-KHR- My Lonely Flower -A Takeshi Story- *Part 12*

Created by o0Mystique0o on Monday, July 18, 2011

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You sighed, sitting at the dining room table. You felt bad for leaving Takeshi like that. He probably didn't understood what was going on.. And well, he doesn't have too. You didn't wanted him, or the other Vongola to be involved in this.

"Alcia." Your father said as he came in, sitting down at the dining room table. You were slightly surprised that he came down to eat with you, but a little voice in your mind said that he wasn't just going to eat... "What were you thinking Alcia? I just told you to be careful and then.. And then you sneak off like that. What were you thinking.." He said, sighing as he putted a hand to his head.

"I'm sorry papa.." You said, your head hanging down a bit. "I promise to stay home now.. Okay?" Your father sighed and nodded as he ate a little bit of his food. "All right. I just don't want to loose you, like I lost your mother. Do you understand that..?" You nodded, smiling a little to your father. Deep down inside, he was such a caring person. But, being the boss of this family you can't really show that. Which was also why the Vongola boss seemed so different to you. He was caring and his guardians stayed loyal to him. How strange and yet.. Very like-able.

"Sir, little miss.. There are some people in the hall who want to speak with you." Geoffrey said as he entered the dining room. "Who are they?" Your father asked as Geoffrey glanced to you. "The Vongola, sir.."

"Takeshi..?" You asked yourself, getting up and into the hall. You saw Takeshi, but also Tsunayoshi, Gokudera, Ryohei and reborn. Your father had followed you out and saw them standing there aswell.

"I heard about your problem." Reborn said, hopping down from Takeshi's shoulder, where he was sitting on, and walked over to your father. "So we came to help."

"That is very generous of you." Your father said, meaning the fact that they came to help out of their own. "We can use all the help we need." Reborn looked at you, smiling a bit as he jumped on your shoulder. "Don't worry Alcia. We'll handle this, right Tsuna?"

"A-Ah!" Tsunayoshi said, smiling to you. "Don't worry Alcia! We'll help you win this!" You smiled to him and nodded, looking at Takeshi. He smiled at you, but you could see that something was bugging him..

"Now!" Reborn said, hopping down to the ground. "We need to get ready. Do you have any information about the Soloni family?" Your father nodded. "Ah. They have a couple of strong, main fighters, their guardians. Five of them, if I am correct. They don't have a guardian of the clouds, which will put us in an advantage."

"Well.." Tsunayoshi suddenly said, looking a bit down to the ground. "I don't think Hibari will come with us.. and I don't want to put Lambo in any danger. I also don't know where Chrome is right now."

"That's okay." You said, looking at your father. "I can fight too. I've had training."

Your father sighed, shaking his head. "Yes. You can dodge a couple of thing. You can't fight Alcia.."

"Then teach me!" You said, a little bit frustrated. "I don't want to do nothing when our family is the one being targeted!" Your father sighed, not knowing what to do.

"If I may interupt sir." Geoffrey said as he looked at you. "I might be able to teach her a thing or two." You blinked. Geoffrey? Teaching you how to fight? Geoffrey. The butler who has been serving your house for many, many years. He was old!

"Fine.." Your father said, but not too happy with it. "But you will only use it as self-defense! You will not go out on the battel field on your own, got it!"

You nodded, smiling and sighing a little bit. Atleast you wouldn't be completly useless.. "Now!" Reborn said, looking at you and the vongola members. "We need to get ready. Can I use your training rooms Derengino?" Your father nodded as Reborn gave him a small nod of thanks. "Then I will make sure that all of you will get ready. Geoffrey, you can train Alcia, right?" Geoffrey nodded as he gave you a small comforting smile. "Good. Let's start.

You followed Geoffrey as he leaded you away from the rest of the group. You went towards an outside training area as he grabbed some suitcases that were laying there. "Now, little miss." He said, getting out a gun. "I'll teach you how to shoot, for your self-defense."

"You can use a gun Geoffrey?" You asked him, as he nodded. "As a butler of the Marteni family, I need to be able to protect you, now don't I?" He said, smiling to you. "This isn't the one I use, this is the one you will be using."

"Which one is yours then?" You asked, looking at the many different weapons laying on the ground. "It's not here. I prefer to use the bazooka, but you won't be handling one of those. At least not today."

"A-Ah.." You said, finding it hard to imagine Geoffrey holding a bazooka. But, this wasn't the time to be thinking about that.. Geoffrey started to show you how to hold a gun, where to shoot - and not to kill - if someone attacked you and he showed you a quickly of dismantling moves. "Wauw Geoffrey!" You said after awhile. "I didn't knew you knew all this! Or could do them!" Geoffrey chuckled lightly. "Like I said before little miss.. As the butler of the Marteni family, I need to be able to protect my masters." You smiled at him and nodded, as he showed you more things you needed to know..
* Takeshi's POV *
You sat on the ground, watching Reborn instruct Tsuna what to do. You felt stupid. You knew that something wasn't right with Alcia, but still you didn't asked her about it. Well, you didn't continued asking.. If you had known this from the start, you would have been a bit more comforting to her.. But then again, why didn't she just tell you? She could have.. You can protect her anytime..

"Yamamoto!" Reborn said, as you looked up. He gestured for you to come as you stood up and walked over. "Can you train by yourself? They have a training area perfectly designed for sword fighters." You nodded and smiled a little to Reborn. "Sure, no problem." You grabbed your sword, which you brought with you, and left for the training room. You sighed, walking past the many windows in the house as you looked outside, seeing Alcia struggle with holding a gun in the right way. You chuckled a bit. She didn't looked the least bit like a fighter to you. And she wouldn't fight, not if it was up to you.
You were going to protect this family.
you were going to protect her.
If it would be the last thing you would do.
Writers words: I somehow have the feeling that it's a bit short? So, if you have the same feeling that I do: Gomen ^^'! But still: hoped you liked part 12.

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