The Story Of A Wolf and A Rabbit [Rabbit!England] Five

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“It is said that when a creature of this forest and a human come in contact, sometimes a connection is made. Every so often, the human loves the creature so much, they turn into something like you,” The old woman sets down a cup of water in front of him. “As a result they can have children, but the children can choose to be what they want when they’re old enough. You seem to be conflicted since you’re half of each.”

“But my older brother is a fox,” He says.

“It’s still unknown how these things happen. It’s the magic of the forest and the strength of a person’s love and will,” She sits down in front of him.

“So if I find a human…and that human loves me enough…I can be human?” His eyes brighten.

“Yes, that’s how it works.”

“Can a human become a creature?” He asks.

“Yes. But rarely do they ever agree since it’s much easier to be human,” She takes a sip of her tea, “Do you wish to be human?”

“Not really. I mean, I do get bullied, but…” He blushes and plays with his floppy ears, “I have the wolf.”

“Ah yes, she is your companion. She came to me the moment after she tried to eat you,” She chuckles at the wolf’s angry rant, “She was mad that a rabbit outsmarted her. But she watched you after that, and saw how you lived. She felt connected to you, since you are both alone and not accepted.”

“Would it work for her?” The rabbit asks.

“The transformation?” She hums and taps her chin, “I’m not sure. I don’t think it will. You’re in limbo while she is a creature. If you become human, most likely it will…but it’s complex.”

He sighs, “I see.”

The wolf crawls out from under the table and into a chair next to the rabbit. The old lady slides a saucer in front of her and the wolf sniffs it and begins to drink out of it.

“She seems to enjoy tea very much. Which is odd for a wolf, but it could be the reason why her fur is so soft and glossy,” She chuckles and pets the top of her head, “She’s a good girl. She’s just very much misunderstood. But I’m glad you understand her…you don’t have a name, do you?”

“Not many creatures do.”

“Huh, but I have named the wolf. I named her Aurora.”

“But why?”

The old lady smiles, “Because when I met her it was late, and the aurora borealis was the most beautiful at that time. I caught her watching it at the top of the hill when she was young. Abandoned by her pack, she was up on that hill all alone for almost a week, no food and no water, and she was slowly dying. How a romantic way to go…the middle of winter in the powdered white snow, while watching the dancing lights up in the sky under the twinkling stars waiting to take your last breath and to leave the earth peacefully.”

The wolf did not once glance up from lapping up the tea but the rabbit is in awe. He never knew of her history and his heart ached when he heard of the wolf not moving from the spot, watching the northern lights and waiting to die. And she was abandoned, she had no one, and she was all alone.

“Did you take her in granny?” He asks the old woman.

“I did. But I gave her the freedom she needed. She came and went whenever. It would always bring a smile to my face when she would return.”

“Hm…” He turns his head towards the wolf, “So you’re Aurora?”

The wolf sits up and nods her head.

“Oh…” His eyes widen, “Hey wait! You said that she came here and told you about me! But how?! Unless…”

The old woman laughs, “Yes, it’s true! I was like Aurora here.”

“You were a creature like us?”

She nods her head, “And I shared a special bond with my late husband.”

He smiles at her, “Oh wow…so this is real?”

She nods, “The magic is very real.”

“Wow…I wish I had a name,” He mumbles.

The old woman places a hand on his head, “How about Arthur?”

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