Chapter 10: 7 minutes in Heaven :)

Created by mindlessbarbiechica on Sunday, July 24, 2011

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Alexis's POV
me: *pulls away* diggy!!! i have a bf!!! you cant just go-
diggy: *cuts her off with another kiss*
me: *kisses him back*
diggy: *starts slippin his tongue in*
me: *pulls away again* plss stop...u hav to understand, i cant do this *starts to tear up* im leaving!
diggy: no wait...
me: *walks out to the table*
at the table
keisha: where did u guys go?
diggy: ummm....
me: we went to look for my found it!!
keisha: ok well, i guess were done here...thank you soo much mom and dad!!!!
evrybody else: yeah thanks!!!
MG and DG: your welcome!!!. we cant wait to see you guys again!!
evrybody else: ok bye!!
we walked out, jumped in the car, and headed home, there was a awkward silence in the car too
the only noise was from princeton and bahja flirting and giggling, well thats great -_-
Diggy's POV
I think i just made everything between me and alexis awkward...hope we're still at least friends :/
Roc's POV
I could tell there was lots of tension between diggy, and MY girl...wonder wat it was..hmm...but i think tonight me n her should move on to the next level...;)
Prinsceton's POV
Im really startin to feel bahja, im glad alexis hooked us up..... :)
Alexis's POV
Once we got to the hotel we changed into our pj's and we all gathered in the boys room
me:so what do yall wana do
bahja: i wana play 7 minutes in heaven!!! *smilin at prince*
evrybody else: aight, legoo!!!
The game will be in the next chapter...Comment, share, and rate :)

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