Following My Sister's Footsteps... I Got Pregnant. (1)

I'm gonna post chapter 1 just to see how well it goes. If it's good, I'll post the characters. Hope people like it.

Created by soup4shoes on Monday, July 18, 2011

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~*Stella’s P.O.V.*~

I sat in my bathroom, waiting. I had to take a stupid pregnancy test because I had stomach aches and had been throwing up. I actually should’ve known better than to have sex, because my older sister, Luna whose a year older, had her daughter, Alexandra (or Alex), not 4 months earlier.

“Stella, are you okay in there?” Luna said from outside the door. “I’m good,” I replied. My sister had bought me the pregnancy test because she noticed I’ve been throwing up, and was concerned.

After a few minutes, I figured it was time for the result. I looked at the test, it was positive. “Shit!” I yelled. Luna burst in the door. “It’s positive!?” She asked. I nodded. I really didn’t want to be pregnant. Luna was a junior when she got pregnant, just like I was, and Chris gave up on her. To him, I was all he had left.

My name, I’m sure you’ve guessed, was Stella King. I had an older brother, named Christopher, an older sister, named Luna, and a niece, named Alexandra. My sister got pregnant the year before, and since then she’s gotten the cold shoulder from Chris. He was 2 years older than me at the time.

“Chris!” I yelled as I walked out the bathroom door, Luna followed me. “Yeah?” Chris yelled back. We walked downstairs to the kitchen where Chris was feeding Alex. Chris looked up at us, “What’s up, Stella?” I held up the test. Chris looked at it closer. “Is it, positive?” He asked. I nodded and Luna put an arm around me. Chris got up and left the house, going to work. Luna picked up Alex to put her in the car. “C’mon, Stella, I’ll take you to school since he left already,” She said. I grabbed my backpack and walked to her car.

Luna drove to Jake Steele’s house to drop of Alex. (Jake is Alex’s dad.) And then drove to our school. When Luna parked, I got out to find my boyfriend, and the father of the baby, Elijah Hanson, or Eli. I found Eli talking to my friend, Holly. I walked up to them hoping to tell both of them my little news.

“Hey, Eli. Hey, Holly,” I said as I approached them. “Hey, Stella,” Holly said. Eli hugged me with a, “Hey, Stellar.” I swallowed the lump in my throat. “Um, you guys, I need to tell you something,” I said looking down. “What’s up?” Holly said as Eli gave me a concerning look. I swallowed again.

“I-I’m p-pregnant,” I stuttered, “And, Eli, you’re the father.” The two looked at me like I was crazy. “Um, I’ve got to go,” Holly said as she backed away. “Are you sure, Stella?” Eli asked stepping in front of me. “Yeah, I’m sure, but what happened to ’Stellar’?” I asked. He always called me Stellar.

“This is serious, Stella, no joking,” Eli said, “I have four classes with your sister!” I tried to calm him down, “She knows, she’s only mad that I went down the same road. She’s not mad at you.” Eli sat down on one of the benches, I sat next to him.

“What are we going to do?” Eli asked. “I don’t know, Eli,” I answered. My sister came up to us. “Hey, I know what you can do for watching the kid,” Luna said. Eli and I looked up at her. “Jake can watch it. And next year, when I’m hoping he has a job, I’ll watch it.”

“Thank you, Luna,” Eli said as he stood up. “Where are you going, Eli?” I asked standing up as well. “Class.” I watched Eli walk away and felt really bad. He already had problems at home, and I didn’t intend on making things worse, but I did. And I felt terrible.
~*Eli’s P.O.V.*~

I walked to my first period class thinking. I didn’t want to tell my parent’s I got Stella pregnant, but I had to. I didn’t want to because my mom would yell and cuss at me, and send me to my room. My dad, would beat me senseless. Maybe even kill me.

When I got the classroom, I sat in my seat and pulled out my notebook. I had to figure out how everything was going to work out. The baby will probably be born after school ends. And Luna will probably have a place of her own that we could bum around at.

“You wouldn’t have to ‘bum around’. Jake and I would let you just live there with us,” Luna said from behind me. I jumped slightly and looked at her. “Seriously?” I asked. Luna sat next to me. “Yeah, I’m sure he won’t mind since you’re in the same position we were in.”

I thanked Luna and put away my notebook. Luna was nice to people she thought were okay, I guess that meant I was okay from her point of view. Class started, so Luna and I had to pay attention.

1st period ended, and I quickly left the classroom. I went to the bathroom to skip 2nd period. I didn’t want to go to the junior’s art class because Stella was in it. I was just the T.A. I got to the bathroom and walked around to the back wall. I pulled out my iPod and just pressed play. I never realized how emo my favorite songs were.

Throughout the class, I listened to: Alesana, Black Veil Brides, Bring Me the Horizon, My Chemical Romance, Three Days Grace, Mayday Parade, and Artist Vs Poet. I heard the bell ring for the end of class, and left the bathroom. As soon as I left the bathroom, I saw Nisha Maharaj.

“Hi, Eli. Did you skip class today?” She said with her annoying voice. I started walking away. She followed me. “Yeah, I was skipping. Why?” I said, annoyed. “No reason, but I kind of wanted to see you. You know, with you being the hottest guy in school and all,” Nisha said, rubbing up to me. “Don’t you have a boyfriend, Prep?” I heard Stella say. Nisha looked at her. “Well, Scene, what does it matter to you if I have a boyfriend or not?” Nisha retorted. “’Cause you’re supposed to be dating my brother,” Stella said walking closer to Nisha and me. “Oh, that’s right, but what does it matter to you if I just slightly flirt with Eli here?” Nisha asked leaning closer to me. Stella pushed Nisha away from me then hugged me. “’Cause he’s my boyfriend. And you skipped class today!” Stella said turning her attention to me.

Nisha left and I started walking away, but Stella clung to my arm. “What do you want Stella?” I asked, annoyed. “Why did you skip class today?” She asked looking up at me. I sighed and sat down on a bench. Stella sat next to me. “Stella, I didn’t want to see you last period,” I said calmly. Stella let go of me. “Why?” I sighed again. “Stella, I’m in a lot of trouble as it is with my parents, I can’t screw it up even more with the baby. I’m sorry, but-”

“Elijah, I talked to my sister, she said she’d help. It wouldn’t be just us,” Stella said interrupting me. “She said that to me, too,” I replied. “Then we’re not alone, we have people who want to help!”

I stood up, “It’s not that simple, Stella. This is a serious problem, and I don’t have time to accept the consequences. I have to go.” I walked away leaving Stella alone once again. Even though I loved her and didn’t want to let her go, I had to.

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