Saviour (An Andy Biersack Love Story) Ch 7

Virginia and Andy's first date! How will it go???

Created by cissygirl77 on Tuesday, July 19, 2011

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*****ANDY’S P.O.V*****

I looked down at my girlfriend. She was fast asleep. She looked so beautiful and at peace. I got up and carried her to her room and set her in bed. I went back in the living room and called Ashley.

“Hello?” he answered? “Hey, dude, Im going to stay here tonight with Virginia. She is scared, and i really don’t want to leave her alone.” i explained. “OK, thats cool, we were actually setting up a bunk for her right now.” he said. “OK, ill see you guys tomorrow.” i said. I hung up the phone. i went back into Virginia’s room. i attempted to climb in bed next to her. She stirred a bit, but she saw it was me and went back to sleep. I laid down next to her. She moved in closer to me and laid her arm across me. i kissed her forehead.

I looked at the time, it was about 4 in the afternoon. The day went by really fast. But hopefully the summer wont go by fast, so i could have as much fun with Virginia as i could. I stroked her hair. She looked like and angel sleeping. I sang softly to her. “A Saviour will be there, when you are feeling alone, oh. A Saviour, for all that you do, so live freely without their harm.” I cuddled closer to her and fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning at about 9. Virginia was sleeping next to me. I kissed her forehead and got up. I went in and took a quick shower. Tonight would be my date with her. Then we have the whole summer together. I was very excited. i got out of the shower, dried off and got dressed. While i got dressed i heard a noise. It sounded like a muffled scream. It got louder and louder. It was Virginia screaming. I ran out of the bathroom and went back in her room and tried to wake her up. I shook her, she wouldn’t wake up. She kept screaming. I kept shaking her. She eventually stopped screaming and woke up. What the hell happened??

****Virginia’s P.O.V*****

I had a dream that night. Dream? More like a nightmare. Devonte had broken out of jail, he and a bunch of his friends came and kidnaped me. They all raped me. I cried out for Andy. They said they had killed him and even showed me his body. I started crying out more. Then they started to beat me and cut me and stab me. I kept screaming for help, but no one came. I woke up to Andy shaking me.

I sat up, i was breathing heavily like i was out of breath. “Hey, hey, your alright,” Andy said comforting me. I was shaking. “That must have been one hell of a nightmare. You were screaming.” he said. I started to cry. I turned to Andy and fell in his arms. “It was awful.” i said through my tears. I explained to him my dream. He held me tighter and tighter. “It was just a dream. That will never happen, as long as i am alive.” he said. He started to rub my back, and kissed the top of my head.

Just then my phone rang. I looked at it, i didnt recognize the number. I answered. “Hello?” i answered. “Virginia, this is Officer Collins from the police department. “Oh, hey. Any word?” i asked her. “We picked him up. He is not going to court. He will be going to jail for attempt at murder and stalking. You wont have to worry about him anymore.” I sighed a huge sigh of relief. “Thank goodness!” i said, “Thank you.” “No problem. Bye.” she said before hanging up. I hug up, a smile spread across my face. “What is it?” Andy asked. “He’s in jail, for attempt at murder!” i said. “Thats great! One more asshole off the streets!” he said. I gave him a huge hug. “Thank you.” i said. “For what?” he asked. “For helping me with everything, for staying by my side, for loving me.” I smiled. He kissed me. “I would do it again if i had to, and i will always love you.” i kissed him back.

I looked at the clock, it was 11:00. Wow, i slept for a long time. Andy went into the living room and watched some TV, and I got up and took a shower, brushed my teeth and got dressed. I put on my purple tye-dye shirt with a peace sign on it and a pair of jeans. (I left those out when i packed.) I dried my hair and straightened it, and put on some make up. When i was all dressed and pretty i went out in the living room and sat next to Andy. He was watching an episode of Family Guy. He put his arm around me and i snuggled next to him.

“So, the fireworks show starts at 9:00 tonight. What should we do until then?” he asked. I thought about it. Then i remembered that the Texas state fair normally has a fireworks show. Maybe he was talking about those. “Do you mean the fireworks show at the Texas state fair?” i asked him. “I think so, the sign i saw for it also had pictures of rides and treats and stuff with it.” he said. “Thats the one. The fair always has a great show at the end of each day. Sometimes i can even see it from my house, its so amazing.” i explained. “Well, i think we figured out what to do.” i smiled.

We finished watching TV and decided to go to the fair. We took my car, but Andy drove it. We talked and goofed the whole way there. We finally got there. It didnt look like there were alot of people. Good thing, less lines for rides! We got out of the car. Andy opened my door. Such a gentleman! We walked to the entrance and bought tickets to get in. As soon as we were in we both headed strait for the roller coaster. There was virtually no line so we rode it like 5 times. It was alot of fun! We rode on other rides like swings, and even a haunted house ride. Which was actually really scary! We went into one of the fun-houses where you had to get through a bunch of obstacles to be able to get through. I got through no problem, but Andy got stuck on a bunch of them.

It was getting darker and darker. it was about 8:30 so we decided to go on one more ride then head to the picnic field where the fireworks show would be. We went on the Ferris Wheel. It was really big. We got into a compartment all to ourselves. The Ferris Wheel moved around slowly. As we got closer to the top i looked down to see the town. I saw a bunch of people outside of the fair grounds to watch the show. I saw children and families and a whole bunch of couples. I have always wanted to watch fireworks with a boy. They are so romantic, and beautiful. They always make me cry. Now i was going to get my wish of watching them with the best boyfriend anyone could imagine.

We got to the top and it was like i could see all of Texas. It was amazing. Andy put his arm around me and i got closer to him. The Ferris Wheel went around one more time before we got off. It was awesome.

When we got off we made our way to the picnic field. There was a huge hill where people laid out to watch. Me and Andy found our own little spot. “I have been having so much fun today, Andy.” i said. “I have too!” he said. We both laid down in the grass and cuddled. We waited for the show to start.

The first firework shot out. It was, big, red, and beautiful. I smiled really big and watched as more fireworks shot up. They were so big and bright and amazing. We kept watching. Andy looked at me. “Beautiful, arent they?” i said. “Yes” Andy replied, “Not as beautiful as you though.” he said. We both leaned in to kiss each other. He pulled me really close to him and we watched the rest of the fireworks. The finale of the show came on. About 5 fireworks were shot off at once and then more and more and more. I started tearing up. I was sharing such an amazing moment with the one i loved. This was a dream come true.

The fireworks stopped, there was a huge applause. I was so happy i was crying. I sat up. Andy stood up. “So my lady, shall we head home? Big day tomorrow.” he said holding out his hand. I took it and he helped me up. But before we started walking a gave him the biggest hug i could give him. “This has been the best day of my life. I love you so much, Andy.” i whispered to him. He hugged me back. “I love you too.” he said. He apparently decided then to pick me up and carry me the rest of the way to the car, kissing me every chance he could get. We got to the car. I unlocked it, and he sat me in the passenger seat, and he got in the drivers seat to drive. A perfect end to a perfect night.

When we got home it was late, like 11:00. i went straight to bed. Andy came in shortly after i got in bed. “I called the guys, they said we would have to be ready to go by 10 tomorrow morning. They will pick us up here.” he explained. “I cant wait.” i said. Andy got into bed next to me. I scooted in closer to him and we cuddled. I started to play with a little strand of his hair. “its late, we should get some sleep.” Andy said. We kissed each other good night, and i fell asleep almost instantly. I didnt have any nightmares that night either. I was at ease.

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