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Chapter 1:
*Audition Day*

I had been practicing my karate skills for a while now. I think the amount was about an hour now. At this point I already had my black belt but I wanted to get higher, you the third degree black belt, I was only on my second degree now. My sensei has helped me through all my karate techniques for the past seven years. I'm not that old I guess, only being thirteen years old and I started to karate at age six years old. This was my day off, the only day I didn’t have karate class and had time to relax. There was only just one move I had to master and I really wanted to master it today. Since it was my time to relax and just have some free time I knew that I could have time to do this since I don’t really think anyone would mind. Finally I mastered it. When I was done I looked at the time. I was really late. I had an audition for the new television show Kickin’ It all set up between my sensei and parents. Luckily for me I still had a few minutes until my audition starts. I hurried up and changed my clothes. My hair was already done, and wasn’t messed up during the time I practiced, so I just left. I said good-bye to my mother and left out the door. Before I could go they stopped me with a question. “Are you ready? Do you need a ride?” my mother asked.

“I am ready, yes. And no, I don’t need a ride. I'm going to ride my bike,” I answered. I went outside. I got on my bike and put on my helmet, while hoping that it doesn’t mess up my hair and French braid. I raced on my bike since I didn’t have that much time until my audition started. I was really good at going fast without breaking down at one point but this time I was really nervous that I couldn’t really concentrate that well. Lucky for me the studio was really close to my home so I got there quickly and didn’t have to worry about breaking down on my bike after a long while and getting there on time since I did get there on time. I got there on time and took off my helmet to find that my hair was still in good condition. I got inside and was let in for the audition. The role I was going for was named Aliena. I didn’t really know what the character was when it came to the plot of the story but I hoped it was something good and something I could have for a while instead of one of those parts where you’re only in the show for like one episode. To my luck it was the kind of character I hoped for. The audition went good, I guess. I found out that Aliena’s last name was Crawford, same as Kim. Apparently she was a new student at school and Kim’s long lost cousin. I doubted that I would get the part since I didn’t look anything like Olivia Holt, the actress that plays the character of Kim. I mean that I don’t look anything like her, I have tan skin and she has white, I have black hair and she has blonde hair. There were so many things different between us that made me feel like I was unable to portray the part of Aliena Crawford. Apparently they wanted someone who didn’t look like her so I was able to look the part. They said that they were going to take some time to think about the person for the part. They didn’t say how long they were going to take so that just made me more and more nervous.

It was only a few hours that I had to wait. I finally got a call back. My phone was ringing onto of my bedroom desk and I was coming closer and closer to it slowly, as if I was in that moment of the moment when they expect that opening the door to somewhere will be the last thing they do or something. I was really nervous but I picked up the phone anyway. I picked it up and answered it, already knowing who was on the other line. I was still really nervous but when I spoke I tried my hardest to not show it in my voice. The call wasn’t that long, I guess you could say. I didn’t really talk at all during the call; all I did was really just listen to them. After they called I just thanked them for calling me. I almost dropped the phone when the conversation was over but I got out of my shock enough to know that my phone was nearly slipping from my hands and I grabbed it before it left my hands and placed it on the table where it was before. Then all of a sudden my mom rushed into my room with what looked like a script in her hands. Then she said, “This just came in the mail. It looks like a script to the one of the episodes of Kickin’ It. Did you get a call back? Are you really going to be on the show?” She first looked at the script and then made her eyes towards me and got a little excited towards the end. I was still in a little bit of a shock but I finally snapped myself back in time to hear and understand what my mother just told me. It was true! I am going to be in the show of Kickin’ It! I always wanted to become an actress but all my karate practices got in the way of me being able to go to auditions. Since now I have almost mastered it I don’t have as much practices and get at least one day off. I just finished the move that would get me the third degree black belt in extreme martial arts so I knew that I have all the time in the world to become an actress. And now this is the day that my goal will be achieved! After all of those thoughts came to mind I smiled. I saw my mom in the corner of my eye make a little smirk.

“Yes! Yes, mom! They just called me and said that I got the part. They said that we start shooting tomorrow and that they would send a script that would arrive in a little bit. Apparently this is the script that they were talking about,” I said excitedly, but calmed down by the end. I was almost jumping off the walls at this point and my mother was being all happy for me, but not enough to jump up and down but enough to support me and smile. “I have to call Ailey and tell he the great news!” I grabbed my phone from my table and then my sister came into the room, probably after hear me being all excited from across the hall.

“What has got you all excited?! Won another medal have you?” she said in her snobby little British accent voice of hers.

“For your information, no! I have gained the role of Lauran Crawford in the show of Kickin’ It!” I said in a calm voice not trying to fight with her. I know she isn’t worth the energy. She always does this to me, so I've gotten a bit used to it. Maybe that is what I get for being the younger sister of a sixteen year old.

“Oh whatever!” she shot back. I still didn’t care so I just kept my natural face and tried not to get worry lines, like she already has.

“Cut it out Kimberly! You should be a little more supportive! She has always wanted to be an actress and now she got her chance!” Mom said forcing her back to retreat her attack. Mom was the supportive one of me. She was always on my side while Kimberly and my dad would always fight against us. It was like our family had sides. Like me and Mom was one team and Kimberly and Dad was another and we were almost a war. I didn’t like it so I was the only really no fighting the battles. I wanted all this to stop; for us to become one big happy family but it almost felt like we couldn’t do that, like it was almost impossible. That was also the reason why my mom and dad are divorced. They really didn’t want it to come to this but it did. Only during the summer, which it is now, would we come together, and that is when the war gets a chance to continue. I always live with my mom, here in America and go to school here while Kimberly stays with Dad in England and goes to school there. We switch off each year, one summer we are here in America and the next we go to England. This summer it was our turn to host the house. I was glad that we stayed in America since I could see my mom giving her a strained look that means you have to apologize. She had no one right now to protect her, Kimberly I mean, since Dad was work presently and Mom had a day off. Dad gets a part time job here every summer so we could earn some money while he still have a regular job back in England for the other three season, and the same for my mom, but when it their turn to “host the house” then they have a full year job that year. Things would get really difficult sometimes but we have been doing this for about ten years now so we have gotten used to it and it’s not difficult anymore. “Now say you’re sorry to Jada!” she said. I smirked a little bit, but not in an evil way. I forced my smile to hide itself since I didn’t want it to be seen or I knew that Kimberly would take it in the wrong turn.

“No, Mom! She doesn’t need to apologize to me. It’s okay. I’m fine,” I said softly. I highly doubted that she heard me since she didn’t respond, not even to tell me that I shouldn’t be saying that.

It took Kimberly a little while, after countless times of her rolling her eyes and looking around and trying not to make eye contact with either Mom or me, she finally said, in an attitude sort of way, “I’m sorry Jada!” Then she left my room without a single word, but groans followed slowly after she left my room and slammed the door shut to it.

“I’m going to call Ailey now! But first I want to tell sensei the great news.” I said, finally meaning it.

“Okay, honey. I will leave you to it then,” she said leaving my room. I called my sensei (just to let you guys know his name is Shay) and he picked up quickly. I had a close bond with him that he has come become a really good friend of mine, but I wouldn’t say that would be weird since he is about sixteen, so he isn’t that older than me. He works part time as the sensei at the dojo for some of us kids. I don’t know why but my sister actually likes him, as in more than a friend wise. I don’t get what she sees in him, all I see is a really good friend that always has your back. He is actually the reason why I'm a black belt. He helped me through the black belt process and I have I achieved it with his help. His grandfather helped me out during the other belts before he passed away. Since the dojo is in his family he was to now be the sensei since he is the next person in his family that actually likes karate. I know that it sometimes is hard for him, since he is only sixteen years old, but since he finished high school early he has more time now a days.
Shay: How is my wonderful little blossom doing the day of her audition? How was it?
Jada: Hi Shay! And I'm doing quite fine! How about you?
Shay: I’m also doing great! Now tell me why did you call me? Does your annoying big sister want to know if I can go on another one of her dates?
Jada: Luckily for you no! What I want to tell you is really important; so I want to know if you’re still down right now?
Shay: Yes, I am sitting down. What a strange question to ask if I may say so myself!
Jada: Well, anyway. I got a call back and they said that… I got the part!
Shay: Oh my god! That is wonderful! I told you that you we’re perfect for the role. That is why I had you go for the role, and also you are the only one that really wants to become an actress so…
Jada: Well, you were completely right! I was perfect for the role! They said so themselves! Thank you so much! And also I want to ask you something?
Shay: You're welcome. And you know that you can ask me anything so go ahead and ask away!
Jada: Well, since you got me to the audition I want to know if you will be my agent and manager?!
Shay: Well, that seems like a lot to do for a sixteen year old like me…
Jada: Oh, I understand…. If you can’t then I can always ask my mother….
Shay: You didn’t let me finish! Even though it is a lot for me I would be happy to do it for you!
Jada: Oh really! Oh my god; thank you so much! I promise you won’t regret this!
Shay: Anything for you! You are one of my most mastered students anyway!
Jada: Well, anyway I have to go so bye!
Shay: Okay, bye!

Then I hung up the phone. I was really happy that he was my agent and manager, since he knows me so I wouldn’t be with someone that I didn’t know. I still have to call Ailey so I called her. I dialed her number and she picked it up within the first couple of rings.

Jada: I need to tell you something really important!
Ailey: What the heck is it that you had to wake me up in 2 in the morning? *Groan*
Jada: First of all, it’s like 10 at night so how did you take it that it’s like 2 in the morning. And second of all, I need to tell you something but I want to tell it to your face. Do you think your parents would allow it even though it is really late?
Ailey: Oh, Jada… Jada, Jada, Jada. My poor little mix-up Jada!
Jada: Okay! I get it with the calling my name over and over again. And how am I mixed up, poor, and little. I'm taller than you. We have almost the same amount of money, too!
Ailey: I don’t know! I'm really sleepy so I really don’t know what time it is. I’m calling you mixed up since you should remember that my parents are out of town for the week and left me home alone! I mean how could you not remember that?
Jada: I don’t know! You know that I'm not exactly the best listener in the world! Well can you come over?
Ailey: On my way, as soon as I put on my make-up!
Jada: There are no boys over!
Ailey: Well, we are walking distance! What if there are boys outside walking around and they see me? I don’t want to look like a fool… like you when you don’t have make-up on sometimes.
Jada: It’s dark outside so I highly doubt someone will be outside other than you. And I do not look like and fool without make-up on.
Ailey: Well, you don’t exactly know if there are boys outside now. The only boy you seem to see is Terry. And tell me how you do not look like a fool without make-up on! I have seen you and you look a little bit scary!
Jada: Shut up about Terry! I thought you promised to not talk about him! Or at least in front or to me! And I will tell you how I still look good without make-up on as soon as you get over here!
Ailey: Oops! Sorry, must've forgotten! Well then I'm going to hear that pretty soon since I'm already on my way!
Jada: You’re already done?!
Ailey: You know that I’m a fast changer and that I can put my make-up on quickly, even while I'm on the phone!
Jada: well, I did, but I didn’t know exactly that fast! Anyway hurry up!
Ailey: Okay, okay! Don’t get your karate belt in a twist!

Then when I hung up the phone I heard the doorbell. Then all of a sudden I heard my yell, at what seemed like at the top of her lungs to try and blow my eardrums out, “I’ll get it Mom!” I wanted to answer the door myself so I ran and jumped over her and some furniture to get to the door first. I smiled back at her when I put my hand on the handle. She seemed to be going at turtle speed so it wasn’t hard to go past her since it seemed like she was barely even trying. “So this is what I get for trying to do something nice! You have me unable to do so!” she groaned. Then she just turned around and went back to her room of hers. I didn’t say anything in return but turned around and looked at the ground for a split second. Then I finally opened the door for Ailey.

“What took so long? I almost got a sun burn!” she complained.

“The sun isn’t even out!” I mentioned with a confused look on my face.

“Whatever! Now what is the big thing you need to tell me face to face?” she asked.

“You may want to sit down for this.” I said. She had the look of why upon her face but I ignored it and she just went along with it. We went to the living room and sat down on the couch. When we finally got there I started the conversation by saying, “Remember that I had an audition for a role in Kickin’ It earlier today?”

“Oh, I know what this is about. You didn’t get the part and you dragged me here to make it harder for me to get some sleep,” she said getting up.

“Apparently you don’t know what this is about!” I said dragging her back down. “They called me back like an hour ago and they said… I got the part!!!” she screamed and she jumped up for joy. I didn’t exactly think she was going to act this crazy happy when she found out the news. “And also I forgot to put make-up on and they said that they needed a beautiful young lady for the part. See I am beautiful without my make-up on.” She seemed to ignore that statement.

Then all of a sudden she grabbed me and spun me around with her chanting, “My best friends a celebrity!” over and over again.

“Wait what? Is that the only reason why you’re happy about this?” I asked.

“Of course not, honey. I'm glad you got the part too!” she said. “Promise me that you will take me all the places you get to go now since you’re going to become famous!”

“I promise!” I said ruffling up her hair.

“Hey!” it took me a long time to get it this way!” she groaned.

“Of course it did!” I said messing up her hair even more. She groaned even more. She was such a girly-girl!

“You can’t just promise!” she said after finally recovering her messed up hair. She looked at me and said, “Oh yes! The knock-out promise!” That almost scared me, since in this promise whoever doesn’t keep their promise would get “knocked out” by the other person. That didn’t scary me much since she was a girly-girl and can’t exactly hurt me much with my experience with karate. What scared me is the way we make the promise. We hold each other’s arm, not just the hand, and we turn around like we are twisting each other’s arm, then we turn back around and fake knock each other out with a little punch in the shoulder and then say “I promise” while we hit each other in the shoulder. The reason why I was scared of this is since when we were little and did this she actually twisted my arm and eventually broke it. Even though it was a long time ago (and yes we've been friends for a long time- our whole life even. Let me tell you the story. When we we’re really little, like infant age, our parents knew each, since of early school years, and keep connection. So when I was born our parents thought that we would have a close bond since we were almost about the same age, but she was a couple of months older, and they were right. Since then we have been friends, you could say since birth! We’ll that really it. Simple as that!), and I have become a lot stronger now, but I was still afraid that it might even happen again. Then we did the knock-out promise thing and I just hoped that my arm out be safe afterward since my shooting was the next day I didn’t want to lose the ability to be the character before I even started the job. Luckily my arm was safe and I was out of danger. “But you do know that you need an agent and manager for this right?”

“I do know! And I have that covered! Shay, my sensei is going to be my agent and manger!” I notified her.

“Oh… Your sensei, huh?” I nodded in reply. “You mean that cute guy Shay that teaches you karate?”

“Ewe… He is not cute! What do you guys see in him?”I asked.

“Yeah, of course you feel that way! And you mean other than his perfect karate skills and amazing surfer body of his?” she said. She was becoming more of a girl and a teenage one at that.

“I Do Not! And still don’t see anything in him! Okay! Now you can go to sleep!” I said with a smile upon my face.

“Yay!” she shrieked and she jumped up slightly. “Okay, bye,” she said leaving out the front door.

“Bye,” I replied. that night I was really excited that I could hardly even sleep, but I knew I had to so I made myself sleep since I didn’t want to end up sleepy during rehearsal.

Jada’s Room:


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