up that bad habit from him. I also tend to stay up all night on the computer rather than sleep and take naps in the afternoon though L wishes I didn't. I also love to star gaze.

Addictions:: Lollipops.


I sat back in my chair watching the screen of my computer intently. We were at a dead end and we couldnt seem to find any hints as to what kira was up to now. It was a bit depressing to come to a stand still like this. There has to be something, even something small that we missed. I looked over near L and noticed Zenkai trying to get a strawberry away from L. I got a look of panic and quickly covered it before L noticed. He looked over at me and moved his hand away sighing.

Zenkai is my shinigami. He came after I found his death note in my room. No, im not working with kira, but I do have a strong sence of justice. I never showed L my death note, in fear he would think ill of me. I dont want him to think im working with kira because in truth, I dispise him. Nothing good comes from kira and I would never kill so many people. The only reason I did not dispose of it is because when we finally capture kira I want to use it on him. I have read the rules of the death note and im very aware that I will not go to heaven nor will I go to hell. Since the death note is how kira kills people, as we have come to learn. I find it is only reasonable for him to be killed the way all those people were killed.

"You never let me have any fun." Zenkai huffed. I popped my lolli pop in my mouth and rolled it around on my tounge a few times.

"Umi, are you alright? Youve been staring at me for some time now." L mumbled. I snapped out of my thoughts and lowered my head so I was staring in his eyes.

"No sorry, I didnt mean to make you uncomfortable, just spacing out." I said with a small smile.

"Try not to space out anymore, we have much work to do." L stated.

"Well I wouldnt say it was as much of spacing out as it was thinking and just being lost in thought." I muttered a bit embaressed now.

"I see." He mumbled placing a finger to his lip in thought. I went back to looking at the screen but now my mind wasnt on the case. It was on everything happening around me. Me and L were alot alike in a lot of ways, like how we sit, I picked up the habit from him. How ever I always wear skinny jeans with some rips in the knees, which made sitting like this a little harder and more uncomfortable, but after awhile it really gets comfy and much easier. I also always wear long sleeve shirts like he does, but mine is purple and black stripped. I also usually am always bare foot I dont care for shoes much they just dont really feel right to me.

I scrolled down on my computer and pulled the empty lolli pop stem out of my mouth and threw it away. I reached into my lolli pop bowl and started to get annoyed when I didnt feel any. I looked over. "Empty." I whispered to myself and sighed. I got up and slipped my purple converes on, walked to the door.

"Umi, you should go to sleep. You can worry about your lolli pops in the morning." L stated getting up and walking over to me. I looked at him for a second.

"Im going now." I said simply. L sighed and slipped shoes on unwillingly. "What are you doing?" I asked watching him.

"Its late, I would feel guily if I let you go alone and something happened to you." He said simply and started walking out the door. I smiled, and blushed slightly. We decided not to take the car because it was only a five minute walk and it was nice out. It was 1am, but I wasnt concerned about it. I know that if im with L everything would be fine. Besides I knew L could hold his own since I saw him and Light fight. Hes a lot stronger then people give him credit for. Thats always how people get their butts kicked. Also L is super smart and can get us out of any situation.

Even if he couldnt, L is the only person id give my life for. We have been really close since we were kids and I loved being around him, still do. I looked up at the stars and smiled, closing my eyes, and taking in a breathe of fresh air. I smiled looking over at L as he walked next to me, and took his hand in mine. He looked down at me a moment and then looked at our hands. He looked back to me and smiled slightly, before turning his attention back to the sidewalk in front of us.

We walked into the candy store, still hand in hand. I smiled and pulled him over to the candy section. I got a few jumbo baggs of lolli pops and put them in the basket I was holding. L got a few assorted candies of his own. He got some strawberry pocky, and chocolate panda's or something like that. Im not sure what they were called I just say the words chocolate and panda so im just assuming. I laughed slightly as L stared at the candy like a child. I dropped the basket next to him and let go of his hand running to another section. I came back and smiled at him with my hands behind my back.

"What did you get?" L asked curious. I moved my hands in front of me, showing him the item I had gotten.

"Chocolate covered strawberrys!" I said happily. He smiled at me as I put them in the basket.

"I better get some of those." Zenkai stated. I had almost forgot he had followed us here. I usually always forget hes around since hes so quiet. I laughed slightly to let him no I heard him, but not enough to give me away. L just took it as me being happy.

We bought our candies and I took his hand walking outside again. I smiled up at him and leaned on his shoulder as we walked. He didnt say anything just continued to walk. When we got back, I quickly got into the bags and poured all my lolli pops into my bowl and threw the trash away. Quickly popping on in my mouth and smiling savoring the flavor. When I was finished and satisfied I smiled walking over to L, who was back at his computer. I got out all his candies and placed them around his desk. He smiled as I did.

I reached in the bag and opened a container, pulling a chocolate covered strawberry out. "Ryuzaki, say aww!" I said cheerfully.

"Wha-" He tired to ask but I cut him off placing the strawberry agenst his lip and popping it into his mouth. He gladly ate it and smiled.

"Is it good?" I asked curious. I had always been a bif fan of lolli pops not so much of strawberries and I had never tasted a chocolate covered one before.

"Try it." He mumbled popping on in my mouth. I blushed and ate it. I smiled at him.

"Its good... But my lolli pops are better." I stated with a smirk.

"You say that about everything." L mumbled.

"Not everything..." I muttered blushing with a small smile.

"Like?" He asked curious. I smiled and leaned in pressing my lips lightly agenst his. I was blushing like crazy, but didnt care at the moment. I pulled away and smiled laughing slightly for two reasons. One L's adorable and confused face, and two Zenkai in the background laughing in triumph because he managed to sneek a strawberry away when L was distracted. L looked at me, and he was blushing. That wasnt something you see everyday. He smiled, and pulled me into a hug. Dispite how he was sitting it was a very comforting hug. "I see.." He stated.


Hope you liked it :D

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