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I'll update this one as well today~ -By the way, this story ends with chapter 25-

Created by PolkaDotxShinigami on Thursday, July 21, 2011

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"I'm pregnant."
"I wanted you to be the first to know."
"W-Wait, when did this happen?!"
"About two months ago."
"Well, um... I'm happy for you."
"I knew you would be, thank you Celia!"
The older girl with purple hair pulls the younger blue haired girl into a hug. Celia pats Chrome's back, a cheery smile on her face.
"But can Mukuro take care of a kid?"
Pulling away, Chrome sits back in her seat. Picking up her cup, she stares into its steaming contents.
"Mukuro will definitely be a good father."
"I know, I was just kidding, Chrome. You know, I'm feeling really happy right now~!"
"Why's that?"
Staring off to the side, Celia watches a couple walking with two children in between them, four pairs of hands connected.
"The longing for a real family; a father, mother, siblings and all that... it's not something I wish for. To me, Famiglia is more important! I have you and Mukuro, Tsuna and Kyoko, the guardians, the Varia, and all the others. Then there's Belphegor, and more importantly Fran. Without a blood relation to any of you, I'll always love you guys the most."
Her twinkling blue eyes turn to meet Chrome's single purple orb.
"And it's going to keep growing. For example, Kyoko is due soon~ and now Chrome has a baby!"
"I... would be very upset if I lost any of you-"
"You know we all feel the same about you!"
Shock shows itself on Celia's face at the outburst. Chrome looks as if she's on the verge of tears.
"We were all very worried when... 'that' happened! And now..."
Trailing off, her eyes look to the ring on Celia's finger, a soft glowing flame burning. Celia giggles but it comes out strained.
"But you’re the same, Chrome. You've given me so many scares over the years."
Silence ensues the two of them, and they stare at each other with watery eyes. Chrome's lips part into a small smile before they both start to laugh while their tears fall down their faces.
"I'm really happy for you Chrome. I know you’re going to be a good mother, and Mukuro will definitely be a good father. You both know just as well as a lot of us do, that Famiglia is definitely better than Family. Though I can't remember my own, but when I try I always get the feeling that it was for the best I forgot."
"Mm, I agree with you. But I definitely won't let my kid think the same way!"
Giggling, Celia nods her head before picking up her drink and watching as more people walk by the shop.

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