Baby Mama Drama -Black Veil Brides- {Christian "CC" Coma} ~ One-Shot for JBisawesome

For my friend Amy who's never one anymore. Anyone wants me to do a one-shot for them I will! This isn't my best work I don't think but I promised her this like two weeks ago so haha

Created by TravClarkHeart on Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I sat there staring at the little plus sign that appeared on the test
"F*ck" I said
"OPEN THE DOOR" my younger by one year sister Zany said pounding on the door
She always was impatient
I opened the door and showed her the test
"Damn" she said "Are you gonna try to talk to him"
I sighed
Zany had dragged me to a Black Veil Brides concert almost 4 months ago
We met the band and CC invited us to an afterparty
Of course we agreed
I got overly drunk on the fact that it had been excatly a year since my ex and I had our really bad breakup, plus the fact that I was now 21 and it was legal for me to drink
And boy did I drink
CC did too
Zany said we spent the whole night practically attached at the hip
She said her and Andy and Jake kept looking over at us all night to make sure we were ok
Then Andy turned around and we were gone
We had wondered off to a hotel down the street
That's where I woke up the next morning, without clothes on
It was amazing, no doubt, I thought I might be in love with the man next to me, but I knew he didn't think that
I left him a note with my number on it
I foundmy phone with a bunch of calls and texts from Zany
She told me she was gonna crash with Andy and Jake on their bus
Hungover I stumbled back to the venue
I was happy to see the buses still there
I knocked on their bus door and Jake answered looking like he had just rolled out of bed
"Have you seen CC" he asked
"Yeah he's not too far away. He should be here in an hour or so" I said guessing
"Ok" he said
Zany came running out of the bus wearing a guy's shirt
I saw Jake blush a little
"THERE YOU ARE" she yelled and attacked me in a hug
Well turns out she was wearing Jake's shirt because a drunken Andy had spilled red wine all over her's
It took an hour but we finally left
Zany still keep in contact with Andy and Jake
CC tried to contact me all the time
I had his number programmed in my phone and every once in a while I'd send him a text but mostly it was him trying to get me to talk to him
I think I had known something wasn't right with me but i just figured I was stressed
Finally Zany convinced me to take a pregnancy test and it came up positive
We went to the doctor to get it confirmed
"Congrats it's a baby boy" the doctor smiled at me
I had no idea what to do
So I didn't do anything
Being pregnant wasn't as hard people said it would be
I hardly had an symptoms and I only put on 10 pounds
The cravings were the worst though
Once I made Zany drive me to a Taco Bell all the way across the city at 1 in the morning
Work was easy, all the little kids at the day care I worked with thought it was so cool that there was a baby growing in my stomach
Zany and I made a nursery in our spare room
Finally on April 17th, 2012 Sebastein Christian Burke-Coma was born
I put CC's name as his dad on the birth certificate
Zany couldn't believe how much he looked like CC
I didn't see it too much
He had his eyes and his natural hair color, but he had my nose
Zany had been a good friend and not spilled to Jake or Andy about me having CC's baby
On the 19th we left the hospitial
"Hey" Zany said as we drove home "Black Veil Brides is done touring and in L.A"
"So" I said
"He needs to know" she said and glanced over at me
I sighed
"Ok we'll leave as soon as we can" I said
We left the next day
The day after that was CC's birthday
Zany told Andy and Jake we were in town and they invited us to the small party
We agreed
"You're gonna meet daddy today" I said to Sebastein as I dressed him

I put some black pants and socks on him and put him in his car seat
Quickly I got dressed

I put on some eye shawdow and eye liner and walked back out to Zany and Sebastein
Zany was playing Black Veil Brides
Youth and Whiskey
Sebastein was sitting in his car seat laughing
"Looks like someone likes his daddy's band" Zany said
I smiled
We left and drove to Jake's house where the party was being held
"What if he doesn't want the baby" I said as we parked
"I'm sure he'll be happy" Zany said "Stop worrying"
She got out of the car
I grabbed Sebastein's bag and Zany grabbed Sebastein
She carried him to the front door and I locked the car
When I got to the front door it opened to Jake
He gasped
"BABY" he said "Can I hold him"
Zany laughed and handed Sebastein to Jake
Sebastein laughed as Jake tickled him
"Come in" Jake said walking in the house
Zany followed him in with me right behind
I shut the door behind me
Jake sat on the couch and bounced Sebastein on his knee
Sebastein was laughing
"BOING BOING BOING" Jake was saying smiling
Zany sat down next to him
"What's his name" Jake asked
"Sebastein" I said
"Or Sabby" Zany said
"He's so cute. Who's baby is he" Jake asked
Zany and I didn't say anything
"Mine" I finally said "And CC's"
Jake stopped bouncing Sebastein
"From all those month ago" he asked
"Yeah" I said
"Jake, Sebastein was born on the 17th" Zany said
"Woah he's only 4 days old" Jake said
"Yeah" I laughed "He was born about three weeks late"
"Well I'm sure CC will be excited he loves babies as much as I do" Jake said and started playing with Sebastein "Andy is upstairs, CC, Ashley, Jinxx, and Sammi are on their way"
"Do you want me to wake up Andy" Zany asked
"Yeah sure" Jake said
I sat next to Jake as Zany went to get Andy
Jake and I talked about all different things
Sebastein really seemed to like him
A few minutes later Andy and Zany walked down the stiars

"WOAH baby" Andy said rushing over and sitting on the other side of Jake "Can I hold him"
"Here" Jake said and handed Sebastein to Andy
"Who's baby" Andy asked looking down at him
I explained it to him
"You guys make cute f*cken babies" Andy said and laughed
"He loves your music" Zany said
"Really" Andy said
"Yeah" she said
"Hold on" Jake said
He came back a minute later with his guitar
"What song is his favorite" Jake asked strumming random notes
"Youth and Wiskey" I said smiling
Jake started playing and Andy started singing
Soon Ashley, Jinxx, Sammi, and CC walked in
"AW a baby" Sammi said rushing over
"BABY" Ashley said coming over as well
CC closed the door behind himself
Andy started singing God Bless You
Sebastein was smiling and laughing
Sammi joined in
When the song finished Andy laughed
"This kid is rock and roll" he said
"Who's baby" Sammi asked tickling Sebastein's stomach
I gulped
"Mine" I said
"Woah Amy when did you get pregnant" Jinxx said
"June" I said and looked at CC
His eyes went wide
"His name is Sebastein Christian Burke- Coma also know as Sabby" I said
Everyone's eyes went to CC
"Is that why you wouldn't talk to me" he asked me
Tears came to my eyes as I nodded my head
Next thing I knew he pulled me up and grabbed me into a hug
"I understand" he whispered in my ear as I hugged him back letting some tears fall "And thank you for actually bringing my baby into the world. I couldn't have asked for a better woman to do it"
We pulled apart
I thought I'd burst out in tears any second
"You're happy" I asked wiping my eyes
"Of course" he smiled
Then he turned to Andy
"Can I hold my son" CC asked
"Dude it's your kid" Andy said handing Sebastein to him
"Oh my god CC, he looks like you" Sammi said
"He does doesn't he" Ashley said
"Guys" CC said "I want you all to be his god parents if that's ok with Amy"
He looked at me and I nodded
"Perfect" I said
"They can be like Aunt Stef, our god mother who isn't really our aunt but she's close enough to the family that we call her an aunt" Zany said
"Oo I'm Auntie Sammi" Sammi said
"UNCLE JAKE" Jake exclaimed and lifted his hands in the air like a super hero
"UNCLE ASHLEY" Ashley said
"UNCLE DENNIS" Andy said
"You are not making our child think you are a porn star" CC said
Andy laughed
"I was kidding" he said
CC smiled lightly at me and then looked back at Sabby
CC had insisted we move in with him
When Jake found out about this he made Zany move in with him
She agreed of course
CC and I were as madly in love with each other as we were when we met
Less then a year after Sabby was born we got married
Now I'm sitting with my a little over 1 year old baby boy and my amazing husband watching my little sister marry Jake
I guess you could say we have the perfect life because honsetly, we do
Zany said she would have been content with our life, Jake on the other hand partys like the world's ending tomorrow
Just like Zany haha
Anyway now you know my story
Sort of
I'm not going into huge detail because, well CC's telling me that I'm gonna miss the whole wedding if I keep writing this and I don't wanna hear Jake complaining tomorrow
Just kidding, no I'm not haha
Well BVB Army you wanted the truth and here it is
Oh and for those of you wondering
The rumors aren't true
Andy isn't having an affair with Zany and Ashley and I aren't either
You guys are ridiculous
Andy is perfectly happy with being single and Ashley well you know he's a play boy ;)
Well Jake and Zany are about to say the I do's so I think it's best for me to stop writing and start watching
I love you all so much
Thanks for understanding,
Amy Burke- Coma
-_- hon don't take my phone again

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