Rainbow Family (A Chris Motionless Story MIW)


Created by tokiohotel782 on Friday, July 22, 2011

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Name:Darcy Nycole Hilton

Age: 21


Lives now: Scranton, Pennsylvania

She lost her brother in a fire,and she has a tough life.But she gets through it one day at a time.She just got out of a break up with her boyfriend for 3 years,because he broke up with her since he thought it was a useless relationship since he was cheating on her for a month now.

249573_217327128301279_100000719801975_653142_4639827_n.jpg (Look at that face!!♥)



From:Scranton, Pennsylvania

Lives:Scranton, Pennsylvania

He is the lead singer of Motionless in White.He is one of the oldest ones as well.

This is NOT I repeat NOT a "Fan Girl" story.It is a story that I will make (in different storys) of every band memember.It will have events and material that is some what not really good for children to read.So if you will read and make banners that would be great and I will love you and keep righting.Next chapter should be better then the imformation (like most storys)

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