Death the Kid love story;)

this is my first story ive ever madef amtaking sombaodys idea tell me please dont get mad i will change it! or deleteit

Created by mejia26jessie on Wednesday, July 20, 2011

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anime-pirate.pngimagesCAVDT8HQ.jpgYuki the top one her weapons human form

her weapons weapon frm

Name: Yuki
Age :15
Weapon: twin pirate swords
Family: lives with her older brother who is 22
description: she has green eyes and black hair she wears everything like in the picture but with really cute pirate boots she is a meister she is caring and thoughtful and she loves to be right and she is a great fighter and she is a guys very dream and she is very rich

yuki's weapons
karin and satsuki
Names: karin(Left) Satsuki(Right)
Age:14 both 14
Weapon form: Twin pirate sword
descrittion : wear the same outfits . Found by their meister when they were in the streets at the rink of dying.

*Yuki's P.O.V*
*the beach is Yuki's favorite place in the human world* as she was walking through the beach shesuddenly she heard a loud cry her weapons (in human from )were sitting under a umbrella Karin was reading and Satsuki was drawinga sea turtle
Yuki:Karin! Satsuki!
Twins: yes Yuki!
Yuki: did you hear that we should go investigate what if its.....hatsiko
Karin: Yuki we havnt seen hatsiko in overa year i highly doubt its him
Satsuki:Ya Karin is right
Yuki: I don understand why he has to kill children and women
Karin: he thinks that ther good power?
Yuki: well lets go find out i wont let him kill anymore children
Twins: right
*they set out to investigate the prolem and they find a human childs toy cvered i blood in the middle of the street btw its like 10:00*
then they see a tall man in a suite covered i nblood next to a childs corpse
it was Hatsiko
Hatsiko:Yuki! been a whilesence ive seen you how is your mother and dearest little sister......oh right there dead
Yuki: because yo ukilled them and my father went to assasinate you but you killed him to.
Hatsiko: hahah what about your brother is that fool still alive
Yuki: yes he is and he stronger then you so i would watch your words
Hatskio: *he grinned* i doubt it *he then pulled out is nife and tried to cut Yuki but she doged it when she tried to fight back he vanished
Yuki: we arnt fastr enough for him he left rght before i could even tell you to transform!
*the girls left the sight and went home
is it good i hope you like it pleaserate it and message me if you want to give me more idease!

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