Old Enough [A Lil Twist Love Story] Chapter Eight

Warning: This chapter includes a sex scene. If that's not your cup of tea, i sugget you don't read this one. : /

Created by ili2cute4u on Monday, July 25, 2011

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Christopher's POV
Storming up the stairs yesterday probably was a little dramatic.. Okay, a lot dramatic. But when I saw the way they looked at each other it made my heart sink. It was as if Tyga had a piece of her that I knew I would never receive. It's driving me crazy. Theh on top of all of that, whenI came downstairs this morning, Tyga was all smiley and shit in my face. Like he knew something I didn't know and was blatantly tryna rub it in. This nigga tryna get hooked, I was finna knock that kool-aid man smile right off his goofy, happy-go-lucky ass face when I heard a key turn the stainless steal locks out of place. The dor opened and in walked Nicki and Liana. I knew I couldn't stay mad at Li for too long. Her beauty was out of this world and with one look from those magical grey orbs, i melted. Every little hair on the back of my neck gave a standing ovation and butterflies grew in my stomach. She was definitely special. Nicki finally spoke up and broke the
intense silence.
"Tyg, lets go in the kitchen and make breakfast for everybody. I'm starved." Tyga reluctantly followed Nicki to the kitchen leaving Liana and I to ourselves. I prepared myself for what I thought would be a long, angry spiel, but suprisingly I was given the exact opposite, a apology.
"Chris...I'm sorry if I upset you yesterday. That really, truly was not my intention. I didn't mean to cause any problems." A look of sadness and guilt washed over her face and I immediately felt bad for the way I had acted.
"Liana baby it's not your fault. Yeah you got a nigga all jealous and shit, But I was being childish and immature. I shouldn't have reacted the way I did because I know tat you're with me not him. Forgive me?" I looked at her pleading with my big deep brown eyes I knew she couldn't resist.
"Of course I forgive you baby."
I pulled her into a long embrace and planted a big one on the center of her forehead. I walked her towards the stairs and began to climb them, pulling her along with me.
"Babe, why are you taking me up here?"
"So I can show you how sorry I am." I said with a devilsh grin.
Liana's POV
I know. I know. I should have been the one begging for forgiveness. But hey, he beat me to it so whatever. I've decided I wasn't gonna tell him about the kiss with Michael. Yeah, I may have felt something during the kissand yes, I definitely have love for my best friend. But I'm IN love with Christopher. Tyga has to learn his place. I can't have him causing problems in my relationship. I won't let him. But anyway I'm not even tryna think about all that right now because CHris was leading me into his bedroom. It's about to go down (Kevin Hart v.).
Tyga's POV
After Nicki hit me with that bullshit ass, "let's make breakfast for everyone" shit, she basically sat me down and demanded that I better not fuck up what Liana and Twist have. To be honest I zoned out. I don't care what anyone tells me. I'm gonna get what I want. And I want LiLi. On that note I rudely got up and walked out the kitchen, wordlessly excusing myself from Nicki's pointless spiel. I stepped out in the hoping to see Liana, but neither her nor that bitch nigga Twist were anywhere in sight. I went upstairs and checked Nicki's room. She wasn't in there either. After my lazily, failed attempt to find Liana I prepared to descend down the steps. That was until I heard moans and intense screams down the hall...coming for Twist's room! Hell nah! I walked to towards the room and put my ear to the door.
Liana's POV
My eyes rolled to the back of my head as I arched my back in pleasure as chris devoured me.
"Shit Chris!"
He worked his tongue faster and faster flicking my clit. When he began to work his index, middle, and ring fingers into me I couldn't take it anymore. My whole body shook and I came in his mouth.
"Fuckkkk" I could barely speak.
He lapped up the remainder of my juices then licked his plump pink lips. That shit turned me allll the way on.
"Damn ma, you taste good as hell"
"Oh really" I giggled.
"Yeah. See.." He came up and kissed me allowing me to taste my own jucies. And he was right, I tasted good as fuck.
Chris' POV
After Liana tasted herself a sly smirk crept upon her face. That shit was sexy as hell and I knew what she wanted. She grabbed a gold wrapper out the top drawer of my night stand. I pulled her to the edge of my bed. She pulled at my boxers and my dick sprung out standing at full attention. She tore the wrapper with her teeth and slid the condom on like a pro. She spread her legs inviting me in and I thrust into her deeply. She let out a gasp. With every stroke Liana became louder."Shit Chr-- fa-fa-faster" She spoke between heavied breaths.
I did as she aske and started pounding the shit out of her. She was tight as hell and her walls had a krazy glue grip on my dick. After about fifteen minutes, I layed on my back and pulled her on top of me. She rode me real slow, pulling me out of her completely every time she came up. Shit was drivng me wild.
"Li stop being a tease!"
I grabbed on to her hips and she sped up like she was on some nympho shit. I was going so deep I swear I felt her stomach.
After about an hour of vaious positions she began to shake uncontrollably once again. I had lost count of how many times she came. Stopped at seven.
"Fuck baby I'm cumming!" Her eyes rolled back.
Seconds later I shot out my kids and pulled out of her.
I put baby girl sleep and her nympho ass had me tired as hell too. I pulled her into my chest and began to fall asleep until I heard heavy footsteps in the hall walking away from the door and my eyes shot open...the fuck.

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